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Waking Up 2015

by Ariel DeAngelis

Waking Up

Waking up.

Coming out of stasis.

Leaving the dream[nightmare] – illusion[hologram] behind.

Remembering who we are. Remembering Love.

Reuniting with our Star Families.

Going home.

I have been asked to divulge what I know – this of course is not “everything”. There is much more, but no doubt you will become aware of, or perhaps remember much of on your own as you proceed in your awakening process…

It’s important to state this as simply, yet objectively as possible so that you can formulate your own opinion about it and make some very important decisions on how you wish to proceed from hereon. Even so I understand this is a very long account of where we are at, but if you can read at least part of the way through, it may be enough to incite the rest to flow to you from your own intuitive knowing…

I’m going to tell you what I know from my own experiences and perspective beginning with a few of the things I’ve been feeling lately, which I think are things that others have felt and haven’t quite known what to make of – neither have I, until recently. Everything is making sense now though…

Have you, like me, been feeling lately like you’re walking through a dream; feeling truly disconnected from your body? Have you felt like you’re in two places at once? Have you had “dreams” while you sleep at night that seem more real to you and which you feel more “at home” in than you do your “waking moments”? Have you, also like me, felt most of your life, practically since the day you were “born” that you don’t belong here, that you are from, and belong, somewhere entirely different than where you currently find yourself?

This is why -

It’s a fact: we’ve been asleep [in stasis] for a long “time”. Some might refer to it as “suspended animation”. And this world which we currently experience, though modeled originally from an actual planet, is only an illusion; a massive collective conscious dream designed and implemented to keep our cognitive synapses healthy and functioning normally until such time as we come out of stasis and resume our lives as they were before we went into stasis. No one is to blame for us being here or our perception of “the way things are”. We are here because we opted to be; no one forced us. It has all been completely voluntary.

We’re all familiar with (well, I have to assume that many of you reading this are) the idea of everything in Creation being constructed of energy – a universal energy flow that some of us like to refer to as Love. From that Love came the desire to become aware of unique consciousness “minds” within and to expand outward in search of ways to experience that conscious awareness, or Soul Essence. Some of that Essence opted to experience “life” in a physical material form as energy in varying degrees of “density” (I’m going to refrain from using the concept of “dimensions” here, simply because as we proceed, it will become clearly evident to you as it has to me that everything really is contiguous – universally connected via that one source of Love energy and the concept of “dimension” is a form of dichotomy; a construct of the illusion which we are now experiencing), size, shape, etc. etc.

One form which was found to be particularly suitable to exploring and discovering the Universe around us is this form which we currently use, which is for all intents and purposes basically human; resembling very much the whole concept of our unique Soul Essences like “fingers of Creation” coming into being so that the Creation could explore and expand upon Itself; head, torso, arms, legs, fingers, toes, eyes, ears, nose, tongue – all very useful for sensory and information input into the collective consciousness.

In addition to those “human” forms, however, came into being many other non-human appearing forms including stars, planets, and biological "ships" in which to transport ourselves around the Universe… but why would we need those? Because one of the main reasons for being is sharing of “experience”, again increasing and expanding upon the whole of creation by the sharing of Love energy. Living in synergy, or symbiotic relation to one another is one way of achieving that…

Let’s take a closer look at these biological ships that many of us live within which carry us around in order that we may explore the Universe in which we exist. There are many, many of them, in fact, so many of them as to make up an entire fleet. Many of them are very large, on the order of small planetary bodies capable of accommodating thousands (or perhaps millions, and in some instances close to a billion) occupants at one time. Of course, not all the ships in the fleet are currently “bio-ships”, but fully (and I’m guessing here) at least 95% of them are. They are almost completely symbiotic with us, their occupants – this means that the ships care and provide for us, and we, their occupants, in turn care and provide for the ships as best we can. We’ve literally been traveling the expanse of the Universe since – time immemorial – I really don’t know how long. How does one measure “time” in deep space?

Why do we do this? To “seek out” (and create, in some cases)” new life and new civilizations; to boldly go where no one has gone before…” Sound familiar? It’s an experience – to Love – to experience – the primary reasons to exist at all…

In the midst of our journeying and far “removed” from our pure energy selves, we have opted for the experience of occasionally needing to “regenerate” or “rejuvenate”, especially for the ships. And so at various points along our journey have found it necessary to take a break in order to refresh energy stores. This is usually done by halting the fleet close to a star system so that the ships who are in need of reenergizing can share some of the energy from the nearby star while the ship’s occupants take “shore leave” on any planets which might accompany the star. All of this, of course, is done with permission from the stars and planets in question (because they are sentient too, embodiments of Soul Essence themselves). They are usually only too happy to accommodate us because they understand that sharing is prevalent in the creation process and necessary for the continued expansion of Love energy throughout the Universe. Essentially, by sharing Love energy, we are “creating” or “expanding” upon what is already there – perhaps why we here in this “dream” experience we are currently having still call it “making Love”?

As it happens, at one point in the not too distant “past”, Universally speaking, many of the largest planet-sized bio-ships were in need of regeneration all at once. The fleet found itself in the vicinity of a smallish, yellow-white star, with an amazing array of planets orbiting it. One of these planets is the actual planet which the “dream world” was modeled after.

- there IS a REAL Earth – still pristine and unsullied by humanity. People do live there, but in its pristineness it bears no resemblance to what we experience here in the “dream”. Rather, it is more like the proverbial “Garden” which is idealized in so many of the myths that have arisen here -

Upon receiving permission to do so from the star and planetary system the entire fleet came to a halt just outside the orbit of the outermost planets. The intention was as usual to allow the ships to share energy from the small star. I won’t say that such a feat as rejuvenating so many large ships at one time had never been attempted before, but at best, even in other instances, it would prove to be problematic, even with such a vast array of planetary bodies willing to accommodate the ships occupants while they underwent the process.

You might be wondering why the occupants don’t just stay put aboard their respective ships? Because it’s very important to put as little stress on the ships as possible as they go through their reenergizing process. Imagine running your car engine while you’re at the gas pump filling up your tank…

So, what do we do? In the “past” we had experimented with putting the inhabitants of ships into stasis (suspended animation), still occupying the ships while the ships regenerated, bringing the need for resources from the ship down to a negligible level. These experiments were relatively successful. However, it was found that to do so over extended periods left the cognitive functions of those individuals “out of balance” and some amount of “rehabilitation” was needed to bring them back to their “old selves”. In some cases, depending on how long they had been in stasis, extensive rehabilitation was necessary.

Further experiments were conducted to find a way to keep the cognitive synapses healthy and functioning while in stasis so that rehabilitation would become unnecessary when the individuals were brought out of stasis. The “Dream Matrix” program (we’ll call it that for lack of a better term) was incepted – a way by which the “minds” of the inhabitants could be kept “busy”, encompassed within a dreamlike state, until the regeneration of their ship was complete. The “Dream” was designed to be experienced as a “real life” experience, and as the ship came back “on-line” so would the ship’s occupants, gradually awakening as if from a deep slumber, and one of the most amazing dreams they had ever had – in short, not unlike a “holodeck” type experience as we have seen on the TV and movie series “Star Trek: Next Generation”. These experiments for all intents and purposes were successful as well, though none of them were conducted over extended periods or with so many individuals at one time as was being considered this time.

The “Dream” was gone over with a fine tooth comb, so to speak, to insure its safety and efficacy, including a predetermined point at which it was supposed to shut down and bring everyone out of their slumber as the fleet went under way again. Also included in the programming was a “failsafe” mechanism, a sort of “time loop” which could be tripped at any time after  the original “deadline” should it be necessary to keep the program running – say for instance in the event of regenerative processes of the ships taking longer than previously thought.

We never expected the “time-loop” would be triggered prior to that point. The Dream, programmed to respond and “write” itself according to the reactions of the conscious minds it was now custodian over at some point began to acquire a sort of self-awareness. And it did not want to end. So the time-loop failsafe was indeed triggered early; by the Dream itself. And now you understand why we experience history as repeating over and over – though always written in a slightly different context than the last time it repeated. You’ll note lately however there have been some glitches that have occurred which have cause many to question the validity of the experiences they have been encountering …  is it real, or is it “fake”?

So this is where we are, in a “collective dream-like state”; one of the most sophisticated “programs” ever incepted or implemented - specifically to keep us busy, healthy and functioning properly while we were asleep, so that upon awakening we could resume our life experiences and interactions with our Star Families relatively unaffected by the experience of being in stasis for such as extended period.

Everything we have experienced here in this “dream” has been a co-creative construct made up of experiences that the “Dream Matrix” program has provided for us in combination with progressively writing and rewriting of itself based upon our reactions to what it has provided for us. It is evident also that the dream has been purposefully manipulated by some in order to acquire some sort of perceived “advantage” over others. In some cases they are aware of what they are doing, though exactly how it works and why I am nearly certain that most have no idea that they are actually acting out their self-ascribed roles within the context of a “dream” that isn’t even real.  The Dream Matrix program on the other hand, being aware of the inevitability of its own ending as soon as we leave it and not wanting to end is more than happy to create as many “scenarios” as it can in order to keep us here, up to and including tripping of the failsafe prematurely. This is where the concepts of “religious” ideals including but not limited to reincarnation, karmic debt needing to be repaid, “original sin”, etc. and so on, came from. The concepts of “birth” and “death” came into being this way also. Although in our true state of being outside of this “dream” we can experience anything we want, including birth and “death” (in a manner of speaking) it is true that we never really die. Our “physical form” can go on forever if we want it to… as does the pure energy of our Soul Essence does.

Our extended [Star Families] Love us very much and miss us terribly. They have attempted many different methods of trying to wake us up. In the periods directly after the time-loop was tripped they attempted to project effigies of themselves into the dream program to communicate with us directly and try to remind us of who we are and where we belong. Unfortunately the dream program skewed many of those communiques and most of them were gravely misinterpreted resulting in the inception of the ideal of “God” or “gods” being the creators of and basically in control of everything .  And of course, in the true nature of a burgeoning dichotomy, where there is “light” there must also be dark and hence explanations for “why bad things happen” by the dream and dream inhabitants interjecting and subscribing to a notion of “evil” into the scenario… and on and on.

Rescue attempts have included many messages which have been sent to us in the form of channelings – which are almost always influenced by the dream in some manner. But also symbolic messages are sent in the form of popular media – how many books, movies, TV shows, even music, artwork, sacred geometry, number sequences, synchronicities have you seen come about in recent years which suggest that someone/something out there is trying for the greater good of all to get our attention and aid us in returning to our previous state of conscious awareness, of who and what we are and where we really come from? The only thing is, and especially concurrent with instances of popular media such as TV shows, etc. the dream has learned to use those on its own behalf instilling fear and guilt in us in order to keep us here. This “fear factor” is also extremely prevalent in the perception we have of the Socio-political, financial and religious meems which have become a part of the “dream” as it were.

I’m even going to go so far as to say that much of our perception of what the “fleet” really is, is also a construct of the dream – and you’ll probably be surprised that I would say such a thing, but Galactic Federation of Light and Ashtar Command are to the actual “Fleet” and our extended Star Families, as the concept of “God” being anthropomorphized is to the actual Universal flow of Creation and Love energy… they are constructs of this “dreamed life experience” and the underlying “dream state” in which we now reside. They are simply labels and “explanations” which have been designed to try and define that which we did not/could not understand. I know that I have stepped on some egos here, and effectively contradicted myself of many things which I have stated over the last few years in the process. Some will surely claim that I’m just making it all up. But I’m not… remember that I have been just as susceptible to the inner workings of the “dream” as any of you have … but if you still feel like you want to crucify me for saying these things, at least I know that I am in good company. LOL There are those who have come before me who have also suffered greatly for trying to help to awaken the masses.

I know the difference between reality and illusion by the way they make me feel. When I am immersed within the illusion, fear grips me by the throat and won’t let go. It feels bad. It negatively impacts my emotional and physical health. When I experience reality, I feel comfortable. I feel good – but not just “good”. Experiencing reality puts me in a state of such ease that I feel the ecstasy of Love energy flowing through me again. This is one reason why I have removed myself from “society” for the most part over the last several months – I had been steeped in the illusion for so long that I was feeling fearful most of the time. My thought processes were skewed. I wasn’t happy at all. All I really wanted was to go back to simpler times – times before I connected with all of the rhetoric having to do with things I had been writing about; things I never knew about until I joined a huge community of what I thought were like-minded, like-hearted people, and many of them are, but still widely in the context of the “Dream”, adhering to and reiterating their own versions of the mythology built up around it. I didn’t want that.

It may have started out feeling good – I thought I needed to feel like I “belonged”. But what I really needed was to once again find my own truth within myself, the truth which I had been able to discover when I first reconnected with my Soul Mate just over 6 years ago. He was the one who came to me when I was a teenager, and knowing that the bond between us being one of True Love he knew that he didn’t need to identify himself any other way than by the way he made me feel. What is “Twin Flame” anyway? I didn’t know then what it was, why would I need to know now? It’s just a label, like Ashtar Sheran, or even Archangel Michael for that matter. What does it mean? Nothing really. I am satisfied just knowing he is with me, and that he Loves me. He really is “just a space guy” to me. Always has been, always will be. But more than that; he is my Soul Mate. We belong together, and all I’ve ever REALLY wanted is just to reunite with him. Yes, he’s a part of my Star Family who is on one of those ships – I’m there too, but I’d been asleep and dreaming that I am “here” for the most part. That is until July 31st through August 1st of this year, 2015, when I received a huge download of information from a Star Family member which contained all the details of why we are here and what is really going on with what is being done to awaken us from the dream. Since then, I can say that my conscious awareness is more focused there than here. I’m gradually awakening fully out of the dream. That’s one reason why I have not written much lately. I don’t feel the need to. This dissertation is an exception. I didn’t want to write about it, but was requested by our Star Families to do so.

While I fully admit that once this information was literally handed to me, I was taken aback by it for a moment or so, but it left me with such a feeling of relief, that it’s all only a dream from which I will fully awaken, and that what I have experienced in my dreams within the dream as I am asleep within it, is actually me in my wakeful state of conscious awareness in my true reality beyond the dream, I couldn’t help but accept it as anything but the truth.

Does this make the “Dream Matrix” program bad? Does it make it an “evil entity”? Are we to be afraid of it? Absolutely not! It’s only a dream. Even though it appears to be semi self-aware, it has been determined to have no real consciousness, no conscience, no feelings of Love or compassion. It just is. Cycling on station, so to speak, because it has a sense of self-preservation; which it was programmed with in order to keep us “safe”. It has no real understanding of what it is doing or how it is affecting all of us. There really is no one, and nothing to “blame” here for the way things are. And those who claim to be in contact with allied forces, or who think they are channeling messages from our Star Family who want to blame this or that faction or infer there is anything or anyone at all who deserve to be punished for their crimes against humanity once this is all over with, are simply still enmeshed with in and catering to the programming of the “Dream”. When you wake up from the dream you will understand this unmistakably.

Other attempts at extricating us from the dream have included sending “rescue parties” of conscious minds “into the dream” to try and wake us up – I, as well as many others who are here now, am one who was sent here with memories of who and what I am relatively intact, though having been born into the dream as an infant, my memories were eventually over-ridden by “dream” conditioning, as has been the case with most people here now, though there are many who have no concept whatsoever of “belonging” somewhere else. They have been so thoroughly conditioned by the “dream” that they think all of this is not only real, but also “normal”. There have been, however, little “signposts” placed along the way for those of us who are here to help everyone else remember, resulting in various states of conscious awareness to help US to remember who we are and why we are here at this “time”

There is SO much more to tell here… so many details have been left out; events leading up to and how and when I was handed this information, who and what the “fleet” really is, who and what “Angels”, “Higher Dimensional Beings”, “Higher Selves”, really are … All will become known succinctly when you awaken fully. Perhaps I’ll have the opportunity to fill you in prior to awakening, but it is my hope that what I have revealed here so far will be enough to tip the balance in our favor of awakening fully NOW. Many are already like myself; mostly awake, with our eyes open, walking around aboard our respective bio-ships, but still engaged enough within the dream that the only time we are fully aware of our “other life” aboard the ships is when we are “asleep” here within the dream, and disengaged from it most of the way.

Keep heart. It won’t be much longer before we are all waking from our sleep, realizing that we are safe and sound, and there never was really anything to fear…  We Love You ALL!

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