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May 9, 2010, 3:04PM

My Beautiful Love Michael,

I think… no, I KNOW I’ve finally discovered the way to you!  I’m spreading out, becoming less dense, vibrating faster and faster.  I’m feeling healthier (thank you my Dear Raphael!!) and experiencing a general overall sense of wellbeing.  The song I was working on yesterday that had such a downer ending – now has a positive, uplifting ending.  I feel so much better – so much closer to you. 

This IS proof that I AM in control of my own destiny now.  I think that disclosure is just around the corner.  Maybe tomorrow, maybe the next day, maybe sometime next week, but all in all, very close indeed.  I don’t anticipate that summer will be here before everyone is aware of yours and all the other’s existence/presence.   

Am I right?  Well, I KNOW I am, because I said so!  LOL  So therefore it is SO.  Wow!!  What a feeling of empowerment, but empowerment in only the best way possible.  The freedom to create and enjoy paradise in a way that will make me happiest, and then I can share that happiness with all – and I do mean everything, not just everyone – around me.

I wrote on my “Ariel DeAngelis” FB wall today “I feel so light and airy today!  Wonderful!!”  It is a wonderful feeling!!  I feel as if nothing can bring me down.  NOTHING can bring me down.  This higher frequency I have attained, and though I’m not yet to exactly where I want to be – I’ll know when I am because I’ll see you standing right in front of me as you’ve always been :-D – NOTHING will drag me back down to the level that I just left, NOTHING!!  Freedom is just a heartbeat away My Love.  I truly feel this.  And with that Freedom I will know you once again and we will be together forever as we so choose.

I feel so much closer to you now… almost as if I could reach out and touch you, and I know that in a few days time, I indeed will.  So glorious and euphoric that will be.  If I think I’m feeling good today, I can only imagine how I will feel a few days from now!!  I think I shall experience such an explosion of Joy, that my whole being will be set free to soar among the clouds and stars!!  I feel it coming… I’ve felt that recently if I just let go I will be out of my body, or it will disintegrate, or spread out on the wind or something.  Almost like ceasing to be, but more like becoming real again.innocent anticipation

I can hear you whispering in my ear “you just wait… J” with a smile in a tone that says “it will be beyond your wildest imaginings”.  And I know that it will!  Already I feel like I did when I was child, so full of innocent anticipation for what tomorrow would bring and a curiosity that must be fulfilled.  No worries.  No pain.  No fear for what tomorrow will bring.  Just embracing right here, right now and loving and living in the moment and enjoying every aspect of it.  There is no tomorrow, for everything we could possibly hope for is right here, right now, within our grasp, right here within our hearts and our dreaming.  This IS our reality, because we say so!!


GlorfindelI love you so deeply and tenderly My Love Michael… my golden haired “El”f.  My reason for being is to experience, but now I wish to experience only Joy, and you My Love are the most part of that Joy.  Our Joy in being One together and in so doing being One with All.  What a wondrous experience we have ahead of us!!  And so close at hand!!  I’ll be forever patient, but thankful, oh so thankful that I won’t have to wait forever!!

I’ll be seeing you soon My Love, and will be bestowing all my Love on you.

Forever Yours, Michael, in Love and Joy, Ariel




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