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As most of you already know, I don't usually share articles or channeled messages from other authors on my website unless I find them particularly inspiring. This is one of those instances when the synchronicity of what I had experienced earlier in the day and the message that I was tagged in on Facebook which came from my friend Inakshi Singh are just too remarkable to ignore. And so, with Inakshi's permission I'm sharing her message with you here. It's a Beautiful message filled with wisdom and Love for all to enjoy, so please do!! Thank you again Inakshi for sharing this with all of us!!


(by Inakshi Singh)

Our beautiful ARCHANGEL MICHAEL says that you may be feeling confused by conflicted feelings and are unsure of which direction to take.

You must write about all your thoughts and feelings in order to reach your inner core of truth and as you do that you will see clarity and a leap in consciousness, which will help u gain insights and make the changes you want to but are being stopped by your own fear ;fear of shining your light, fear of attention.This may have been a pattern from various lifetimes and that's why it has taken this long, and you will realize that it was just a matter of changing your perspective and knowing that it is, now, time to move on, step up to the next level !

As you recognize this truth that is, moving forward fearlessly towards your passion, your dreams..abundance follows.

ARCHANGEL ARIEL sees the strength it has taken to live your life and applauds you on your steady progress , however she wants you to take some more courage and believe that this is your time to seize the moment, take that big step. Change starts from within and the without reflects .
Give all your worries to these magnificent Archangels as you take your power back. Stay happy, in a constant state of gratitude and raise your vibration. Remember, laughter is the best medicine and know that these changes will only make you happier.So why wait any longer. Procrastination is a false friend.

Believe in yourself, believe in God, believe in the Angels and help will be there.In abundance and every aspect of your life.

Don't give up just yet.

And don't ever, ever, look back!

Sending everyone all my love and wishing you a miraculous week ahead !
Angel Blessings my dear all !


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