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If you have gotten this far in reading this, then you are here for a reason, and it is important for you to know the information which follows. From this point forward I formulate no apologies for what I reveal to you here. Everything that I describe below actually happened to me in one way or another. If you choose to just think of it as an “overactive imagination” that is up to you. I prefer to follow Pablo Picasso’s line of reasoning that “If you can imagine it, then it is real!”  Just consider what follows next to be your wakeup call to all that is possible in your own life, and take into consideration that your own history IS JUST as rich! That I guarantee… all you have to do is allow yourself to remember…

I hope that you will continue to read to the end, and can walk away with a sense of reassurance in your hearts that what we are embarking on here at this point in time, is the most wondrous stage in the Human Journey; the ultimate evolution. And perhaps that in itself might help to calm your fears and help you find Peace and Love within yourselves to be able to accept it for what it is, and to be able to accept me as I am.

As you might assume, what appears in this dissertation is not the whole story… there are many facets to it and details that I have left out of even this expanded version in the interest of saving space. As you read through the rest of this website however, you’ll come across documentations of many other details as separate “truths” (as I like to refer to them now as I feel that to many people translate the word “story” to imply that it is fiction, which I assure you that all of what you are about to read is TRUE and REALLY DID happen). In the meantime, enjoy reading this one…

I had my first epiphany, my realization that there was something magical about this world we live in, at around age 5.

I remember very clearly being at the cathedral one Christmas at midnight mass (yes, I was raised in the Catholic religion). Maybe one reason I remember it so clearly is because we had not gone to midnight mass at the cathedral before (nor did we ever again after that). This was special, and I know that something in my heart was telling me that.



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