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While looking for pics that might remind me of my “Soul Mate”, I chanced to read some of the text that accompanied the Ashtar Sheran pictures. The information was mixed in opinion of who he was and what he stood for. I didn’t know what to think, but it seemed to me that in some cases there was quite a stigma attached to him, and some websites led me to believe that perhaps the whole Ashtar Command movement was driven by egotism/greed, much like Earth governments are. But other websites pointed me to information that suggested that these beings truly were of the light… well, I didn’t spend a whole lot of time worrying about it when I thought it obviously wasn’t the same person I was really looking for images of anyway…

For the next several weeks (this was in mid-September 2009) I was like a love-sick puppy. I “followed” him around EVERYwhere… obviously it was in my “mind’s eye” (or as some might term “astral projection” or “soul traveling”) as my physical body would stay put in this physical realm. I watched him while he performed his duties amidst his colleagues in what seemed like a very large building, but which I was to discover is actually a huge starship in orbit around Earth. I couldn’t help but notice the reverence and respect with which the people he worked with were treating him… even though, by all appearances he was no different than any of them, except for the fact that he was quite a bit taller than most of them.

If we could have we would have spent every waking moment together, but there were times when he had to excuse himself from my presence, and I wasn’t allowed to follow, when he had urgent business he had to attend to. I usually never asked what it was about, though a couple of times I “followed” him (in my “mind”) to where he had gone - I’m sure he knew I was watching - and at least once it appeared that he was acting as some kind of emissary, having met with government or military officials on some sort of a military base … in that instance I could tell he was not happy about the way things had gone… he had a very stern look on his face. That was probably right around the end of November 2009.

In late December, 2009, after the bulk of the secrets surrounding the Swine Flu Scam had finally surfaced, my search for information on the subject was gradually coming to an end, and it left me more time to think and wonder about who this person was that I was so desperately in love with… so one day while we were spending time together in the ethereal realm, I said to him point blank, “You know, I know that I have this name that I’ve been calling (Glorfindel) you since you first appeared to me 33 years ago, but since I gave it to you, I know it’s not your real name, so what IS your real name? Who are you really?” He put his face very close to mine and looked down for a moment and then looked back up into my eyes and said softly, with a little smirk on his face “Some people call me Ashtar Sheran”. Upon further investigation I would find out that “Ashtar Sheran” is more of a title than an actual name as it were…


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