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Here you'll find messages I've received from Archangel Michael (not all of the links are active yet, so please be patient while I populate the site, thanks!).


2014-12-30 Because the Sky Is Forever: A Message from Us to Ourselves, transmitted through Archangel Michael/Ashtar Sheran

2014-10-03 "They Had Wings" - A Message From Archangel Michael/Ashtar Sheran

2014-09-01 Pie In The Sky ~ A Messgage from Archangel Michael


2013-12-13 Here and Now: A Message from Archangel Michael/Ashtar Sheran

2013-11-21 Making Love - A Message from Archangel Michael/Ashtar Sheran

2013-11-10/11 Seven “Siblings” and The One Energy Effusion: A Message from Archangel Michael/Ashtar Sheran

2013-07-01 “No More Idle Promises”

2013-06-28 “Beat the Competition”

2013-06-23 “A Question of Integrity”

2013-04-05 “Simple Gifts” (with Archangel Ariel)

2013-01-21 “Homeward Bound”



2012-11-22 “Where Are You?”
2012-11-12 “Housecleaning 101”
2012-08-04 “… and the Pursuit of Happiness”
2012-07-31“Pyramids of Light”
2012-03-13 “The Initiative of Unified Consciousness”
2012-03-10 “How To Manifest Destiny”
2012-03-09 “Divine Government: Of the People, By the People, for the People”
2012-03-07 “Divine Law: No More Rules and Regulations”
2012-02-02 “Love Is Patient, Love Is Kind”
2012-01-21“3 Days of Darkness”


2011-12-03 “Day of Rest”
2011-08-15 “Turned On? Tune In”
2011-06-18 “Daybreak”
2011-06-01 “Some People Call Me Ashtar Sheran”
2011-04-22 “Are You Listening?”
2011-04-04 “Ready Or Not, Here We Come”
2011-02-18 “The New Dimension of Limitless Possibilities”
2011-02-03 “Welcome to the 5th Dimension


2010-12-05 “Let Me Tell You A Story”
2010-11-28 “Light A Candle”
2010-10-25 “Listen With Your Hearts’
2010-10-11 “Feel the Love”
2010-09-24 “Miracles”
2010-09-12 “Light of A Thousand Suns”
2010-09-10 “Carrot on A String”
2010-09-10 “On Checkers and Chess”
2010-08-05 “The War Is Over ~ Let Love Prevail”
2010-06-12 “Look In the Mirror”

[You can find transcripts of my casual conversations and the like with Michael in the “Letters to Michael” section of this site]

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