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Fast forward to April, 2009. Swine flu breaks out in Mexico. Instinctively I knew it was an “intentional epidemic“, that somehow, for some deranged reason, someone out there had wanted to unleash something quite “evil” on the unsuspecting citizens of Planet Earth. I didn’t know why or who exactly would do such a thing, but I vowed to myself to get to the bottom of it. I researched and researched… but what the mainstream media was telling us did not match up with all that I was uncovering from underground sources. The more I discovered the more shocked and amazed I grew at the conspiracy that I was unearthing and becoming aware of, information that was largely unknown to the bulk of the population, but thanks to the internet, was coming to the forefront more and more every day. This information was primarily the idea that the governments of the world - through the World Bank, World Trade Organization and the World Health Organization were under the control of and being scammed by a “shadow” government - let’s call it the New World Order (N.W.O. for short, or sometimes referred to as “TPTB” – the powers that be). The goal of this shadow government, in light of what they thought were imminent world catastrophes, on or around Dec. 21, 2012, was to cull the population of the Earth back to about 500 million, so as to create a populace that would be more easily controlled and forced into servitude in the aftermath (not that by and large the entire population of Earth for about the 13,000 years has unwittingly been gradually herded into a life of slavery). Not only that, but that the shadow government was in fact being controlled without their knowledge, through what appeared to them to be cooperation, by an Extraterrestrial/Inter-dimensional faction under the guise of exchange of advanced ET technology for human subjects to conduct genetic experiments on. Unfathomable! I know that there are many who don’t want to subscribe to this conspiracy theory as it is very uncomfortable territory, so I’ll suffice to leave it there.

All this got me to thinking however; what ever happened to my Beloved Soul Mate? I know that at one point - not having realized that he’d really been in my life the whole while up to that point - I considered that perhaps he’d met his demise in some space battle far away from Earth, and that maybe I’d never see him again… or would I? I thought about it for a few days, and realized I had nothing to lose by calling out to him to see if he was still there. And so toward the end of July, 2009, I tried to contact him telepathically, to see if he might respond…

I was so stunned when I actually received an answer. He’d been waiting for me to make the next move, though the timing was right.

His exact words to me; "Yes. I'm still here. We've been waiting for you..."


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