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Many of these experiences were used as means to educate me as to my true nature and to incite memories of how my Beloved and I had spent many lifetimes together (I was to find out later that they all occurred in other, Higher Dimensions and “timelines”… none of them actually occurred here on Earth). [insert here brief description of his dissemination of the history of the “great war”, my placement here on Earth, my need for protection because of who I was (although that he never let on to me at the time exactly who that was), etc., etc…] We also used the time to become more “familiar” with each other in the way that only Lovers can… Every time we were together, it was more magnificent that the last or the first, and my Love for him grew tremendously over the course of just short period of time. I was so in Love with him I knew there could never be another who would ever be able to take his place. Effectively, he spoiled me to all others. How could I have known that this was the plan all along? And in fact, was the only way it could ever be… this was how perfectly we had been created for one another.

After a couple of years’ worth of informational and conjugal visits, he came to me one night and told me that he would be leaving, but that one day he would come back and take me with him. I remember being not too thrilled about the prospect of him leaving, though he took the next several weeks to do so gradually, until the point at which I could no longer summon him or contact him even telepathically. He was gone. I was unhappy. I spent the next few years going through one relationship after the other with “human” men. They always ended one way or another. I think he spoiled me to anything but the most genuine expressions of Love - that of a “Soul Mate“.




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