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“They Had Wings” – A Message From Archangel Michael/Ashtar Sheran

"They Had Wings" - A Message From Archangel Michael/Ashtar Sheran

(received by Ariel DeAngelis 16:27PM, October 3, 2014)

… And then one day a bridge appeared, spanning the chasm between night and day. A great multitude of willing Souls saw the opportunity to forge onward into the experience they had always dreamed of. Once on the other side of the bridge however, they realized that there was still far to go before reaching their goal.

A few Souls forged onward still, willing to brave the continuance of the journey for that fabled place they had come to know as Heaven, Elysian, Nirvana, Paradise…

Some, not knowing what to do, stood at the journey’s end of the bridge and pondered their fate; should they move forward into uncertainty, or should they go back to what was familiar, even though not particularly “comfortable”?

Many opted to go back the way they came, crossing back over the bridge and burning it behind them citing, “We’ve been duped!” … and there they stayed, not really understanding exactly who had duped whom, or even that they had wings …  

I AM Archangel Michael incarnate as Ashtar Sheran. We hope you have enjoyed this most recent “story”. <smile>

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