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Light A Candle - A Message From Archangel Michael


(as received by Ariel DeAngelis, November 28, 2010) Light A Candle

Distractions, distractions… so many distractions, and yet how many of your are completely unaware that you are being distracted? Distracted by what precisely? Anything and everything that can be thrown at you in the guise of what is real and useful and necessary and tragic in your “real” lives, or what you have been led to believe is “real”.

And what are you being distracted from you might ask - your true nature? your connectedness to your Divinity? your connectedness to Source? the Truth about the Oneness of All That Is?

Many of you I know will not even read this - distracted from your true essence by rhetoric that is being fed to you that these such things are no such things and that anything having to do with a Spiritual nature is not real. I choose to have Faith however, that by the simple act of these words being typed out by this channel and the energy that she carries within her, that these words will at least be felt by the majority of whom they need to reach without ever having to actually have been read.

Let me continue… you live your lives everyday bombarded by news, which is really olds because it has already happened and in fact hasn’t been news for a long long time…. you keep hearing the same story, in a different format, being repeated over and over and over again. You’ve heard the term “history repeats itself”? Well consider that history being that which has gone before does not have to be old in order for it to repeat itself. And this seems to have been a sure thing where those who would like to distract you are concerned, for in their successful efforts to distract you they have distracted you to the point where you no longer acknowledge the fact that the history that keeps repeating itself is recent because you are so distracted by these things that handicap you, that burry you in worry, that you have no concept of what is “real” anymore.

No, quite in fact you are now being lied to with “made up” history that keeps repeating itself. How crafty!

Take a look around and ask yourselves, how much of what you see happening in your world today resonates the truth to you? How much more outlandish, yet just upon the edge of believable do they have to get before everything will click into place for you, that these things just are not real. How could they be? Remember how it was when you were a child? Do you ever remember such things happening in the world back then? And it wasn’t just because no one was reporting what was happening, it was because in fact there was no reason to fabricate lies to keep you in fear. Today, at the very moment that I am dictating this to this channel, however, there is a very good reason for fabricating things to keep you in fear.

You, We, Earth Herself, and in fact all of Creation is on a threshold of salvation of sorts - not salvation wherein someone will come in at the last moment and rescue you, but rather you yourselves will be the catalyst for help by helping yourselves, by rising above the din that currently drowns out the call of your Higher Selves to align with them and step up to an existence of Love and Joy based Living. It is in the best interest of those who distract you to keep you in fear, for through the distraction of fear Love is but a distant whisper. Listen… it’s calling you. Love is calling you - each and every one of you.

Just imagine for a moment one ecstatic feeling deep inside you and how it fills every corner of your being, body, mind, heart and soul. Then imagine that feeling spreading beyond the confines of yourself to the person standing nearest you, and from them to the person standing nearest them and on and on into infinity until every person on the face of the Planet is feeling that warm fuzzy feeling that can only be Love… And there will ALWAYS be enough to go around. It starts with Loving yourself, and like a candle flame lighting another candle, it gets passed on and on and on, until the whole World is alight in Love.

Did it occur to you that perhaps this is already happening? That even though it is not on exactly a grandiose scale, but that people all over the Planet are awakening to what True Unconditional Love really is and that we can give it out not having to worry about whether we’ll get anything in return because the Wellspring of this Love Source is right inside you all the time, just waiting for you to take a nice long draught of its pure clear and refreshing Energy?

This is happening, again even as I am dictating this message to this channel. And in fact I hereby infuse this message with this feeling of Love so that each and every one of you even if you have never felt it before and even of those of you who will never read this message will know exactly what it feels like… Can you feel it now? Its powerful isn’t it?! (smile) I knew you’d like it! I haven’t met a One of you yet who isn’t completely captivated by it!!

Carry it forward with you!! Light the candle of the person standing next to you!! Let it spread like wildfire from now throughout all eternity, because it is by the Light of this Love that you will make to see your way clear of the confusion, of the distractions that you have been besotted with in your everyday lives!! Let the Power of Love Be your Everyday Life and you will NEVER have to live in fear again!! Ever!!

I AM Archangel Michael and I send you such profound feelings of True Unconditional Love to spread forth into the World. Make a habit of it! (smile)

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