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About 6 or 7 years later, in the summer of 1977 - I was 14 just about to turn 15 - I was staring out my bedroom window one night (back in the other end of the house with everyone else this time, though still isolated in my own room) contemplating my existence. I remember always having been rather lonely as a child, and being in my mid-teens didn’t make it easier.

When I was 6 year old I had had a rare case of Scarlet Fever which kept me homebound, in quarantine for over 7 weeks. I had a resultant secondary kidney infection from it that just wouldn’t go away and was put on multiple rounds of antibiotics; sulfa first, until I proved to be allergic to that, and then penicillin. I think that did something to me which affected my thyroid function because up until that point in my life I had been a pretty normal sized child, but afterward I began to gain weight, and from that point forward have always struggled with a weight problem – thyroid deficiency being discovered at around age 18. It’s no secret that “normal” sized kids treat “fat” kids differently, and as a result, I didn’t have very many friends… seems I was limited to one best friend in any given year, and their families almost always moved away after about a year. I seem to recall that on this particular night, I was wondering why life seemed to be so cruel; why did I feel so alone; and why, when I had so much Love to give, did it seem like there was no one there to receive it?

I remember the stars were bright that night and I know that was one reason I was looking out the window - up at the stars, wondering what was out there. As I stared out the window a beautiful ultra-violet blue-purple glow began to appear around the edges of the window. I blinked my eyes because I thought maybe I’d just been staring too long, but the glow continued. This was no ordinary light, but rather one of such a high frequency that I don’t think that most people would have been able to see it. (As I’ve had opportunities over the last few years to recall things in more detail than I did when I first wrote out these accounts I do remember that sometimes when I was visited in this manner that the glow would present as more of a spherical shape, and at other times would manifest as the glow around the windows – in any case, it would always grow to fill the entire room until I was completely surrounded by its essence).

Gradually the glow grew to fill the entire room and then I realized it was accompanied by a sentience - a being, if you will - who with pure thought communicated to me that he had come for me, to tell me about myself, that he was my “soul-mate” (how I interpreted it back then). He mentioned that I was as he is, meaning that we are of the same “species” (again that’s what I thought he meant at the time) and that I did not originate on Planet Earth (yippee!! I’m an extraterrestrial - well again that’s what I thought he meant). He proceeded to make references to our lineage (we were members of a sort of nobility/aristocracy), and told about our history together, and that I had been placed on planet Earth long ago for “protection”. I thought he meant my own protection.


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