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Your Eyes

Your Eyes

[created March 20, 2011]

Your Eyes are my panacea.  When I look into them I get lost in the Love I see there in your soul and everything within me becomes healed and whole.  The brilliant blue of the sky in autumn cannot match their beauty, and looking into them is like looking into an endless Heaven.  I can see eternity all in your eyes and I want to fall in there and keep falling forever more, floating on the Breath of Love.  Such feelings as words cannot begin to describe are elicited when I get lost in your eyes - like an ongoing, never ending ecstasy, and when you look back at me and I know you see everything within me and you get lost in my eyes, the feeling of ecstasy grows and fills my entire being with Light so bright that if my human eyes were to look at it they would be made quite blind. 


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Sky Blue Eyes


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