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The War Is Over - Let Love Prevail - A Message From Archangel Michael

(originally received by Ariel DeAngelis on August 5, 2010)

Greetings my Dear Ones.  I come to you in Love and Light with a message from The Creator. It has not escaped my attention, Dear Ones that you have been in a quandary for some time, lacking Love in your lives, and desperately needing fulfillment of some kind.  I have found what you are lacking.  It is the utter most beautiful feeling of Love and Contentment that you could ever wish for.  I have found my Twin Flame, my Other Half, quite literally.  I have laid down my sword for Love.  Not that I won’t always be there to defend you in your time of need, should the occasion arise, but this is the way it is and The Creator wishes you all to know that this is the way it needs to be for all of you from now on.

We are reaching a point of no return.  How many of you know that?  How many of you have worked so very hard to arrive at this moment in time, at the end of time itself, wondering, “okay, where do we go from here?  What lies ahead?” and I tell you that only Love lies ahead.  Only Love can exist for you from this point forward.  Many believe that the end times will come on December 21st, 2012, but I tell you my Good People, and I assure you, that they are already here.  We are in the midst of the ending of time itself as I speak, here and now.  We are rapidly approaching a point where we must ALL put down our swords and take up Love as our way of life.  It is what is meant to be, and has been ordained as such since the beginning of time.

Now, I know you’re wondering about all of this - how can I have “found” my Twin Flame when clearly she was never lost, and you’d be right about that - not lost, just misplaced; incarnate in a mortal body much as your own.  A being of light wearing a 3D disguise. But what are you, if you are not exactly that yourselves; beings of light wearing a mortal body?  We were all placed here pur-posefully, with the intent that this day would come about when fear would no longer be the norm, and we could usher in the New Age of Love with ease and temperament.  My own Twin Flame, Faith as you know her, has been strategically positioned so as to awaken at just the right moment in just the right place to help facilitate this changeover from fear, to a Love based life, where anything, truly anything is possible.  You will live your lives in the pursuit of Joy and Happiness forever more, never again wanting or needing for anything.  Sounds good? [grin]  I thought so! [bigger grin]  I think so too!!  [bright-shining-like-the-sun grin]

It gives me great pleasure to announce to you that a great wedding feast has been planned and you are all invited.  Would you do my Lady and me the honor of attending?  All you have to do is to say “yes” to Love.   Love is waiting for you right there, inside your hearts, and each and every one of you has a Twin Flame waiting to be reconnected with.  Take a chance - go out and find her or him, and have the chance for the Love of a lifetime.  This is where we’re headed.  The war is over.  Let Love prevail.

I AM Archangel Michael, and I leave you now in the Light of Love,
True Love from your Creator that will last for all Eternity. May Many
Blessings, and Eternal Love and Light be bestowed upon you All!!


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