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No More Idle Promises – A Message from Ashtar Sheran (aka Archangel Michael)

(as received by Ariel DeAngelis (aka Archangel Ariel) on July 1, 2013)


Pennies from Heaven

Dear Family of Light,

We gently recommend that you ground yourselves and place yourselves in your Heart Center before continuing to read this message and the Absolute Truth it will convey to you. We ask you ahead of time that as you read this message to please make note of your reaction to it. This is why it is so important for you to be well grounded and Heart Centered as you read.

We point out that at times within the expanse of this message it may seem to you that you are being scolded, or reprimanded somehow. Please note however that we are merely bringing to your attention issues which need to be brought back to Light in order that you may address them summarily and effect the appropriate changes which this Absolute Truth will help you see are essential in order for compliance of promises which have been made to come forth into your experience.

It has been stated many times, even in recent “times”, that Heaven helps they who help themselves. We know that so many of you view your Galactic Family as being synonymous with the Company of Heaven, and you are absolutely right! We remind you however, that we are not the only facet that makes up the gem which you so reverently refer to as the Company of Heaven, for you too are members of your Galactic Family, this INfininte Family of Light, and we have tried to help you become consciously aware of the fact that when you help yourselves, you ARE, in fact, Heaven helping you. Yes! Each and every one of you are a charter member in the Company of Heaven, even the ones who you view as part of the “dark side”. In reality, as was stated by one of you recently, there is no “dark side” (may I quote?),

"...that's just the other half of you that you don't understand yet... perception of darkness is deduced from "fear" of the unknown, or lack of understanding. Flip the switch, on comes the "Light", everything becomes illuminated and you realize that there was never anything to be afraid of... and your perception of darkness? Well, that was just a perception... part of the "polarity" in our experience of duality. So don't be afraid of the dark ... it's just you in disguise.”

Universe Bless you all; we see you still stumbling around in the “dark” some of you still asleep, some of you with your eyes intentionally shut, some of you who had near year end 2012 pulled off the blinders, yet put them back on when 2013 rolled around and it appeared to you that the “promises” which had been made to you by your Galactic Family – the Company of Heaven – had not been kept, citing “there’s nothing to see here”, rolled over and went back to sleep. We sympathize and empathize with you in your plight; we feel much more of what you are going through that you realize. In fact, we feel it all. But so many of you, when you put your blinders back on did not take the opportunity that was afforded to you at that time to go very deeply within yourselves and discover the answers to all your “problems” – laying wait, right there inside of you all along… that the promises you have made to yourselves are the first promises which must be kept if we your Brothers and Sisters would step forward and make good on our promises to you ~ and we have told you as much time and again. “… someday I will… one day I will ...” And how many of you put conditions on those promises you make to yourselves? “… when I have the time… when I have the resources … when I lose weight… when I get in shape… when, when, when, when “… When? Though you may view our reluctance to act on your behalf by putting into action our own promises to you as a sort of “condition”, we point out to you that it is not. We are simply following the Divine Mandate wherein we cannot step in until first YOU step in. You may have forgotten that we are mirrors for each other. Or perhaps you are fully aware that we are reflected in you; so many now being aware of their own Divinity. Have you considered however, that just as you see us in yourselves we also see you in ourselves, and we can only act as we see you acting on your own behalf?

Promises not kept; idle promises… or are they?

At the risk of adding insult to injury, let us talk about “Prosperity Packages” for a moment. There has been much “homage” paid to lately the notion of a “reallocation” of funds – currencies backed by gold, and so on. Had you considered, however, the possibility that this “reallocation” of funds may have been misrepresented, or at best, misinterpreted? AND/OR that it has already taken place???

Yes, THERE is a point of contention for many of you – especially the ones of you who by now had expected, or at least hoped, to see lots of zeros magically appear behind the [made up] numeric totals which already existed in your bank accounts. Whatever happened to that? A ruse you say? Yet whose ruse was it? We of Ashtar Command and Galactic Federation of Light, in fact, the whole Company of Heaven do not know where that concept came from, except that some who said that they spoke on our behalf were promoting it at one point. I for one never mentioned such a notion as being something that would become a reality in your experience, and in fact I recall having cautioned against perceiving it that way. Yet, that notion of instant gratification has been taken up by so many. So many have it in their heads that if they just had enough money then all their problems would be fixed. We ask you quite emphatically however, has that ever worked? Does the concept ever come into your thoughts of it not mattering how much money you have, you in fact never feel that you have enough? It is a never ending cycle, and yet you continue to play the game. Why? Especially when so many of you who still do so know better? And now because someone told you what you wanted to hear, you go about your daily business of playing the game expecting a “package” to magically “drop out of the sky” which will alleviate all your financial woes once and for all. Setting you free from your self-imposed bondage… you are already free, and you just don’t know it… can’t see it. We are bringing this message to you to help you understand that fact.

Some of you have the inherent feeling that it’s not so easy; but did you know that it could be? Did you know, that you yourselves have been the shareholder, the caretaker of your very own prosperity package all along (that which you refer to as wages, or salaries earned), but you never thought of it that way because you always viewed it as belonging to someone else; i.e. EVERYONE AND EVERY INSTITUTION WHICH YOU BELIEVE YOU OWE MONEY TO?!!

We remind you here once again that Human Beings are the only residents of Mother Earth who pay for the privilege of living on Her. Consider the lilies of the field… ? Does anyone in the entire Universe really “own” any of it? Think about it…

You pay into your governments – in the form of taxes which said governments claim they will use to “take care of you” and yet they don’t (at least in the way in which you have been led to believe they would). You pay into insurance – essentially playing a “lottery” against yourself on the pretext that some tragedy might befall you, yet how many of you realize that by placing such a wager you actually attract tragedy into your life experience? You pay into multiple “accounts” of imaginary numbers stored in vast “databases” which were created out of THIN AIR by financial institutions which don’t really exist in and of themselves, but which are controlled by one central “bank”, in the guise of making accessible to you currencies which DID NOT EXIST at the time you were “coaxed” or perhaps in some cases “coerced” into using it for the sole purpose in some cases of enabling you to “stay ahead of the Joneses” or for you to build up your stockpile of “stuff” so that you will be certain to have enough things to keep you occupied in your “spare time”. And I ask you… what spare time? You who now live in (you notice I do not use the word “occupy”) those “developed” countries which tout themselves as being the richest in the world, work two, three, sometimes more “jobs” in order to make ends meet – spending so much time WORKING just to keep a roof over your heads and food in your stomachs in addition to all the “other things” you believe you need to pay for, that you hardly have any spare time in which to sleep and recharge yourselves for the next day of work, much less to actually spend some time re-creating, fulfilling your “God-given” right to THRIVE instead of merely survive. And then there are those of you for whom you believe that fate has truly not smiled upon you – you have no jobs, no means by which to make ends meet. Some of you are “fortunate” enough to be entitled to unemployment “benefits”, some of you have essentially no funds at all, and still you worry about which bills to pay first, foremost before you’ve made certain that your most basic needs are met.

How many of you have forgotten that one of those most basic needs is Joy? Yes, Joy…

We now reveal to you, point blank, that the prosperity packages you have been hoping to acquire are ALREADY within your grasp, but you have misidentified them as the means by which you would use to keep the “wolves at bay”… to keep the “goon squad” from knocking at your door demanding “protection insurance” dues from you… to keep “Uncle Sam” from throwing you in jail for failure to pad his pockets for him. Do you see? Even you who now live by means of public assistance alone, you are still paying into the “game”. Which ones of you who are receiving unemployment, “social security” benefits, or welfare “payouts” are still being forced to have taxes withheld from money’s that were what you paid into the system in the form of taxes in the first place, in order that you WOULD have something to fall back on in leaner times? You are being taxed double, at least. Though we understand that in this instance it is truly being foisted upon you; it happens before the funds ever reach your hands. But then you go about the process of divvying it out to all of your other perceived financial responsibilities, instead of spending it truly on yourselves and what you WANT, rather than what you have been conditioned to believe you NEED in your life. It is YOUR money – why not do what YOU want to do with it for a change?

What DO you really want? What ever happened to the “pursuit of happiness”? When did things get to be this way that happiness, along with Joy was relegated to the notion of “pipe dream”?

What DO you really want? And what WOULD happen if you took your very own prosperity package, which you now recognize as yours and yours alone, if for no other reason than you simply hold it within your experience, don’t worry about where it came from – what would happen if you took and used that prosperity package for something which up to this point you have viewed as being wholly self-indulgent?

Furthermore, what would happen if from this point forward you only used your prosperity package for things that would bring you not just the most basic of necessities, but things and events that would actually result in your happiness and your Joy? Of course, we recommend that you use discretion, and remember that you can only make use of or enjoy one thing at a time. So take that into consideration as you realize that you have the WHOLE UNIVERSE at you beck and call. You always have had really. You just forgot. We are reminding you. Yes, at some point the notion of “sharing” will come into your meme, but first you must be good to yourselves; to Love yourselves; to help yourselves in order that Heaven too will step in and help you…

This is the promise that you made to yourselves… it is also the promise which we, your Galactic Family have made to you. Let’s keep it – together! And there will no longer be the perception of family members, whether Earth bound, or floating in Space, idly sitting by with thumbs firmly placed where the sun does not shine. Let us ALL get up out of our seats and celebrate Life! Right here right now; no more idle promises, ever!!

I AM Ashtar Sheran, or perhaps more aptly “The Sheran of Ashtar”, otherwise known to many of you as Archangel Michael (in the flesh). Let us go forth from this day with a renewed understanding of what it means to keep a promise, and remember that a promise kept to yourself is you understanding and showing yourself how much you Love yourself. And let me assure you; there is no greater Love! For to Love yourself is to Love All That Is!

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