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The content of this website is resultant of an amazing journey which, for me, began long before I was born into my current life experience. I’ve had feelings that there was something different about myself most of my life, and until recently most of those recollections were of happenings which began when I was around age 5. Though, since the beginning of my very unexpected and rapid Spiritual Awakening, which effectively began in early Spring 2009, I’ve had many more “memories” surface, as I correspond, consort and consult with my Spiritual Guides, of various things I’ve experienced, even back when most would say I was too young to remember. Some of those memories have been conscious ones over the years, but I had no basis of circumstances which I could place them around, always seeming ephemeral and transient until now (they are in fact memories that began forming when I was a very small infant).

This particular version of the accounts of my life has been expanded upon from the one that is on my blog ( though for all intents and purposes covers the same material found there. Following are fairly detailed accounts of events in my life which have led up to today, and my realization of who and what I am. It hasn’t been easy for me to accept much of what has come to me. I’ll be very direct here by saying that the following are accounts of how after about 33 years of living “in the dark”, so to speak, I discovered that the “Soul Mate” who introduced himself to me when I was 14 years old turned out to be none other than Archangel Michael himself. As is turns out, he is my Twin Flame, and I am his. I had no idea back then what any of that was about, and I did not know until springtime of 2010 his true identity ~ it was THAT important that our relationship be built on mutual trust and Unconditional Love. I know that there are those of you for whom this information may not resonate. That’s okay. I don’t expect everyone to accept it hands down, though for those of you who have already accepted without exception the Truth that is within me, I thank you for your Faith and your support through all of it. And though there have already been plenty of people who have told me essentially to my face that it couldn’t possibly be, and plenty of others who make subtle implications in places which I’m sure they think are far remote that I will never see… there are many, many more for whom all of this does resonate, and who stand by our side to uphold a Truth which cannot be denied. By now, I figure that people are going to think what they’re going to think, and they’re going to say what they’re going to say, so let them. It makes no difference in the long run because what is just simply IS and there is nothing that can make it not so.

It’s been a long road from the beginning to where I now stand. And yet, here I am, still flowing along in the endless stream of our co-created reality, having learned that in knowing myself, I pretty much know all there is to know. It goes without saying then that there is much, much more here than meets the eye ~ all things seen and unseen. For those of you who have walked a similar path, I’m nearly certain that you understand all too well the idea that “No prophet is welcome in his hometown…” (Luke 4:24) And yet we carry on knowing that one day ALL will know the Absolute Truth of who we are and where we come from and what we are doing here on this Earth…

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