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Flow ~ A Message From Archangel Ariel/Ariel DeAngelis

(as received by Ariel DeAngelis/Archangel Ariel July 8, 2013)


Part I: The Path

I see you on your path over there My Beloved Friend. I smile and wave hello to you. You smile and wave hello back, and then beckon me to join you on your path. I’ve been comfortable on my own path for quite some time, so I deftly cut across the portion of field that separates one path from the other and join you there on yours. We walk for a ways and converse for a bit; the vernacular leading through unfamiliar and somewhat awkward topography. I realize that although I enjoy your company, this is not a path I am to walk, and so I make my way back to my own path; the path I prefer which leads me to my most favorite of all places. Back through the tall grasses that separate one path from the other I go. I call out to you,

“If you would like, please join me on my path My Friend”. And then placing forefinger to lips, “But sssssshhhhh…  quietly. Do not speak. Simply walk, look, listen… take it all in. Breathe it all in and allow it to infuse your entire BEing with the most delicious familiarity ~ the sky, the clouds, the grass, soft soil under soles. The sweet scent of summer rising in the sunlight. The birds, the trees, the breeze, the Peace, the perfect moment; breathe it all in and begin again. If you walk with me far enough, when we arrive at my most favorite of all places, you will understand why this is the path I prefer”.

Part II: The River

Like a wild branch, ripped from your tree by the wind of a storm, there you stood with your base firmly stuck in the mud of the riverbank. No room for firm footing on this slippery slope, you bent toward the rush of the water, and just as a briar vine whipped yourself out into the current to grasp whatever was coming at you in the flow which you longed to join.

Singles, pairs, groups of friendly flotsam passed by you and on occasion you’d manage to hook into them for a bit. But the occupants of that current, caught up in it and going with the flow, merely relaxed as they had been, released from constraints your thorny grip, pulled away and floated on downstream. Your foundation still firmed deep in clay, you struggled with your circumstance and watched as drifters passed by in sweet repose on their way to the sea. The more you saw the more agitated you became, the more agitated you became the more you struggled. The more you struggled the tighter the grip of the clay at your feet, until it seemed as if it were sucking you under. All the while your friends floated peacefully by.

Up to your knees, you stopped struggling briefly and simply watched for a while as they all drifted past you. And as you watched, noting the Peacefulness and tranquil looks on all the faces who had found the way to freedom, you realized quite unexpectedly that the key to becoming was simply BEing. To relax and allow, to release and flow, with the current, in the river, all the way to the sea…

I AM Archangel Ariel incarnate as Ariel DeAngelis. Relax My Beloved Ones. Breathe Love in. Allow, release and flow. Your lives were never meant to be a struggle…

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