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Beat the Competition – a Message from Archangel Michael/Ashtar Sheran

(as received by Archangel Ariel/Ariel DeAngelis on June 28, 2013)



What is the purpose behind feeling the need to beat the competition? Or is there even a purpose? Is it just a means for the “ego” to feel that it has “come out ahead”? Ahead of what? And what if it is the person, not the person’s ego that truly wants to come out ahead? What’s the difference? There is none really. It’s just a perception that some people have that they are different from one another. In reality, ego IS the I AM… it IS YOU it IS YOUR “Higher Self”. So what happens when we let the ego, which is the I AM, run amok? Well, it’s not pretty usually. All kinds of scenarios get formulated, people use other people to their own end, people end up getting hurt, and basically everything goes to hell in a hand basket. Or at least it can appear that way.

Beat the competition… So who really IS the competition? Especially when you consider that each and every person out there is really another version of YOU? Yes YOU! So what? Does that mean that if you are trying to beat someone else that you are trying to beat yourself? That when you adopt a part of someone else’s personal myth to bolster you own, that you are actually stealing a part of your own story to try and clamor over the top of yourself to try and beat yourself to the finish line so that you can appear superior to ~ yourSELF? Well, now that makes a lot of sense doesn’t it (and we do hope you detect the facetiousness with which we just made that last statement {laughing}). 

Remember that within yourself is a Divine Spark, a Divine Spark that even while each is uniquely individual unto itself, by default of the unique experiences that each of you are having, still each is the exact duplicate of the others because of the way that you are ALL interconnected. One. Unity Consciousness. The sum total of all experience that is ever experienced and the knowledge that comes as a result of it.

So why the feel for the need to get ahead of one another, to compete with each other, when all you’ve ever competed with has always been yourself?

And what IS the ultimate prize by the way?

But of COURSE!


I AM Archangel Michael incarnated as Ashtar Sheran. Happy field day. {smile} Be good to yourself!

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