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Well, if I’d been standing up think I would have fallen over. THAT was not what I expected, nor what I wanted to hear. My mind reeled. I couldn’t make sense of it… all I could recall were the bad things I’d heard or read about “Ashtar Sheran” and I didn’t want to believe it was true, and yet, there he was telling me, face to face. Under those perceived pretenses I really questioned whether or not I wanted to have any more to do with him… I felt like I didn’t know him anymore… almost like I’d been lied to, even though in reality the subject had just never come up before. I backed away from him and told him that I really needed to think this through, but I wasn’t sure I’d be able to continue like this. As always, he was very patient with me, and as if he knew what conclusion I would come to, allowed me time to “think” about it.

So I thought about it for a couple of days; I thought about how beautiful and loving and nurturing he’d been to me up to that point. I thought about how his colleagues truly seemed to revere him and he treated them with just as much respect. And I thought about the way he made me feel; totally and utterly Loved, Unconditionally. He’d never ever questioned my decisions or motives, and in fact respected them implicitly. He had never ever tried to force me to do anything I didn’t want to do. Knowing what “some people called” him didn’t change him, it changed my perception of who I thought he was based on what others had said about him. He was still my “Soul Mate” and I had to admit that I would still love him just as dearly had his name still been the one that I had given him years ago.

So I came back to him with a renewed perception of him, and if it was possible, I think, loving him even more than I had before. Maybe this was the beginning of something very fascinating and even more wonderful than I had experienced up to that point. So we continued on… that brief episode all but forgotten, though certainly forgiven… Our love grew more passionate by the day. We would take to meeting, as I refer to it, “in the sky” (effectively the ether realms – higher dimensions). It was a kind of misty twilight place where we would go to just be together, and sometimes make love there. There were no distinguishing features to this place, no landscape, and no buildings, essentially nothing other than the sensation of misty twilight… very peaceful, calm and Beautifully romantic.

One time while we were together there, another being, also unbelievably Beautiful, just kind of… floated by (I know, weird huh? Yet this was how I perceived it), and my “Soul Mate” said to me “This is my friend Raphael… you know him, he’s your friend too” and I greeted Raphael and told him it was very nice to meet him… he acknowledged me and stayed for a while and the three of us carried on a brief conversation… I don’t remember what exactly we talked about….


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