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Welcome to Ariel DeSigntrademark!

For the time being at least, Ariel DeSign will replace the Angel Store. I'll reimplement the Angel Store at some point when it seems feasible to conduct some form of commerce here.

In the meantime, please enjoy viewing samples of my artwork and photography. Currently these images are not for sale or license, though if you find something here that you like which you would like to use please feel free to copy and use at your leisure. Be aware though that this "implied license" does not entitle you to use the image as a capital gains (meaning that you may not reproduce it with the intention of selling it, licensing it for monetary or other gain). Each image contains my copyright mark. Please do not remove it. Also, when possible, it would be very much appreciated if you would provide a link-back to this website. Thanks! And enjoy!

~ Ariel ~

(you will note that there currently isn't any content on the pages these two links lead to... your patience is appreciated while I get content loaded. Thanks!)

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