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Of course I knew it was my clandestine lover who had come back because he just couldn’t stay away even though I’d asked him to. The odd thing was that even though he looked nothing like the way he’d presented himself to me this time, but instead, EVERYthing like my Soul Mate from years before, I still didn’t make the connection… This time I demanded in no uncertain terms that he leave and never come back. Which he had to honor… though I didn’t know at the time that I had a built in clause in my Soul Contract that would allow him to step in at any time should my life be in danger. Interesting.

With him no longer present, I became suicidal again, still locked in the dead-end marriage, and he saved my life again, when I was considering what it would feel like to have the water rushing over my body after I’d jumped from the bridge I’d selected. That little voice that sometimes tickled the back of my brain said to me “You know it doesn’t have to be this way… you think that your friends and family will disown you if you leave your husband and divorce him, but that would be better than being under 6 feet of earth where your little son no longer has access to you“.“. I stood there in shocked horror as I considered the one person I hadn’t thought of in my misery; my 4 year old son. I realized at that moment that I did have something/someone to live for, and that I could find the strength to start over.

Which I did.

To make a long story short, I went through an arduous process of rebuilding my self-esteem and self-worth to a level I had never known before in my entire life. I began a diet and exercise program, completely reworking my lifestyle. I lost about 100lbs. in the process, bought a new wardrobe, got a job as a front office legal receptionist/secretary. I formed new relationships, one for which I moved across the US, from one coast to the other in search of a new life with him. I had divorced my husband and now in my new relationship, everything seemed to be going well. And though I didn’t know it at the time, my Beloved Soul Mate was always there, quietly in the background, making certain that I was always well protected, and that my life seemed “charmed”

Again I won’t elaborate at this time but there were other interventions that he had in my life - he saved me from running head-on into a summertime downpour on the freeway going about 85 mph, he - as the little voice in the back of my brain - talked me into seeking medical help when I was dying from thyroid insufficiency, plus dozens of other ways that he gently guided me when I needed it the most…. More than likely you’ll read about some of these other magnificent interventions as you go through the many documentations on this website.



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