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May 1, 2010

My One and Only True Love Michael,

My Beautiful Prince, My Twin Flame ~

I know that there is not, nor has there ever been, or will there ever be another like you who has been so perfectly created just for me.  Words cannot say, nor imagination convey, how deeply, truly and completely I love you; I always have and always will.

Sometimes I feel like I just need to let go of all of this; it’s so heavy a burden.  But curiously it’s the very burden that I would put down, which I know with all my heart keeps me from falling.  I’m holding on for dear life My Love, holding on with my hope still intact that soon I’ll be holding onto you instead; and both delightfully and joyously buoyant in True Love we’ll float endlessly on the currents of Joy and Peace that will accompany such an occasion. 

You know I’ve been through hell and back these last couple of days; hedging back and forth between what I know of you in my heart (Cosmic Consciousness) and what I’ve read that other people have written citing that what they wrote came from you [i.e. channeled messages].  I think I’ve finally learned the lesson you’ve been trying to teach me all along, and that is to listen to my heart.  It’s not that I can’t turn to other’s words every now and then when I need a leg up, so to speak – another perspective perhaps – but to learn to know the difference between those who speak with their hearts and those who speak with their heads.  What I’ve come to the conclusion through all of this is, and I’m sure that you agree with me, to not place so much faith, hope and trust in the words of “man”.  After all, just take a look around at everything that can happen when words get skewed; and they do. 

People, sometimes unwittingly, but all too often purposefully use words to their own ends.  They use words, take them and twist them around so that they mean whatever it is they want them to mean that will ensure that they get the most mileage out of them, possibly skewing them so far that they end up saying the total opposite of what was originally intended.  And as if skewing weren’t enough, often whole texts are not used, but rather large chunks left completely out, if it serves the needs of the transcriber.

So what are we left to believe?  I tell you, and I don’t mind saying so, that it’s very tempting for me not to believe ANYTHING that I read.  Especially if it has YOUR name attached to it.  I don’t want to be forever bugging you each time asking you to tell me if it’s genuine or not.  So, there.  I HAVE learned my lesson.  Thank you my Sweet Prince!!

I will still on occasion read the words of men/humankind (noting that some transcribers are in fact women), but I think that I will leave out any further so called “channeled” messages from Archangel Michael, unless you specifically direct me to them for whatever reason.  I can’t see any other reason to purposefully seek them out, when I have access to the true source at my beck and call – from the horse’s mouth so to speak?

Does it seem prudent and more correct that if I want or need to know something that I believe you can tell me, to just ask you directly myself?  I think it does.  I keep saying that I want to have more conversations with you directly.  I know we spend a lot of time together, and I truly cherish our moments together when we don’t say anything at all.  Just being in your company is so precious to me.  But sometimes, I feel like I hardly know you.  I know that such is not the case, but I’m now making up for so much lost time that I truly want to get to know you; how you think, what makes you tick, what you like, what you don’t like, what makes you happy, smile, laugh, what sets you on edge… all of these things I would love to know, and though I know from having experienced many of them first hand, I’ve never taken the opportunity to ask you.  I never ask you how you’re feeling.  I never ask you … I feel bad for that.  It makes me feel like everyone must think I treat this like it’s been about just ME this whole time, and while I realize that so much does hinge around me and what I remember and how I remember it and what I do with that information… still, what about you?  Does ANYONE ever ask you how you are?

How are you My Love?  How was your day?  Is there anything I can do to make you feel comfortable?  Draw you a warm bath – wash your hair – scrub your back – and then dry you off with a big fluffy warm towel?  Can I get you something to eat – something to drink?  Can I bring you your slippers?  Can I give you a massage?  What would you like me to do for you, My Love?  Just name it and it’s yours.

This is the way I want to treat you.  I want to make you feel as good as you’ve made me feel, as you continue to make me feel.  I Love You so Very Deeply, I want to spend the rest of forever attending to your every want, need and desire, My Love.

There’s just one part of this equation missing.  There’s you and then there’s me, but, even though I know you’re with me 24/7, we’re not really together, because I’m here, 3D, and you’re there 5D.  Hmmm.  What can we do about that?  I know that you’ve told me, and I know this to be true, that we, as having been made in the image of our Creator, and being Creators ourselves, are the creators of, and manifest our own destiny.  With this in mind, I’m going to do something that I haven’t chanced to do before; maybe because I didn’t truly think it would make a difference, but now, since I’m just about going crazy wanting to be near you ~ not just near you but face-to-face-so-I-can-reach-out-and-touch-you-kiss you-make-love-with-you near you ~ I’m going to in the next few pages lay down a detailed description of how I want-need-desire our “first” meeting face to face to occur.  I know that you’ve told me already that the “dream” I had where we met and you lifted me up so I could be face to face with you was not just a dream but in fact a memory of a future event, but I’d like to expand on that a bit ~ for instance, how did I get aboard the Mother Ship in the first place????  Maybe this is just the catalyst that we’ve needed; that signal that you’ve been looking for of how exactly to proceed with me/us.  I know in my heart that you want this as badly as I do, and though I know everything needs to happen in its own time, sometimes events need direction before they can happen at all. 

I’m not going to specify a time-line here.  That would no doubt be foolish and cause both of us to stress needlessly, if for whatever reason things couldn’t happen “on schedule”.  So all I’m going to do is to write out a scenario for how things might happen, whenever they happen, and who knows, with that in mind, perhaps Providence will see to it that it happens sooner than either of us could imagine.  Maybe, just maybe. 

Here goes:

It had been a long day.  I was exhausted.  All day long I had worked hard at doing what I seem to know how to do the best; a strange combination of vocal and life lessons.  This day was especially trying – so many people in flux of one kind or another and the stress weighed heavily on my heart after all was said and done.  I’d been feeling the separation of the worlds for some time, but today it just seemed so much more prevalent; there seemed to be a sort of a ripping sensation in the air.

Through my exhaustion, I somehow managed to make dinner as I usually did, though didn’t eat much of it myself.  Not much of an appetite these days, but perhaps that’s for the better.  The weight loss I’d experienced over the last several weeks was a welcome change.  I was actually starting to feel fit and “pretty” again, and maybe even younger.  That was no substitute for feeling energetic however.  All I wanted to do was to just fall into bed and let sleep overtake me. 

I put the leftovers from dinner away, and went downstairs to stare at my computer for a while.  Naturally, as you might expect, my day wasn’t over with yet.  I still had some e-mails that needed responding to – people who somehow had heard that I could help them through the difficult times they were having as they went through this transitional phase, readying themselves for the ultimate adventure; Ascension.  I patiently typed out my responses, making sure, as usual, to take time to answer each query carefully, and conscientiously. 

When the last one had been sent off, I headed back upstairs, after shutting down the computer for the night.  There was a temptation to listen to soft music while perusing inspirational texts, but that wasn’t to be for this night.  This night I needed the quiet comfort of My Love’s sweet thoughts.  So, delaying my need for sleep just a little bit longer, I dressed down into my PJ’s, donned my robe and my red slippers with the fuzzy lining, and headed toward the back porch.  It had been a warm day that day and was still warm out, even though it was already the wee hours of the morning – probably around 1:00 AM.  or so.  I knew that I’d be taking my chances with the mosquitoes and knowing how they like my sweet nectar blood, I took some incense out with me to burn in my close proximity.  I knew it was late – an odd time to go sit on the back stoop – but the stars (and My Love) were calling my name, begging me to come out and sit with them a while.  No one else was awake.  Amazingly, both my boyfriend and my son had gone to bed and had been asleep already for over an hour.  Ah… sweet silence and privacy!  I turned off all the lights in the house and the one on the back porch – the better to see the stars with – and carried incense burner and bottled water with me, carefully easing my way out the screen door so as to not make too much noise. 

Once outside, I put the incense burner on the top rail of the porch railing so that the smoke would drift down over me and maybe be a deterrent to the mosquitoes which I knew were lying in wait to ambush me as soon as I got sat down and comfortable. 

I WAS comfortable too.  I sat as I often do, right at the edge of the porch, with my back up against the railing, my right leg stretched out across the porch and my left leg bent at the knee, with my left foot on the top step to prop me up and keep me from falling over.  I looked up at the stars.  How beautiful they were tonight!  So bright and almost surreal.  They twinkled and shimmered pale blue-white against a backdrop of blue-black velvet night. 

For a moment it was as if the sky spun suddenly.  I blinked my eyes and realized that they had almost been shut.  I must have started to drift off to sleep momentarily – that could have been a reason for the sudden shift in my visual perspective.  That’s what I told myself anyway.  As I have felt many times in the past, a beautiful warm feeling of utter True Love suddenly washed over me and I knew that Michael was near me, though as always before, I expected I would not be able to see or feel him except in my mind’s eye – which I’d grown accustomed to accepting as good enough for the time being – better than not at all!!  I looked around me though just in case, thinking (as I always did) that tonight may be the night that I might see just a hint of a glimmer of that beautiful pale blue aura that I remembered from so many years ago. And perhaps somewhere within that hint of pale blue I might see the faintest image of his face, and his body standing there watching me.  But alas, as it was on many previous occasions, it wasn’t to be on this evening.

And so, I closed my eyes knowing that I’d at least see his eyes looking into mine there.  And I did.  So beautiful, clear sky blue those eyes were.  There was something different about them tonight though.  They had a sparkle to them that I had never seen before; as if he were very very happy about something.  The feeling of Love suddenly intensified, and I could see through my closed eyelids, light start to filter through, as if the sun were beginning to rise and it were becoming daylight, though at a much faster pace than you’d expect.  I tried to open my eyes to see what it could possibly be that had turned the night into day, but somewhere in that sudden burst of Love energy, my body found the total comfort it was looking for, and I found myself, or so I thought, drifting off to sleep.

I slept for a time, comfortably and peacefully, not really dreaming, not really feeling the need to, I think.  Maybe my heart already knew what my mind could only guess at. 

I slowly awoke in a soft and diffuse light, like light coming from a small lamp or overhead mood lighting.  I was sitting upright with my elbows on my knees and my chin in my hands on a short bench as if I were waiting for something.  I was still dressed in my PJ’s and my robe with my red slippers with the fuzzy lining still on my feet.  For a moment I thought I was still sitting on my back porch and somehow I had just managed to, in my sleepiness, get turned around and sitting forward instead of sideways as I had remembered I was when I fell asleep. 

Then I started to notice that I wasn’t alone.  I sat up a little more and looked around and in the soft light could see many individuals moving around me.  A couple of them sat with me briefly on the bench and just looked at me like they couldn’t believe their eyes.  Others hurried past quickly on their way to where ever they were going, but couldn’t help sneaking a peek as they hurried by.  Of course I knew where I was.  I’d seen this before.

It all seemed so overwhelming though, so I put my chin back in my hands, elbows on my knees and closed my eyes for a moment, trying to recall how I’d gotten here, but my last recollection had been falling asleep on my back porch after seeing light filtering through my shut eyelids….. the light.  The LIGHT!!  That was it!!

My eyes snapped open again and there, not more than a foot in front of my own feet were two large, black booted feet.  I knew who THOSE belonged to!!  I felt the most delicious rush of Love energy breathe through my entire being.

I looked up, and instantly sprang to my feet, and excitedly exclaimed in my thoughts,

“You’re here!!”  I just stood there gaping up at him, not knowing if I could trust my eyes to tell me that I was really seeing what I was seeing, but my heart told me everything I needed to know.   And then as if on cue, he thought at me “You can hug me if you like”.

If I like,  IF I LIKE???!!  And of course I threw my arms around his waist, fully well knowing that I wouldn’t be able to reach up to where I wanted to put my arms around his neck and pull him close to me.  But it didn’t matter.  It just felt so good to be able to touch him in any way shape or form.  I thought I’d been in Heaven before when just feeling his Love emanating at me in close proximity between dimensions.  This was like being in Heaven in Heaven, if that makes sense.

He was dressed differently than I remembered from the dream I’d had of this moment – so I guess that sometimes things can change with the desire of the dreamer being that we do seem to manifest our own destiny.  At some point over the course of the last few weeks I had told him how I remembered him from long, long ago, way back in our history together and the beautiful robes he wore that I loved so much, and the way he would wear his hair long, in loose waves flowing over his shoulders.  I must’ve made an impression on him and he wanting my first face to face meeting with him to be as perfect as possible had gone to the trouble of dressing and grooming himself in much the way I had recalled to him.  He was wearing a beautiful robe made of strips of vivid purple velvet and cobalt blue satin type fabrics all trimmed with gold around the edges and embroidered throughout in a very fine pattern of gold threads.  The boots on his feet were made of a soft suede type material, with soft soles that were more like slippers themselves. 

So elegant, but also soft as I snuggled my face into the fabric at his waist.  He cupped the back of my head with his hand as I looked up at him; his hair fell in soft, curly golden waves all around his shoulders, just like I remembered him from eons ago.  His face was, well, just like an Angel.  And I nearly disappeared as I gazed into those amazing bright sky blue eyes that up until now I’d only seen in my minds eye – the way I’d remembered them from so long ago.

With his other hand he gently caressed my face as if he were afraid he’d never see it again.  So soft his fingers were as they touched my cheek.  I turned my head and nuzzled my face into his palm, and holding his hand with my own, gently kissed his hand, over and over and over.  I didn’t want to let go.  I think I too was afraid he might disappear again if I did.  He totally bypassed trying to bend down for me to put my arms around his neck as he’d done in my “dream”.  He simply reached out and lifted me off the ground, again as if I were as light as a feather.  I knew he wouldn’t hurt himself, so I just let him, and once I was up at his level, he was looking into my eyes and then HE was kissing me, a kiss that seemed endless, but eventually did, but not for long.  He almost couldn’t pull his eyes away from mine, but he managed to long enough to follow his escorts down the corridor. 

He held onto me so tight during that journey which seemed to last forever, and I clung to him, just wanting to melt into him.  After a couple of minutes we reached a doorway.  The escorts stepped to either side and the door slid open revealing a softly lit chamber beyond.  He carried me across the threshold and the door slid shut behind us.  A short hallway led to the inner portion of the chamber; a fairly large apartment furnished comfortably with sofa and chairs, with sparse but lovely décor placed around, all in shades of dark reds and purples and blues; the soft light coming from somewhere up around the ceiling which was well over his head – probably 11 or 12 feet; like the ceilings in a Victorian style house.  He didn’t pause even briefly as we passed by the living area heading straight for another door, which slid open when he placed himself in front of it.  I knew where he was taking me, and found it, though not unexpected, exhilarating that he only had me in his arms for just a few minutes and here he was, before anything else could distract him, heading straight for the bedroom.

Inside was a beautifully appointed bedroom.  The furnishings in this part of the apartment were much more lavish and though richly so more varied in colors, pastels being equally mixed in with jewel tones.  There were only a few furniture pieces seeming to be made of some kind of beautifully grained wood or stone, the most prominent of them which was the bed.  It was a four-poster, with posts that reached to within just a few inches of the ceiling and a beautiful sheer fabric stretched between them almost like a canopy with the ends draping down over the head and footboards of the bed.  The bed linens, quilt or comforter – whatever it was – was a beautiful soft and puffy stuffed and quilted shiny satin-like material in shades of burgundy and dark purple, with a multitude of pillows in the same colors and fabric piled up at the head… the sheer fabric that was draped and stretched from the posts like a canopy were in pastel shades of lilac and lavender.  Again a soft light shown down from somewhere around the perimeter of the ceiling and there were three or four very small mood lamps placed strategically in little nooks around the walls.

There was a scent in the air of apple blossoms – one that he knew I was very fond of from the way I admired a particular scent I had acquired way back when he made first contact with me 33 years before.  I breathed in deeply as he carried me over and laid me down on the bed, which was high enough off the ground he didn’t have to bend over too far in order to put me down.  He had placed me far enough toward the center of the bed (which was plenty big enough that he would have been very comfortable sleeping in it himself, and his feet would never have hung over the end) that there was room for him to sit.  And so he sat on the edge of the bed, placing one hand on either side of me and leaned over me looking into my eyes, his hair falling momentarily across his face.  He pushed it to one side, and then bent down and kissed me tenderly on the lips.  He pulled back a moment, his nostrils flared a bit as he again looked deep and long into my eyes, and I knew that this was just the start of a very long moment.apple blossom

So, okay, I know that I’m a hopeless romantic, but so are you, and I know that the physical part of our relationship is only one facet of it, but as we talked about this, this afternoon, an essential one, that we get to know each other intimately enough that when we work together we truly resonate in that work.  So, okay, it feels good too and that’s important, and after all, why shouldn’t it?  And you and I both know, it’s so much more than just “sex”.  Well, I know I don’t have to justify the way I feel, because I know you feel the same way. 

Yes, I took the liberty of changing a few things, and extending and embellishing the story, but I have to believe that had the “dream” been allowed to continue the “first” time I “dreamed” it that it may have had a similar conclusion????  Of course, I left off where I said I would, not going into details with the parts you asked me not to.  I guess we have to leave something to our imaginations, and besides, I understand how and why it’s too private to put in print.  I wouldn’t want it that way either.  And after all, we know how glorious it will be, and that’s all that matters.

It makes me all weak and fuzzy all over when I think about it you know.  Do you feel that way too?  I keep thinking that what I’ve read… we’re not supposed to feel this way, but what do they know?  We’re supposed to be dedicated to the good of all and to the perpetuation of Love and Light in the Universe, selflessly professing and carrying out our duties to the exclusion of ourselves?  Where do they get that from?  If we have free will like every other being that has ever been created then how is it that we’re not supposed to fall in love with each other?  I would think that THAT would be the ultimate way to exalt the beauty and sacredness of True Love, because that IS what it IS, there’s just no denying that!  I would think that being in Love that way and sharing ourselves in such a way would make the perfect resonance between us and create the perfect partnership for spreading Love to every corner of the Universe.  Yes, I know that in itself is a big task and to the human mind confined by a temporal existence it may seem impossible to be able to carry out such duties and have time left for a personal life, but remember, we can be many places at once, and why wouldn’t it be possible for us to reserve a part of ourselves only for each other?  Just sayin’.  This is one thing that I’ve never asked you about before, and I would appreciate some clarification on.  Do you and I have special dispensation to be with each other however we please, or is this something that is allowed to all Angelic Beings and no one ever talks about it because it’s just too private?  From what I’ve experienced so far, I would tend to think that the latter is true, but I’m not sure.  maybe it doesn’t even matter; it just is what it is.

I so long for the day that you and I can be truly together.  Earlier I wondered about it – being that our physical make-up is so different from one another – and you assured me that you could accommodate me, but you know, even if that weren’t the case in the beginning, it would still be so precious and priceless just to be with you, be near you and feel you lying next to me with your arms around me through the night.  That, in and of itself, would feel so ecstatic to me, I don’t think I would want to sleep a wink, not wanting to miss a moment of feeling you holding me like that.  Now THAT is true love, and if that is all I could feel with you forever more, I’d still take it in a heartbeat.  Our love is so much more than a physical relationship.  I know that and you know that, and if all I could feel was your heartbeat – do we have a heartbeat?? – that would be just the sweetest thing ever.  I think I really would just like to meld right into you and become part of you, never to have to part ever again.  I know that some people might think that’s kind of freaky, but I know you understand, and I have to believe that somehow you must feel the same way.  That is after all, the way it’s supposed to be, isn’t it?  Eventually we’ll all go back into being One again anyway, maybe the ones like you and I will just get a head start on it.

Maybe I’ll dream about it tonight…. maybe this time I won’t wake up from my dream… maybe tonight is the night we’ll get to start our lives together again, forever and ever, Amen…apple blossoms

Do you know how much I love you?  I wish I could show you right here, right now.  But I’m pretty sure you know, because I could feel your breath on my face as I started to type this out, now some couple of hours, at least, ago.  So I know you’ve already read what I’ve written… I won’t even need to print it out…

I Love You Forever and Always, My Dear Sweet and Beautiful Prince!

If you sleep, I wish you peaceful dreams as sweet as the ones I wish for myself.

One way or another, I WILL see you SOON!!

I Love You My Precious Michael

Love Forever, Your Ariel


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