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Feel the Love - A Message from Archangel Michael

received by Ariel DeAngelis October 11, 2010

Beloved Earth In-habitants, Beautiful Beings of Light:

I come to you today to bring you a message of urgency in its manifold; a message that many of you already understand but many will only begin to understand with its utterance.  It is a message of Love – Pure Unconditional Love, that which can only come from Creator.  It is a Love which origins are from the very Heart of Creator and have been beaming directly into your Hearts for many years now.

But first – What is Love?  Have you ever truly felt it?  I know that many of you have, and continue to do so to this day, at this very moment, and you will understand what it is that I am about to say; others who may not have so good of an idea need to listen up, pay attention for Love is about to be bestowed upon you in a very big way.

Love that fleeting feeling so ethereal in its presentation is actually very substantial, though you may have been conditioned to believe otherwise.  It quite simply is the stuff that holds EVERYthing together.  And in its simplicity there is something quite profound that we can get from it; a feeling.  Some who have felt it will liken it to a very palpable feeling of Ecstasy – a Joy so overwhelming that it takes your breath away, makes your toes curl, yes, you know the feeling.  If you haven’t felt it you are quite simply in for a very special treat.  If you have felt, it get ready to be treated to more.  It’s on it way!!

And now for the message:  some of you may be privy to information that our Brethren of the Galactic Federation of Light are about to make an appearance over your cities in the very near future.  Yes this is true.  Exactly when it will happen remains a question.  I am speaking to you today to tell you to expect this wondrous event to unfold.  Earth (in Universal time) is moments away from joining the Galactic Community, and the presence of your Galactic Brothers and Sisters will no longer be concealed from you.  We of the Galactic Council, the Federation of Light and Ashtar Command know that you are weary, tired of waiting, believing that because we have been so ambiguous about the date of our disclosure that perhaps it will not occur at all.  Let me assuage your uncertainty.  The event you have all been waiting for will happen. 

Some of you are also privy to information that the dark governments of your planet have planned a “false” disclosure, one in which holograms would be projected onto a thin layer of highly reflective aluminum particulate that has been so carefully laid in your skies above you (so many of you have noted the trails in the sky), and mind control devices would be used in order to convince you that what you are looking at is real.  While I won’t go into detail as to whether or not this remains a possibility, I will tell you how you can distinguish the difference should it be necessary. 

LOVE!  It is the one thing that cannot be duplicated in any way by any mechanism other than within our Hearts and within the Heart of Creator.  The feeling of True Love is so deep and abiding and goes so deeply into the very essence of your being, that there is no mistaking it.  What you may have experienced in that past as “physical” ecstasy, has but a fraction of the impact that True Universal and Unconditional Love has.  Feel it.  Let it wash over you.  Allow it to permeate your very existence, and then you will know, beyond doubt.  In fact doubt won’t even enter into it.  You will KNOW.  This is the kind of Love that your Galactic Brethren are awash in – to be embraced by them is to be embraced by Love.  To be embraced by Love is to feel all the Adamantine particles within your makeup light up profoundly all at the same time – an unmistakable feeling.

Be alert!  Be aware!  This day is coming in short order – even by your standards.  Open your Hearts to the Eternal Spark of the Love that is waiting for you.  Be In Love; be a part of Love; Be Love.

I AM Archangel Michael and I bring you such feelings of all-encompassing benevolence and Love from Creator – may you Always feel it in your Hearts and Souls to the very core of your Being.

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