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"Daybreak" - A Message from Archangel Michael/Ashtar Sheran

Daybreak - A Message From Archangel Michael/Ashtar Sheran

(as received by Ariel DeAngelis on June 18, 2011)


The South lay in midnight; the North in mid-day.

They stood on the edge of the ocean; storm clouds still loomed overhead, though behind them now. Though a new day would be dawning soon the dark of night still seemed with them as they walked along the beach. They began to notice that each step they took seemed easier than the last.

The beach was wet and rife with seaweed and debris washed up from the storm but they kept trudging onward; destination unknown. He took her hand in his after a ways and squeezed it tight. She looked up at him with curious anticipation, and a questioning smile spread across her face.

"For luck" he said as he cast a quick glance at the her hand, then looking forward again, "Not that we need any" and a grin with the light of the sun split his face, almost as if the morning itself had suddenly come through the darkness. They stopped for a moment and turned around and looked back. In the dim light that was just a hint on the horizon they could see all the footprints they'd left in the sand stretching out so far that eventually they were lost to perspective in the distance.

"We've come quite a ways" she said to him with a tone of mild surprise. "Yes we have" he said with assured matter-of-factness. Then he turned and tugging at her hand still in his to follow, started walking again, one stride to every two of hers.

They were waiting for the daybreak. Oh they had been here many times before, but this time was different; this time wa special, for the dawn of this new day promised to usher in a completely new way. A change in attitude. A change for the better. Yes they had been here many times before and now would be the last time, the change so complete, so fulfilling.

They walked on and soon came upon a driftwood that had washed up from the ocean in the storm. He sat down on it though it was still wet and seaweed draped across it. He pulled at her hand to sit beside him but she hesitated not wanting the cold damp of the wood to work its way through her skirt to her skin. He let go of her hand and patted the surface of the log next to him, "Come, sit" he said in his commanding voice.

"But it's wet..."

"Sit here with me anyway. Sometimes it can be beneficial to endure a moment of discomfort in order to experience an eternity of Joy!" he said with calm conviction. She could not argue with that and so she sat beside him on the log, both of them facing the ocean, and the horizon, awaiting daybreak.

She leaned up against him as a cold gust came in off the ocean, her small form seeming almost as a child next to his. He reached his arm around her, totally engulfing her in his embrace, keeping the wind from her. She reached her own arm around, searching for and finding his other hand which she clasped tightly, and he squeezed hers... for luck... then pulled her arm around him until they were fully embracing each other.

They sat there watching as the waves rolled in, playing gently at the edge of the surf as they ran back on themselves, foaming and splashing. The sky was brightening and no longer blue-black, but dark blue, then grey fading from a hint of yellow right at the horizon. A few deft clouds left over from the deluge of the night before stretched across the horizon catching rays of the promised spectacle as they hung there in anticipation. And as the glow slowly grew across the sky, there in their hearts they could detect an emotion growing, spreading, bringing warmth and calm of familiarity which seemed to have eluded them for eons.
And then it happened. The first sliver of the sun peeked over the rim of the earth where ocean meets sky, and just for an instant a flash of bright green. All is healed.

And the sun continued to rise filling the daybreak with intense golden light. Clouds still on the horizon split the light into a thousand rays that went shooting off in all directions forming a continuous rainbow all around.

And then as if to echo the sun's intent, other lights, in every color of the rainbow began drifting up from the horizon, slowly tracking across the sky like balloons set adrift - except for a few which in their own excitement for the day, scooted across the sky at impressive speeds. That feeling, that glorious Love feeling, was now peaking within their hearts. Reflecting back and forth between themselves and the lights in the sky; a sentience on board that they recognized and greeted wholeheartedly.

This was the moment they had been waiting for; this reunion; this celebration of a New Era, of new life.
He turned to her and kissed the top of her head; always the easiest part for him to reach, and she looked up at him and he bent down and kissed her tenderly on the lips, because he had always known how much she liked it when he kissed her on the lips. He pulled back and she looked into his eyes of sky blue, which she would routinely get lost in. She wasn't lost this time though, for now they were found, both of them at the beginning of a promising new life together. Daybreak.

I AM Archangel Michael, but you can call me Ashtar Sheran. I look forward to meeting you! [big smile]

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