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Because the Sky Is Forever: A Message from Us to Ourselves, transmitted through Archangel Michael/Ashtar Sheran

Because the Sky Is Forever: A Message from Us to Ourselves, transmitted through Archangel Michael/Ashtar Sheran

(received by Ariel DeAngelis on December 30, 2014)


Those who had stayed on the Day side of the chasm, who had not gone on toward their destination, stood looking at the smoldering wreckage of the bridge that had once spanned the gap. Those on the Night side continued to lament their predicament.

The Day-siders discussed the situation amongst themselves.

“Maybe there’s a way they can rebuild the bridge. Maybe we can help them”, some of them suggested, while others disagreed, “There’s nothing left; not even any wreckage to salvage and begin anew.”

“But there must be some way” still some in the group of Day-siders insisted, “We KNOW that EVERYONE was supposed to make the trip this time”.

Some of the more optimistic Day-siders went to the edge of the chasm and began shouting across to those on the Night side, “Maybe there is a way we can rebuild the bridge and you won’t have to stay there any longer. We’ll help you as much as we can, but we’ll need to put all our hearts and minds together to accomplish such a feat”.

“We’ll never be able to rebuild that bridge” some of the Night-siders shouted back. “We don’t have any materials, and even if we did, we don’t have the right tools to do it with. They are all over there with you now…”

The Day-siders shrugged and shook their heads and collectively, except for One, walked away from the edge to try to decide what they would do about their own situation.

The One stayed at the edge of the chasm, knowing what must be done. ALL needed to be convinced that anything, even this seemingly impossible task, could be made real. The One, remembering that she had wings, leapt into the air and flew with some effort, to the Night side of the chasm, and stood there amongst her brothers and sisters. She reached out to embrace them, yet they drew away, afraid of what they had just witnessed her do.

“Don’t be afraid” she said to them, “You could fly too if you’d just allow yourselves to remember how”.

“But we don’t have those,” one Night-sider pointed out, referring to her wings.

“Actually, yes you do, but someone has convinced you that you don’t”.

A look of confusion ran through the Night-siders, and they asked her “What do you mean?”

“You think that I am different, maybe even special, because you see me as having and being able to do what you cannot imagine yourselves doing, is that right?” Some of them nodded. Others just looked away as if she had no idea what she was talking about. “I know that each and every one of you is far more powerful than you realize, but you have been lead to believe that you are powerless, weak and needing to be cared for because you cannot care for yourselves. Yet, in fact, your own powers have been used against you in order to keep you that way; subservient and passive.”

“Oh NO!” came a cry from the crowd of Night-siders. “We are completely in control of our own destiny! We take care of ourselves! We work for and earn our living and provide everything we need right here just as we are! How can you say that WE are subservient and powerless because someone else has made us that way? Yes we are powerful! But NO we DON’T take orders from ANYONE! And how dare you come over here and tell us all the things we are not, when clearly you don’t know us at all!!”

“Of course I know you my Brother” the One calmly stated, “I used to live in your midst. I was and still am, one of you”. She looked at the crowd and asked “How many of you are still aware, there’s something deep inside of you that knows why you went across that bridge in the first place?” She gave a glance to the Day side of the chasm.

A murmur of recollection ran through the crowd and she knew she had touched a place deep in their hearts. A semblance of peaceful calm ensued amongst them as they stood, remembering.

“Do you know,” she continued, “that for eons now, it was WE who had been taking care of those who would have us believe that they were taking care of us?”

Several of the Night-siders looked up and glared at her, incredulously. “How could that possibly be?” they exclaimed.

“Because they know how powerful we are.”

Another murmur ran through the crowd.

She continued, “In fact, because we also far outnumber them, making up 99% to their 1%, we are collectively far more powerful than they are. But “collectively” is the key here. Over time we had been deeply convinced that they had our best interests at heart. In fact, so much so that we hinged our entire welfare on every word they spoke to us; we were convinced that it was the absolute truth. The truth is that our own power was being put to use to manifest into reality only what the controllers wanted for themselves, and you and I were thrown scraps in “appreciation” for our cooperation. They know that when a collective, such as ourselves, focuses on an “intention” the intended “outcome” manifests, unequivocally nearly 100% of the time. Some things take a little longer than others, depending on what the intended outcome is, but it works, and they know it. And taking a certain delight in assimilating a particular vibration we give off when we experience fear, we were even unwittingly coerced into manufacturing our own things to be afraid of, that is, until some of us started to become aware. Then it became more difficult to get us to believe in some of the more outlandish things we were being told.

But take, for instance, the weather; did you ever wonder how it is that meteorologists predicted the weather the way they had? Well, they didn’t actually. For a long time it may have seemed to us that they did, but even they were only reporting what they were being told to report. Why? Because when the masses focus collectively on an intended outcome, it manifests into their reality. It really IS that simple. And because there are so many more of us than there are of them, what easier way is there to effect the weather to their own means, than to have a huge mass of people who are unaware of what they are doing, focus on it and bring it into reality for them? They tell us there’s going to be a storm, we believe it, focus on it, and there is a storm. But it doesn’t just stop there. We are told there will be an economic boon, and there seems to be plenty for all. We are told that the economy will crash, and there is a recession, or worse yet, an all-out depression. We are told there will be a war; war breaks out. We are told that disease is running rampant; there is a worldwide pandemic… and so on. We are told that there is little hope of finding intelligent life anywhere other than Earth… there seems little reason to go looking for it. So we don’t. All the while the 1% knows the truth; that if we ever realize how powerful we are collectively that there would be no way they would have ANY control over us ever again. So fear was incepted and used as a tool to divide and conquer us; anything to keep us from coming together in the name of that one thing that holds everything together – Love.”

By this time the crowd had formed a circle around her, listening intently to everything she said. Then one on-looker, with one elbow propped on his arm and his chin firmly planted in his hand, having been deep in thought over her words, spoke up,

“Am I to understand then, that what you infer by what you have told us here today is that despite the fact that we have no tools or materials at our disposal, simply by the focused intention of our collective thoughts, we could manifest a new bridge, right here, right now, just by thinking about it?”

“Well,” she said, “you DO have wings… you could just fly.” A small wry smile curled up on one side of her mouth.

A final murmur ran through the crowd and many of them turned as if to walk away. Clearly she was daft, either that or trying to trick them into believing in something that wasn’t true for the sheer pleasure of watching them suffer even more than they already were– or so they thought.

“Wait a minute!” cried out the thoughtful one who had asked the question, “Don’t you think it’s at least worth a try? What have we got to lose?” A quiet sound of dissent followed as they began to walk away “I don’t know…” one of them stated sarcastically, “maybe ‘time’?”

“No wait! Wait!” she called out after them. “I KNOW we can do this! Do you think that after having found my own wings I would have come back to tell you all of this if I didn’t know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we can do this??”

“She has a point!” the thoughtful one shouted at the others. “We should at least give it a try!!”

He was one that the others had always looked up to, and his words elicited much genuine emotion within them, tugging at their heartstrings. He had always been there for them. They didn’t want to let him down. Slowly they filtered back and gathered around him this time.

Instinctively he held out his hands to those closest to him. They looked at him confused at first, until he reached out and grabbed their hands, clasping them in his. Then they understood, and held out their own hands to those standing nearest them. Before long, there they all stood, holding hands, one to the next to the next, like a candle flame being passed along, the light ever growing in brilliance. It was as if daylight had come to the Night side of the chasm.

Somewhere from in the midst of that great unity, a voice rang out, singing a song that had not been sung in eons. It began as one voice, and though many who began singing along had never heard the song, still they knew it by heart. And the many voices became One voice again, and the light grew in intensity all around them, and in one great expansive rainbow, spanned the chasm between Day and Night again as the most spectacular bridge they had ever seen.

One person timidly asked “Is it real?” And another answered, “There’s only one way to find out.”

And with that, hand in hand, they all walked across it, as if it had always been there, and in fact, many began to realize that it always had been.

On the other side of the chasm – the Day side – they stood embracing each other. Something else they had not done in a long, long time. Suddenly the Day became brighter as the blue sky opened up to even brighter blue sky. It was then that they saw them – their wings. It was then that they finally realized that there are no limits, because the sky is forever, and so is Love. And with their faith and memory fully restored, they each got a running start and leapt up into the sky, wings fully unfurled, and flew, continuing on their journey toward their hearts’ desire.

I AM Archangel Michael incarnate as Ashtar Sheran, so honored to bring you this message from yourselves! We would like to add just one last thing; and they all lived happily ever after. [smile]

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