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Letters to Michael


Welcome to the "Letters to Michael" section of The Discerning Angel Website!

In this section you'll find all the letters and conversations between Michael and myself that I have transcribed since the end of July, 2009. Our main purpose in sharing these with you is to give you a snapshot at various stages in my awakening process of how the Michael's and my relationship progressed and grew into what it is today. I'm nearly certain that to sit in on a conversation between Michael and myself at the present time would be something akin to listening to an old married couple "discussing" things with each other.

We hope you enjoy our exchanges with one another and find them funny, joy-filled, sweet, tender and occasionally serious, but most of all heart-warming and honest.

We also thank you for your patience as we populate this section of the website, first with previously existing letters and conversations, and then as I get them uploaded, new and up todate conversations. Entries are listed in each "year" section by the descending chronological order in which they were created (oldest at the bottom, etc.). If you notice a "gap" between dates, it doesn't mean that Michael and I weren't speaking to each other at that point - it just means that there was a LOT going on an we opted to speak to one another without any transcription of our conversations. :-D It's all good...

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