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Let Me Tell You a Story - A Message From Archangel Michael

Let Me Tell You A Story - A Message From Archangel Michael

(as received by Ariel DeAngelis, December 5, 2010)


The breeze blew soft against the face of the beach and the sand drifted first one way and then the other. Dried seaweed got a word in edgewise as the tide pulled up and rolled across the scene like snow in the desert; there one moment and gone the next.

Her feet slid across the sand as it went from dry to wet, making a scraping sound as they scuffed. The sun was almost gone over the horizon; a thin slice of silver still visible in the burgeoning night.

Loneliness - the feeling crept into her from afar and in the coming night she knew that he would not be there to save her from it. No, he was far away. But she had wanted it that way; she who was so excited about the forthcoming invitation to experience something so completely new that no one had ever experienced it before. She hoped in her heart that one day he would come for her, that somehow he would know how desperately she missed him and what a big mistake she now knew this had all been.

Hope. Such a new concept and yet in its very conception the implication that all was hope-”less” - the silent suggestion that she and all who, like her, had inadvertently given away their freedom, sold their souls for a chance to be part of the “New Creation” were actually, in fact, powerless to do anything to free themselves from the tyranny which they had so unwittingly fallen prey to. So here she was, alone. Betrayed. Fallen victim to a lie.

She fell to the wet sand and began to weep inconsolably, her tears falling to the sand and mixing with the rest of the saltwater there. A wave crept in and caressed her leg and foot as if to ask “Are you alright? Is there anything I can do to help?” She shook her head and pulled away from the coolness of the water, got up, stumbled a few feet to drier ground, then collapsed and began sobbing. The wind carried the sound of her gasps down the beach with the sand.

Others who’d become stranded there looked on as they walked past her there on the beach. They could do nothing for her, for alas, they could do nothing for themselves; they too were trapped far away from home, for even though home was, is and would always remain in the heart, here in this place they had no access to their hearts. The blank, dazed recesses of what had become their minds was the only place that was left of what their souls could inhabit. And so in numbed mindlessness they set off across the beach, searching for meaning, searching for a Light that they could follow which might somehow resemble the Love they had left behind.

She looked up from her tear-soaked shrine, and cried at them strangling on her own words as her sobs threatened to suffocate her “Where are you going?!” she cried. No one even bothered to turn and look at her. “WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!” she insisted. Most kept walking, but one turned to look at her just as he began to pass her, and he said briefly, “We’re going to take our turn”.

“What turn? What do you mean?!” she managed to ask through her weeping.

“We’re going to take our turn, and turn around and come back… don’t you know how it goes?” to which she replied,

“no, how does it go?”

“When we’re done here with this time through, we go and discard this garment,” he made a referencing gesture at his own body, “but only after it’s worn out, and then trade it in for another. The only catch - we have to come back here afterward…” and he walked on leaving her as if he’d not even seen her or said anything to her at all.

“What do you mean ‘worn out’?’ … what is that? she thought. Her mind reeled as she tried to comprehend “worn out”. Yes she remembered hearing mention of this concept - it was one of the things that had never been attempted in a creation before. Worn out - gotten all the good out of that you’re going to get, and when it’s gone, it’s just plain no good anymore and quits working altogether.

The death of the physical body had never been conceived of before, much less ever attempted, and here they were, on automation, made so that they would eventually wear out and break down…
_ _ _

The grinding noise from the dishwasher brought her out of her half comatose state - she’d been experiencing that a lot lately. “Oh God!” she said in reference to the grinding sound coming from the machine, “ they don’t make them like they used to…” and she casually wondered if they had ever made them to last forever.

She opened the dishwasher door and water dripping from the propellers inside sounded like rain falling in a garden pool. The grinding stopped. So she closed the door again and after a few seconds the machine resumed its cycle… complete with grinding noise. She didn’t want to deal with it, so she ignored it and walked into the living room and sat down. She figured that if this one broke they’d just throw it away and get a new one… isn’t that the way things worked in this day and age? Nope, they sure don’t make them like they used to…

… a foreign thought, something like a memory briefly tickled the back of her brain.

“What was that?” she wondered… a brief glimpse of some other life, some other way, of simply living forever, or if one wanted to simply step out of the body as it dissipated like so much mist on a summer morning and into a newly crafted one of their own design that lay nearby awaiting this very action… what a strange thought.

And the memory of someone saying “I’ll come after you! You can’t stop me, you know! I WILL find you and bring you back!” beckoned her from afar…

“Oh silly Love, I won’t be gone forever. I’ll come back” she found herself thinking the words at him. Then she suddenly realizing what she had done and sat up and looked around her as if she’d sensed that someone had just walked into the room. She said “What the….! What the hell was that?” and then in her mind‘s eye…

Light! Bright insanely painful to look at but irresistibly beautiful Light - and lots of it!! Then another light split off from the main light; then a second light split off from him and she subsequently split as he did again and so on like cells forming in a body, and suddenly all of creation stood there before her eyes, and in the blink of an eye she saw it all happen up to the point where she sat there on the sofa in her living room contemplating it all.

A sudden wave of nausea swept over her and she remembered waves on the sand lapping at her foot and leg. She stood up and the room suddenly jolted out from under her as her equilibrium was lost to vertigo, and she pitched forward onto the floor.

Suddenly she tasted the saltwater on her lips and smelled the sea and the sand and remembered such a sad lost feeling… and she remembered him…

He remembered her, as millennia before the leading edge of the fleet had fallen into orbit around the small blue planet. What could she possibly have seen in this place? What special allure it had had for her he could not fathom. For the first time since the initial “split” from Source he had consented to become incarnate to help facilitate her Ascension back to the higher frequencies, back to where he was. She had been here a long time, but he knew that it was necessary to let her come here. In so doing she would be the catalyst for all the others who had been tricked into selling out their freedom for a chance to lead a different kind of existence within the New Creation, to reclaim their God-hood; a chance to discover that, yes indeed there was a way out, back to where they had come from if they would so choose.

And now he was incarnate himself and in charge of a vast Galactic Fleet intent on reclaiming this planet and surrounding quadrant from the one who had usurped it for use in the “New Creation“, further enabling the anticipated Ascension of the planet and Her inhabitants back to the higher realms. He also had the perfect opportunity to reunite with his One True Love, the second split from Source; Eve to his Adam.

Of course he wasn’t going to do it alone. All of his Brothers and Sisters had joined him on the journey and would assist in the whole process, contacting and interacting with Brothers and Sisters who had jumped at the chance to become incarnate themselves and watch the whole thing unfold from the “inside”, on the planet surface, as intimate participants in a Universal plan that had been in the works for eons upon eons, since the beginning of Creation itself.

He had waited through all her lives for her to awaken, following her every move and providing assistance whenever warranted. And finally the day came when she took the chance to call out to him, querying, was he still there? And he answered, thanking Source that she had finally remembered who he was, who she was.

And now to sit and wait for the rest of the Planet to awaken, for only in the awakening could assistance be granted. Only through nurturing the Ascending Souls and allowing them to reach higher vibration, a higher knowing, could assistance be asked for by them. With his Love strategically positioned on the planet surface, he knew it would be only a short while before Love would find its way back into the hearts of all who dwell there…

I AM Archangel Michael - I hope you liked my story. {smile, wink}

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