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He may not have had the option of waiting much longer before he would have had to say something to me if I hadn’t tried to reconnect with him myself. Reestablishing communications, not to mention our intimate relationship, was a bit awkward at first, but before too long we moved into a state of being almost as if we’d never parted some 30 plus years before - well, as I’ve said, he was really always there, I just never made the connection! LOL (incidentally, I am still in the relationship I was when I moved to my present location almost 16 years ago... I've told my “boyfriend” about my situation, and he seems to accept it, though I don't think he knows quite what to think of it. He's been very supportive, albeit a bit skeptical... who could blame him! LOL As you might expect, since explaining my situation to him about 3 years ago, our relationship has changed as my relationship with my “Soul Mate” has deepened and become more intimate and exclusive. But as it turns out, even as friends, we still Love each other very much).

In the midst of reconnecting with my “Soul Mate”, I was still fervently seeking out information on this global conspiracy… I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me at the time to ask my “Soul Mate” what he knew about it, but I didn’t, so fascinated by the internet I was. Having a good idea of what he looked like, of course I would sneak in moments of searching Google and Bing images for pictures of tall, blond extraterrestrials - I’d heard about the Nordic type - but never having actually laid “eyes” on him, I wanted to see if anyone out there may have done an artistic rendering that might resemble him somewhat. One image kept popping up that struck me as somewhat familiar, but not quite… usually a bit too pretty or boyish, though some nearly nailed his facial expressions - especially the smile. They all had one name attached to them - Ashtar Sheran. But where were the curls? All these representations had relatively straight hair…. so I kept looking.

Here I want to mention, going back a little ways before I reestablished contact, that I nearly joined the “movement” of a woman who claimed to have had similar experiences to my own as a young child - going back to the story I told at the beginning when I was around 7 or 8. I thought that her basic idiom was valid, in that Love is most important, but from there it took a turn that really made me wonder. She felt it necessary to assign a scientific explanation to everything spiritual that we could hope to experience in our journey toward Ascension (a completely new concept to me, and thusly had me virtually mesmerized by the concept that we could actually raise our vibrations enough to simply “blink” out of this reality into a “higher” dimension. Of course we’d been taught about Jesus Ascending into heaven 3 days after dying on the cross 2,000 years ago, but this was something that everyone would have the opportunity to share in… hmmmm). That, plus the fact that every time she wrote a new book or posted a new article on her website she seemed to contradict herself from something she had said previously coupled with the fact that she seemed to elevate her own status above that of her followers, really turned me off. I also recall that she had nothing good to say about Ashtar Sheran, Ashtar Command and/or the Galactic Federation of Light. Being that this prevailing “holier than thou” really did not resonate with me, I quietly removed myself from that situation and went in the direction that could only lead me back to My Beloved.


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