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Where to start, where to start …

Well, to start with, I’ll try not to make this explanation for my break from social media too long. For now, I just want to present basic reasons for my decision, and as you read subsequent posts here, I’m certain you’ll be able to piece together and/or extrapolate all the reasons behind my decision.


First and foremost, I’ve been feeling for some time now the need to shift focus of my platform for posting my thoughts and feelings to a more private setting. Why? So that I can more effectively speak my mind/heart in a no-holds-barred sort of manner. Having a presence on and posting to social media platforms where there are no options to either disable or even limit or moderate comments made on those posts has resulted in my posts at times being somewhat “abridged” or “paraphrased” from what they would have been. This has been in an effort to prevent “trolls” from spoiling things with their unnecessary comments for others to whom the post might otherwise have had an uplifting meaning. Of course sometimes they still feel the need to interject. Posting everything here will make that impossible, at least in a more direct sense – some people may still find it necessary to appease their own ego by making comments where the information here is shared elsewhere…


Well this is one thing that no one is going to escape completely in this life experience – people who say or profess to believe one way and then by their actions or unguarded words reveal to the whole world, or maybe even just to me, what their true thoughts and intentions are. Even people who I’d considered long time “friends”, I’ve recently been wondering about because of things they’ve either said directly to me, or their behaviors around me, or in places maybe they’d never think I’d notice. Yeah, I notice these kinds of things… I often wonder why. Maybe some people think I’m just being too sensitive. But if not me, then who?

I’ll fully admit that when I first set up my profile/timeline on FB and other social media sites, some 5 years ago by now, that in my own naivety  was just really really happy to find so many people who thought and felt the same way I did. People I could share with, especially from the standpoint of accounts and encounters with our Galactic Family; for a long long time (up until just about 5 years ago in fact, before certain occurrences in my life which you may or may not be aware of) I thought I was the only one on Earth who considered themselves to be “not of Earth”. Imagine how ecstatic I felt when I discovered a whole community of “non-Earth” entities. Of course I also came out at that time about my relationship to Michael. How I viewed it at that time was as something that just was. It filled me with so much Joy that I just wanted to share with everyone – that feeling of Divine Euphoria that we all have a birthright to experience. How was I to know that people would view me as some kind of blasphemer or heretic? It just made me want to take them and shake them awake and make them understand that NONE of our Beloved Family want to be put on a pedestal or venerated the way that they have been. They’re “people” just like us, it’s just that they recognize their connection to EVERYTHING – their “Divinity” if you will – and they use it accordingly, with ease because of the frequency of energy they exist at. That’s all. We’re like that too on the inside. Effectively, we’re ALL Angels, if you feel like you need to label it. We just present differently in form because we exist at a different physical frequency… though that is changing. This is the unique perspective I’ve had since practically day one, and people’s non-acceptance of the Divine within themselves that creates our current perception of “duality”. In actuality, there never has been any such thing as “duality”. There can’t be; that is how interconnected everything is.

This is a problem with social media; it gives people the opportunity to state their own point of view, which in and of itself is a good thing. But when they come across someone else’s post that twists that knife in their gut, cutting away at their own sense of truth that maybe they’ve not had as much Faith in as they pretend to have in the context of their own posts, there’s that “comment” box which allows them the opportunity to refute what they just read that someone else wrote. They just can’t resist the urge to state their own truth, inadvertently revealing to the whole world that you’ve torn away at the very fabric of what they used to believe, and that in fact YOUR truth, bringing their own truth into question within them, may just have some validity, and they know it. It pains me to see people make fools of themselves like that. It pains me even more when they write to me in private to tell me that I’m being inappropriate in my words or actions. What? Are they too embarrassed to do it out in the open like everyone else, or do they know that by even approaching the subject, it brings their own reputation within the spiritual community under scrutiny? Perhaps it should. But I figure that people like that will out themselves eventually. I just don’t feel like they need to do it in MY “living room” or worse yet in my “bedroom” … take that stinky, poopy stuff outside!! That is why I don’t have the option on this website to make comments, and probably never will – you’ll also notice that I have taken down the “Contact” page. I figure that those who are supposed to contact me will find a way to do it. Period.

What People Think

So this brings me to the end of my current explanation of my change of platform. While it may have mattered to me in the past what people think, it really doesn’t anymore. And again, that is why there is no option to comment here. This is MY website. A place for ME to post MY thoughts and feelings and other pertinent information if I so choose, not a place for other people to dispute that information. If you feel like you need to make a statement with regard to something I say on here, go right ahead, but do it in your own space and time, not mine. This unequivocally will allow ME the option of being more open with how I state what I post. If you like it, you might be inclined to share it, go right ahead, in fact I encourage you to. I might never know in most cases, but by the same token, I also will probably never know about people who have something less than “aesthetic” to say about it. It really doesn’t matter to me. I’m past the point where I feel the need to seek the truth outside of myself. Staying away from other people’s thoughts on the subject will undoubtedly afford me the opportunity to delve into the truth within myself even deeper, allowing me to continue building on the sense of self-worth which I gradually became distracted from over the last 5 years.

Work In Progress

This life experience is a work in progress. If you’re reading this, you already no doubt know what it is all about, and what I’ve identified my own role in it as being. It’s important, but so is yours, and I intend to, as I hope you do also, continue on that path toward world-wide enlightenment and a more peaceful, abundant and prosperous life for all here. I will continue to make posts on all the subjects that I have been up to now. You can read all about them right here. I’ll probably regret this?? But Michael is telling me that I will even be posting more messages from him… yeah, right okay… Michael, when are you going to get your own laptop and website anyway? LOL Well, we’ll see about that. Anyway, not a lot will change as far as topics I choose to write about, just the place I’m publishing them. Oh, and I’ll be experimenting with different formats – I have a creative suite that I’ve only barely tapped into. So, there’s a LOT to look forward to in these changes. Mostly I’m looking forward to is in myself becoming once again that person who I was so in Love with when I finally found and accepted My Beloved into my experience ~ and yes, there will be more posts on that topic too. We can’t leave True Love out of the equation can we? [wink – smile]

That’s all for today. I’ll have more in the next day or so, so be sure to bookmark this page – – so you can find it easily to come back and read future posts.
Thanks for your patience, and thanks for your understanding and your friendship. We’re All in this together. We really ARE One Big Family!


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