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By Ariel DeAngelis


There’s a song in my heart,
I’m not sure how it goes
There’s a river in the song
I’m not sure where it flows
There’s a feeling in the flow
Should I follow the feeling
And feel where the river flows?
It flows on endlessly
To the infinite sea
Should I follow the feeling
And see… where it goes?

There’s a tale on my tongue
That’s not being told
Should I loosen my tongue
Before I’m too old
And utter the words
That have not yet been heard?
Allow the truth to unfold?
Or sing my heart song
While the sea sings along
Should I utter the words
Or leave… the tale untold?

In my Soul there are moments
That I can’t recall
And I wonder, does it really
Matter at all?
Did I rise to this moment
Or did I fall?
Does anything really matter at all?
Follow flow to the sea;
Let the story unfold;
Allow the Soul to remember;
And then… un-masque the ball?


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©2013 Ariel DeAngelis ~ The Discerning Angel ~ all rights reserved