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Another time when my “Soul Mate” came to me “in the sky” I first saw his beautiful face with his golden hair and his bright-shining-like-the-sun smile, and behind him for just a glimpse, unfurled in all their pure white glory - wings. I did a double take, but there they still were… and then they were gone, and all I could see was him smiling at me… and when I asked him “What’s with the wings?” he answered very smugly, “What wings?” with that characteristic smirk. Okay… I thought maybe it was my imagination… stranger things have happened…after all this whole thing was pretty strange to begin with, come to think of it. I’d never thought of him as having wings before, but I guessed at this point that anything was possible… but still, it didn’t really even occur to me what his true nature was. I have a friend who has had experiences with beings in a higher dimension (a NDE to be precise) whom I told, reluctantly about the “wings” and she, being sensitive about these kinds of things told me “Oh, well, I could see the wings…” And all I could do was just look at her and wonder… how could she see wings?

A few days later, My Love and I met to make love with each other “in the sky”. It was lovely. Making love had never been so grand. I had experienced climax with my Earthly partners before, but it was never like this, especially when keeping in mind that there was no physical “touching” going on at all – either between the two of us, or me to myself (which when making Love as pure Soul Essence is how it works)!! This time was no exception, and in the midst of that delicious, ecstatic climax as lovers are sometimes inclined to do, I very naturally and instinctively called out his name, but the name I called out bore no resemblance whatsoever to the two aforementioned names here in this accounting. In fact, by Earth standards even, it was kind of an ordinary sounding name. And I spent the next few seconds trying to figure out who on Earth Michael was. It totally caught me off guard and by surprise, and then I remembered… and the memory of who he was and what we had experienced together since the beginning of everything came flooding over me like the ocean…

“You’re name is Michael!!” I said to him. “I know who you are!! You’re Michael!!”

He drew me close to him and held me tight. I had finally remembered the one thing that he was not allowed to tell me, I had to remember on my own who he is and that his name is Michael. He put his face close to mine, kissing my cheek and whispered breathlessly to me “Yes, I am Michael”. When I told the same friend I told about the wings about this particular encounter she quickly and excitedly stated, “OH, you’re his Twin Flame!!”. I had no idea what that meant at the time so I just looked at her and nodded, smiling, as if I understood…okay, whatever. What is a Twin Flame? How could I have known how important and significant that was?


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