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Well, suffice it to say, I wasn’t too well in practice of receiving pure thought transferals, or at least it had been a long long time since the last time I’d done anything like that, so I know that I misinterpreted much of what he had told me at first. One thing though, that came through loud and clear was the image of himself that he projected to me - tall (VERY tall), extremely handsome to the point of being beautiful, about shoulder length, curly golden blond hair, and dressed in jewel-colored robes that were trimmed in gold…..hmmm. OH! And most important of all, huge, amazing sky-blue eyes. I get lost routinely in those eyes….*sigh*

The one thing he never told me: his name. Looking back I think he figured that the blue-violet aura would be enough to cue me in… but back then I really had no clue, none whatsoever… so I gave him a name … which I would find out later, much later, is not an uncommon practice in these types of situations. I had chosen the name of one of the lesser Elven characters from J.R.R. Tolkien’s trilogy “Lord of the Rings” who reminded me of the way he presented himself to me - that was Glorfindel.

I was treated to nightly visits from my Soul Mate - we consummated a sort of intimate relationship, though not in a physical manner, rather it was something much more “tantric” in nature, being that he was on the ethereal plane and I on the physical. This continued for a couple of years.

One night during this period I had invited my best friend to come and spend the night with me, eluding to the fact that something “unusual” was going on with me. I figured that since we were so close and she seemed to be a “sensitive” person, that maybe, just maybe, she would be able to see that beautiful aura also, and if she didn’t, then I’d know that I was just seeing - and perceiving - maybe… what I wanted to. She came to spend the night, I told her my story of how he’d first approached me. Then I summoned him, and lo and behold… my friend saw the aura too. I remember she cried tears of amazement. I cried tears of relief.

From that point forward I had many “dreams” and experiences traveling out of body (what I’ve learned to term nowadays as “Soul Traveling”) to wherever, whenever I wanted. Sometimes these journeys were instigated by him and sometimes my Soul would just take off flying on a whim, especially if I was in a situation where I was bored and preferred to be “somewhere else” like during classes while attending my high school). I never really knew, however, that this was something that not everyone could do. Again, it really wasn’t until recently that I realized that something that I’ve been doing all my life quite easily seems like just a “pipedream” to other people. Now I understand how it is that our society has so prevalently frowned upon this kind of thing, calling it fantasy or wild imagination, and how it is that so many never got the chance to experience it; because it’s part of our God-like quality and ability to manifest that which we desire into our “reality”. I have been SO many different places and times that I have never even heard of in this reality, that there is NO other way I could know about them other than having traveled there in this manner myself!


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