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"I Will Be With You"

[while this isn't technically a "letter" or transcribed conversation between Michael and me, it didn't seem to fit in any of the other sections of this website ~ except "Poetry" where I've included the lyrics and a copy of the video slideshow I created which is also included below]

(from around March 8, 2010)

There have been times ~  difficult times ~ since Michael and I first reconnected at the end of July 2009 that we found it necessary to separate for a few days at a time in order to allow ourselves to become more centered, more balanced, and to allow the intense emotions that we were both experiencing to temper a bit. 

Respectively, I remembered that he is Michael on or around March 3, 2010 and not even a week afterward (understandably) it was decided that it was necessary to separate for the second time since we had reconnected. 

The first time (which took place before I remembered that he is Michael) was almost unbearable because I didn’t really understand why it was necessary.  Yes, I knew that I in particular was having a hard time functioning in a normal capacity due to the intensity of the emotions we were both feeling, but I had no idea that he was feeling them just as hard. 

This second separation (which occurred on about March 8th), though I understood now very well why it was necessary, was almost more difficult to withstand than the first (I still hadn’t grasped the concept of “time” being different where he was and still lived with the uncertainty that I would ever see him again).  I cried… I didn’t want him to go, even though he assured me that he would be back before long.  I spent the whole rest of that night feeling alone and devastated.  I cried myself to sleep that night, but toward the morning hours, just before I woke up, Michael sent me another message in a dream…

I dreamt that I was with my boyfriend (he and I currently live together though I probably don’t have to tell you that our relationship has changed a bit since Michael and I reconnected) ~ we were setting up a sound system in a small venue that a local band, who we were going to be mixing sound for, was destined to play that evening (we both have been involved in the local music scene in the city where we live).  My boyfriend was setting up microphone stands out on the front-line while I was in the back running some tunes through the speakers to make sure that they were connected properly ~ not the usual protocol but that’s the way it happened in my dream.  As I listened, a song that I had never heard before was playing through the speakers… It was being sung by a beautiful male voice and was accompanied by a whole orchestra it seemed.  It was a beautiful, yet atmospheric song, much along the line of some of the New Age genre music I had taken to listening to just prior to that point.  It was a complete song with verses and a chorus that was repeated a couple of times, and though I couldn’t tell you what the verses said the chorus was this:I Will Be With You

"I will be with you ‘til the stars are no more
And I will be with you in the aftermath
I will be with you in the evermore
For Eternity waits for us…"

Wow! Michael, you really know how to get your point across!!

I remembered the melody that was being sung, and the chord progression that was being played, and I took those components and composed and recorded a version of it (sung by myself) and one day, when I figure out how to embed an MP3 player on my blog (or I might just upload it to YouTube) I’ll post it too so you can hear the kind of a song that an Angel would compose… Beautiful, absolutely Beautiful!

I wanted to share this story with you all because today is Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day EveryOne!

[originally posted in my blog The Discerning Angel on February 14, 2011, then reposted in same blog on March 13, 2011 ~ below I have included the video slide show I created to showcase the song ~ Enjoy!!]


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