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It’s such a beautiful story, and if it hadn’t been for his diligence and perseverance (and patience) in doing everything necessary to make me understand that it really is him and this is all very real, I probably still wouldn’t believe if it were happening to someone else, much less myself.

No doubt, you’ve deduced by this time of which Michael I am speaking; that it is indeed Archangel Michael of whom I speak… Not long after I remembered that he is Michael, I became curious as to what he’d meant when he told me so long ago that he and I are “the same” (“You are as I AM”) and so I asked him “Now I remember who you are, but you always told me that I’m just like you, and though you’ve never called me by any particular name, do I have a name?” He leaned forward putting his lips right up against my ear and whispered “You are Ariel” Okay, well, admittedly when I remembered he was Michael I did a little reading about Angels in general, but had read enough to know that most texts identify Ariel as being male, and I said to him, “that can’t be, because Ariel is a guy, and I’m not a guy, obviously!” Just then Raphael happened by, and Michael said to me, “If you don’t believe me, ask Raphael, he’ll tell you.” So I did ask Raphael and his reply was “Ariel can be whatever Ariel wants to be.” Just like that. Whoa! Okay, I guessed I had a lot to learn… and so I did. There is so much more to tell… and eventually I know I will get to it all…

It has taken me quite a long time to come to terms with this fact, that I AM Archangel Michael’s Twin Flame, and also the idea of my own identity being Archangel Ariel (which incidentally as Michael explained to me IS the same entity most of the planet recognizes as his Twin Flame, Archeia Faith - just as there are entities which through soul multiplicity are the embodiment of more than one soul, there are entities who though they are one entity, essentially take on more than one identity/role in the grand scheme of things), as it tends to go against everything I’d ever known while growing up in this society of Earth, which wasn’t much actually. I was never really introduced to the concept of “Angels” as a part of popular culture. And I know that there are individuals out there who would like to claim that (especially in this case it would seem) identity - or naming names - isn’t important. And they would be absolutely right, but we do not, as Earth Humans, yet inhabit (or perceive to even though we actually already do) the higher dimensions, and while no spoken names are generally used there as each individual soul is recognized by way or the frequency vibration of their Light Body, here in 3D we’re kind of stuck using names to identify each other by, sound vibration being somewhat more dense than light. So what does that mean? It means whatever you want it to mean… There is a Hierarchy of sorts in the higher dimensions, although it is not as "ego" based as it is here in 3D especially on Earth, as ego or “sense of self” or “I AM” tends to be more in balance the higher the dimensions. Any perception of “Hierarchy” is rather more based on point of origin, or how close an entity is to the original branching off from Source.

I know that some (or maybe a lot) of all that I’ve said might tend to challenge a lot of peoples beliefs about the nature of Angels and the “Angelic Realm” or higher dimensions in general, but I will repeat to you what Michael has stated to me on many occasions “Not all is as it seems, or you have perhaps been led to believe - especially in the Angelic Realm”. Things are actually quite a bit different than Earth “mythology” would have us believe, largely because ALL of us, all the way up to and including the Source of our Creation, are uniformly and unequivocally “Human”. We’re not as much different from one another as you might expect. This I know not just because of what Michael has told me, but largely because I actually remember now.

I hope you've enjoyed reading ... this is who I AM, and it is such an extreme honor to be me and to tell you all that there is to know with regard to that!


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