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What's New?

Welcome to “What’s New?” on The Discerning Angel. Here you will find postings of what’s new within the last week or so. Of course older articles, channeled messages, poetry and stories can still be accessed on the corresponding pages and in the Archives.

As always, kick back, relax and enjoy what you are about to read, and please feel free to share links with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social networking sites that you frequent if you feel so inclined! There’s plenty to go around and I do appreciate the link-backs (don’t forget to mention where you saw the post and who it’s by!) Thanks!!

The Cold Shoulder

January 28, 2016

The Cold Shoulder

..."There's going to be another storm". And I thought to myself oh yeah, right, uhuh, sure! Then I considered the time of year and the likelihood that he wasn't just kidding, remembering other winter storms from not too distant past and how the last one rivaled them all. Then he said,
"This one will be bigger than that".

Oh my! 3 feet of snow in somewhere around 36 hours isn't big enough? And then I considered that perhaps he was being metaphorical so I asked him,

"Is that a metaphor for something?" And without hesitation he said "Yes..." ... ~ READ MORE ~

January 11, 2016


"As most of you already know, I don't usually share aricles or channeled messages from other authors on my website unless I find them particularly inspiring. This is one of those instances when the synchronicity of what I had experienced earlier in the day and the message that I was tagged in on Facebook which came from my friend Inakshi Singh are just too remarkable to ignore...." ~ READ MORE ~

Ready For Energy! Giddy Up!

December 29, 2015

Ready For Energy! Giddy Up!

"This energy is a very high frequency and guaranteed to make you feel happy positively to the point of giddiness. Like someone’s tickling you on your insides!! In fact, you feel like you want to giggle or laugh. So go ahead, giggle, laugh! Laugh out loud. Let it be contagious, because it is anyway! ...

...We’ve been gifted this special energy as our “leg up” to the “final level”! This is the assistance that we’ve been asking for, and when we really tune into it, it increases exponentially across the globe. No one is left out..." ~ READ MORE ~

Waking Up 2015

September 18, 2015

Waking Up 2015

"It’s a fact: we’ve been asleep [in stasis] for a long “time”. Some might refer to it as “suspended animation”. And this world which we currently experience, though modeled originally from an actual planet, is only an illusion; a massive collective conscious dream designed and implemented to keep our cognitive synapses healthy and functioning normally until such time as we come out of stasis and resume our lives as they were before we went into stasis..." ~READ MORE~


May 13, 2015


"And that word “Faith” rang out and stuck in my head (as you might expect). I thought about it.

The energy that I AM is my Faith in (and loyalty to) myself..." ~ READ MORE ~





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