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A few years passed… I got married at one point and spent 10 years in that dead end, toward the end of which my own self-worth was so low that I had planned my own demise. It was at that point that my Soul Mate came back to me - in the guise of someone else, though still on a higher dimensional plane of existence. My mind was so far into a trench of despair that it only occurred to me on the periphery who he might really be, but I hurriedly brushed that notion aside. He came back to me as the clandestine lover I really needed at that time, to “rescue” me from my loveless marriage (or perhaps more accurately, from myself) and bring my self-esteem back up to a level so as to keep me from doing the unthinkable. The intimacy we experienced was like nothing I had EVER experienced, even as compared to when I was a teenager. We made a nightly rendezvous in the ethereal realm, in a special place - a house that was for all intents and purposes like any other house, except that it had been “constructed” specifically for our use when we were together - that often lasted into the morning hours where we experienced our most fulfillment together...

One night I had gone to be with him in our special place and at one point instinctively felt the need to return to where my body lay in bed “asleep”. On the way back, between “here” and “there” I got stuck in a place that I can only describe as being a complete void. There was nothing there, or at least that was how it seemed. It was completely void of light or any other physical stimuli. I couldn’t see, I couldn’t feel, I couldn’t even breathe. I honestly thought that I had died and that this was what it was like to be dead (fortunately I know better than that now). Somehow, I don’t know how, I managed to break free of that state, and awoke in my body, in my own bed, drenched in a cold sweat, and immediately sat up on the edge of the bed gasping for the air that I had been deprived of moments before. This whole incident convinced me that this relationship, no matter how good it felt, was potentially harmful - I surmised that perhaps he was trying to steal my soul from me - and so I demanded that he leave. He hung around for the next couple of weeks trying to convince me to let him stay, but I was having none of it, and so finally he left… or so I thought.

About two or three weeks after that time I thought I’d seen and heard the last from him, I woke up in the middle of the night one night, lying on my back, and there floating about 18" above me, face down, was a full-body apparition of the most beautifully handsome “man” I had ever seen. He was illuminated from head to toe in a soft glowing blue light. It looked kind of like blue light shining through smoke in the shape of a man. “Golden” curls fell softly all around his face and his eyes were closed as if in peaceful slumber. Startled and terrified - beautifully handsome or not - I took that instinctive gasp of air that one does when they’re extremely frightened, and proceeded to push myself up the wall behind the head of my bed as far as I could. My (soon to be ex) husband stirred next to me, but by the time he’d awoken enough to ask me what the problem was, the apparition, whose own eyes flew open upon my startled reaction, had already dissipated like so much smoke in a drafty room.


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