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Free Will VS Divine Will: Bridging the Gap between Pseudo-Science and Singular Reality (Part I)

By Ariel DeAngelis

[I would like to convey special thanks to Archangel Metatron for assisting me in expediting this part of this article in order to get it to you in a timely manner. You forever have my gratitude! I couldn't have done it without you!! :-D]

Ascending Soul

[Note: here again we have another article which is long, so I’m breaking it into parts – Urgency has been conveyed to me with regard to getting this part of the document out NOW!! This first part is potentially one of the most important documents you will ever read… the best part is toward the end, so please read at least that far - whether or not you read the subsequent parts is really up to you, but I highly recommend - and so does out Galactic Family - that you at least read this one… thanks! The Universe and our Galactic Family thank you also!!]

Exactly what is it we are inferring when we attempt to make the distinction between free will and Divine will? Are they in fact different? In a way yes; in a way no. And how can we utilize definition (or comparison) between the two to bridge the gap between what most would consider the “scientific” and the “Divine” to further our cause… our journey here on Earth?

What I intend to outline for you here in this article is a brought forth from the caches of my own inner knowing. As always, I’m aware that some are going to agree with my “findings” while some will oppose them, while still others may find themselves irresistibly pulled across the line from their stance of opposition to one of understanding for what I am about to reveal…After reading what I have to say, if you still find yourself in opposition, that is okay. I don’t expect that everyone will readily accept the things that I will divulge here.

And on that note, in order to make my intentions perfectly clear to you, in the body of this text I will be unleashing some heavily guarded “secrets” that you may or may not have been aware of prior to this. And though while not wishing to point fingers or lay blame on any one person or group of persons in particular for the situation in which Earth Humanity now finds itself, there are certain “facts” that you can be made aware of so as to give you an “edge” toward more optimally utilizing your “free will” in conjunction with “Divine Will” to your own benefit under the circumstances of which you now find yourselves…


What is Divine Will? Some would choose to label this as “God’s Will” though in light of the fact that we know that which we had previously personified as “God” is actually the combined energetic signature of EVERYTHING in existence, I will simply consider for you here that Divine Will can be viewed as “all-encompassing will” It is inclusive of everything, and within its generosity is also included the “free will” without which you and I and everyone else would not even be here because that is, in fact, what we are here for; to experience free will within a perceptual state of duality, or separateness from the Divine/All That Is/Source Proper.

The base construct of Divine Will is the primary Universal Constant; Love. In reality, at the Universal or Multi-versal level (however you choose to look at it) it is the only thing that remains constant. Within that constancy, because of the flowing nature of Love energy, and what could be considered the secondary Universal Constant is change… which is a primary component of “free will”. Interesting huh?

Divine Will = I Love (or I AM Love existing within the Sacred Heart or the Singular Reality)

Free will = I am “free” to change (my mind within the constructs of dichotomy, or dualistic perception)

Do you see how that works?

Love (within the) Heart; constantly flowing yet which quality never changes

Change (within the) Mind; constantly constant yet rarely ever flows smoothly (because of its dense characteristics… unless in the presence of Love (Divine Will)

Hmmm … are we on to something here?

It’s kind of like the infinite quality of the Universe… it would appear that you can only go so far with it and then discover that it loops back on itself.

Let’s use another model here to further illustrate the point I’m trying to make.

Consider the Universe, and within the Universe all the different Dimensions that exist within the Universe. The Source (the Great Singularity) paradoxically is very ephemeral, light and airy; the least dense portion of existence one can experience ~ here, there is eternal and infinite “flow”. Literally anything can happen… and it does. It is pure Energy, or Light, or Love as some like to refer to it. For those of you who believe in a deity; consider that it is “God’s Universe”… God can do anything that God wants to. As we travel “down” (and I use that term very loosely –no pun intended) through the various Dimensions we experience more and more density, and what seems to be less and less “flow” … why is that? It is primarily because the “further” away from Source=Love=Divine Will we get, the more and more “free will” comes into play… into our experience and the more we embrace the concept of separateness from the Source (of our creation – the perception that the farther away we get the more “space” there is in between separating us). And the Energy which is the primary building block of Singularity, and which is essentially “formless” in its existence because of its flowing nature, begins to take on more and more “form”. By the time you get to the 3rd Dimension – that point in the Space/Time Continuum which we have inhabited for the better part of our existence in THIS lifetime, we experience matter which is dense enough to be perceived with the 5 physical senses we have been graced with in ORDER to perceive our “reality” the way we do.

As we traverse further and further into the “lower” dimensions the denser and slower everything seems to become, and when we surpass the 3rd Dimension we enter the murky depths which some have termed the “lower astral planes” – those areas of “perceived reality” where flow seems to slow to almost a complete stop; Love seems almost non-existent there. When we get to the “very bottom” of all the dimensions, where even with our limited ability to understand infinity we would naturally expect to encounter complete stasis, or standstill, we actually encounter a paradox; that part of our understanding that tells us that something can’t “exist” AND “not exist” at the same time (i.e. as Archangel  Michael puts it “There is no such thing as no such thing” – because once you perceive it to be nothing it is no longer “nothing”… if it really were “no thing” you wouldn’t be able to perceive it at all – and by that same token, you might even look upon things that you cannot perceive as not being nothing simply because you can conceive the possibility that there is “something” out there that you cannot perceive – and we ALL KNOW that “something” isn’t “nothing” right?), and if in fact that is true, and we know that in effect “nothing” cannot exist then in fact the “nothing” or “stasis” that we might perceive to encounter at the very bottom of our perceived dimensional reality, really IS “something”… singular, not plural… can you see where I am going with this.

YES!! THAT’S RIGHT!! We end up right back at the beginning!! The fact of the matter is that the nature of our existence IS QUITE infinite, and because of that infinity the multi-dimensional aspect of the Universe overlaps itself forming a perfect unending and ever-expanding circle; though actually an undulating toroid would perhaps be a more accurate representation if you want to put it into “concrete” terms.
Now, I’m perfectly aware that there are some who believe that the only place you can experience “free will” is right here on Earth in what we have experienced as the “3rd Dimension”, but that is a misnomer.

In actuality “free will” comes in varying degrees of “density” (just like matter, or Energy) and exists everywhere (even within Source itself) the degree of perception “density” dependent on how “far” from Source one perceives oneself to be. So can we infer from that that “free will” is actually a perceptual thing? Yes! As a matter of fact the whole of Creation is a perceptual thing – it’s just that we’re not so inclined to view it that way on account of our “perception” that we are uniquely thinking, viewing and experiencing individuals who are separate from the Source of our Creation! Oh! My! Now THERE’S a concept!! Is this where the concept of “duality” comes from? Yes, as a matter of fact it is.

Consider for a moment then, that we are in actuality still contiguous “parts” of the Great Singularity – we have actually never been separate from it at all. As such, does it stand to reason, as I’ve stated many times before, that each of us, because we ARE in fact still “attached to” the Great Singularity, we are also instilled with the exact same traits, or attributes (Omnipotence, Omniscience, Omnipresence, etc., etc., etc.) AS the Great Singularity Itself, the ONLY difference between “each” of us is in how we “perceive” things, and thus how we have a concept of ourselves as each having uniquely distinct personalities (translated, “ego”, or “sense of self”)? Without that personality (or unique way of experiencing the Universe) we would be of no use at all to ourself (the Great Singularity) because the primary goal of Source (Singularity) is to experience Itself to the highest degree It can experience Itself because THAT is how much It Loves Itself (AND us in turn, because WE ARE IT) that It wants to Create more of Itself with infinite personalities so that It can Love and grow and experience and Love and grow and experience itself over and over  to infinity and beyond?

Can you see now why it is that to attempt to “separate” the “Higher Self” from the “lower self” (or as some refer to it, to “kill” or “destroy” the ego) is a pointless undertaking? In fact, it cannot be done without the subject of the ego destruction ceasing to exist altogether (or more accurately being re-assimilated back into Source proper /the Great Singularity, with no recollection of ever having had the perception of being a uniquely distinct individual), and coming from the point of view of Source proper, what would be the point of that? Because such an act would be counterproductive to Source growing and experiencing and knowing and Loving and recreating itself over and over again (primary focus of Source) that in fact would imply an attempt to bring about a sort of “stasis” which cannot exist within a state of infinite flow, which Source (or Love Energy) is. And I’m not saying that Soul Essence is NEVER assimilated back into Source, but the nature of Source being what it is, it never results in a state of complete stasis…the flow of Love is always constant.

So, okay, I’m fully aware that one of the main purposes for experiencing the “lower dimensions” in the first place is so that we can experience “Ascending” out of them, but it makes much more sense,  does it not (and some people actually understand this quite well – YAY!), to (re)integrate the (perception of the) “Higher Self” with the (perception of the) “lower self” so as to achieve the desired outcome – achieving the balance within our perception of self (essentially “Mastering” ourself) to facilitate raising one’s self/SELF back into a higher state of vibratory frequency or perceptual consciousness?

Now that we’ve got that straight, my whole purpose for writing this essay in the first place is to point out to you that because of where you are and what you intend to do as far as Ascending back into the higher dimensions, and the degree of focus that is necessary to be placed on raising your vibration in order to do that, your own free will has been and is currently being used “against” you to effectively distract and prevent you from doing just that; or at least to slow you down. (Now why on Earth would anyone want to do that? I’ll get to that in next part of this article). I intend to reveal certain things to you which will help you become aware of how you can utilize your Divine Will to help you redirect your free will so that that which was your intention upon coming here in order to experience all you are experiencing can remain your focus for the duration, and with some fortitude, assist you in expediting your intended outcome of “Ascension” if you so choose.

First of all, let me make it clear to you that I am NOT trying to instill any kind of fear in you with regard to the information I am about to reveal. This is simply information which you may or may not choose to use to your own benefit. I’m pretty sure, however, that it is a foregone conclusion for most by now that freedom of choice especially in recent times has been pretty much “non-existent” in our world – or at least there is a prevailing “perception” that this is the case. In actuality it has “never” been the case, we have always had free will/freedom of choice… but our existence and the very nature of the Universe Itself is only a perceptual or illusory one within the construct that is Divine Will. However your “focus” regarding that “illusory nature” has been subtly “redirected” over the last several years in an effort to hinder your progress of Spiritual Enlightenment…. Hence we have a tendency to “view” EVERYTHING within the span of our 3rd Dimensional experience as being the only “reality” there is… In REALITY, it’s really only the tip o’ the iceberg. And so taking THAT into consideration, along with your infinite nature and that really NOTHING can, ever could or ever will be able to harm you in any way, there is actually nothing to fear here, and there never has been. All’s well that ends well, right? And though I can’t divulge to you exactly HOW it will end, I will let you know that I already know that it “ends” well by popular standards (don’t ask me how I know because if I were to tell you it would just make your brain hurt, LOL).

But how is it exactly that your own free will is being used “against” you?

We’ve already identified that essentially the entire Universe is made of Energy, or Love, or Light, however you choose to look at it; Energy that is in various stages of flow. Ah! There’s the key word; flow. For it is the amount of “flow” or our closeness to or distance from the Source we perceive which determines how much (the density of) and what type of form the matter takes on. But it doesn’t really matter in what form or how dense the matter appears, it will ALWAYS be affected by energy which surrounds it – because it IS energy.

Thoughts, feelings, emotions – these are all Energy too. Although they are in effect intangible (we don’t typically detect them utilizing our 5 physical senses) they too can vary in form and degrees of density which will affect how well they flow within any particular event.

Soul Essence; that body of light which resides within the physical body which through its connection to Source or the mien standard Energy of the Universe itself – Zero Point Power – provides us with OUR power source which causes life as we know it to be possible. Essentially it is to our body as a battery is to a flashlight. However that may be a somewhat oversimplified description of Soul Essence function as it also contains the program by which we “download” from Source our unique personality (along with other useful information when one re-attains the ability to access the cumulative knowledge banks of Source Itself). It also provides us with the ability to perceive and then upload experience information back to that Universal storehouse of shared experience within Source proper. It’s really not unlike a USB type connection from a portable storage device to a mainframe computer…  Those explanations aside, it’s important to note here however, that because of our interconnectedness – that being that we are ALL connected to Source at the same time and have access to ALL the same “files” ALL at once, everything we feel, think, say and do has a subtle, yet profound effect on everything and everyone around us, these vibrations of Energy Flow spread out for literally unimaginable distances all around us, touching and affecting literally everything in their path.

I have already stated that thoughts, feelings and emotions come in varying degrees of flow or density, yet they all have the ability to affect what is around them equally, though ones of higher vibratory frequency, because of the greater degree of “flow” can have a more immediate, and hence seemingly more profound effect than those of lower vibration. We can conclude then, that since Source, or the Great Singularity is made of pure Love and existing at the “highest” dimensional level possible and has the highest degree of flow and vibration, thoughts, feelings and emotions which are Love based (associated with Divine Will) ALSO have a high degree of flow or vibration, AND the ability to raise the degree of flow (or vibration) and decrease the density of everything they encounter. Similarly, thoughts, feelings and emotions which are not based in what we typically think of as “Love”, which are associated more with what we view a “free will” have the ability to, because of their denser nature, lower the vibration and increase the density of everything they encounter. Aha! Now we are getting somewhere!!

Is it any wonder that so many great visionaries of our time have been trying to get us to understand why it is so important for us to remain heart centered in LOVE when we are attempting to raise our vibratory frequency in “preparation” for reintegration of the “Higher Self” and our inevitable “Ascension back” into the “Higher Dimensions” as a result. The reason I put all of those terms in quotes is because, again, it is really all a matter of perception based upon what you happen to be remembering about your True Nature at any one moment. We all know already that we could with one deliberation, instantly retain our infinite flow with the Universe at any point, but then what would be the point of having this experience?

This is the most important thing for you to know at this point; that every time you feel , think, say or do something that is in Love, you are not only effortlessly spreading higher vibrations out to everyone and everything around you, you are also infusing those higher vibrations into them thus creating a self-perpetuating state of Love. As the Love infuses into these people and things their vibrations are raised. As their vibrations raise, so do they spontaneously begin resonating and transmitting the same Love pulse out to everyone and everything around them, and as this occurs the raising vibration of the entire planet, which is naturally occurring at this time integrates with that spreading Love vibration and carries us, and everything around us, by way of our conscious perception of it up into a higher state of being.

Do we go anywhere when this happens? Well, no, not really; we actually bring the “New Reality” TO US, not the other way around. In “reality” our “New Reality” is already here surrounding us, but because we are still struggling with the “density” of our perception of our reality, we aren’t quite seeing it fully yet. We ARE catching glimpses of it however!! And THIS is SO exciting because it is a really clear sign that we are very close to that all important “critical mass” once again… in just the last few days alone, even despite the perception of Mercury Retrograde that many have had in the past, we are still seeing unequalled positive vibrations coming forth in people’s feelings, thoughts, words and actions.

All this being said, it’s probably also obvious to many that some are still unwittingly perpetuating a denser vibration, innocently trying to bring awareness to others of the atrocities that are still happening all over the world… or are they? While I won’t dispute that certainly some of these things that are foisted upon our collective consciousness are really occurring, how many of them are NOT really occurring, and in fact are put in front of us in an attempt to keep our vibrations where they have been, or worse yet, to bring them back down once they’ve been raised?

Think about it. Think about how much you yourself can redirect and transmute these dense vibrations back into Love if you can just bring yourself to look away, pass over, turn off, those images, those words, those emotions that are being directed at you by “outside” sources and focus inwardly on feelings, thoughts, words and actions of a higher vibration ~ and remember how they not only infuse into and raise the vibrations of ALL around you, but also that because of the flow of these energies that are Love based, this will be accomplished a LOT easier than you may have ever thought before.

There more that I have to say (hahaha my clock just came up on 11:11) but it has been conveyed to me that this part of the information, and directives given on how to avert dense vibrations from your experience in favor of Love is imperative and we need to get a move on to set this expanded Love Vibration into motion AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!

There is a reason for this which will become plainly obvious to ALL in the very near future… that critical mass being reached in favor of Love will be a welcome proponent to inevitable positive outcome of this event …

[… continue to Part II…]

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