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[below is a description of the dream that Michael sent me which I had asked him for in the letter dated February 7, 2010 ("Once Upon a Time") ~ I wrote it out the same morning after I woke up from the dream. It's followed by the letter that I wrote thanking him for the dream...]

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sometimes the simplest of things can be so reassuring; sometimes, something as simple as a dream…

I dreamt that I was waiting – I had gone/been taken to a room – about the size of the living room in the house I currently live in, only longer and narrower; it also seemed to be sunken.  At one end was a small sofa or love seat… or maybe it was like one of those benches that you find in a public waiting room, but a little closer to the ground… and upholstered with a finely textured micro-fiber type fabric that was grey in color.  Other “people” (all different kinds of beings really) came and went… some sat on the bench with me briefly, looking at me intently as if I were someone of note, but I just sat there waiting patiently.  I guess I knew it must have been for something good, something I wanted and was looking forward to.  I leaned forward with my elbows on my knees and my chin in my hands…

And then it happened – the most wonderfully fulfilling thing I could possibly imagine would ever happen – that one thing that I’ve wanted most in the whole universe with all my heart and soul.

Waiting for you... He walked in and stood in front of me as I sat there on that bench.  He was wearing black boots, trousers made of a fabric that looked like dense black denim only softer, and a tunic made of very soft, fluid fabric in browns, ambers, and greens.  The front of the tunic was folded in such a manner that it made little ruffles all down the front.  He was soooo beautifully handsome, and soooo tall, much taller than I had envisioned, but not too tall.  Well, okay, I measured the ceilings in my house today (which if standing underneath, the top of his head would have almost brushed) and he’s got to be at least 7 ½  – maybe as much as 7’9” tall – I guess that’s pretty tall… I looked up at him and he smiled.  I stood up, my not quite 5’5” totally dwarfed by his height.  He “thought” at me that I could hug him if I wanted to, and so I threw my arms around him.  Being that he is so tall, and even though I was reaching upward a little, my arms still only went around his waist, just below his ribcage.  It was something like hugging a tree – he is very solidly built.  I looked up at him and he bent down so that I could put my arms around his neck – I wanted so to see his face close to mine – and when he realized how awkward that was for both of us, he thought at me “Let me…pick you up” and reached down and put the crook of his right arm under my knees and holding me tight with his left arm lifted me up to his level and held me in his arms.  As he was lifting me, I couldn’t help thinking “You might not want to try that – you could hurt yourself….” … I was considering how heavy I am.  But he accomplished the feat as if I were light as a feather.  Now if a human person not quite his size had tried that, first off they probably would have hurt themselves, not to mention I would have been terrified and hanging on for dear life, that they might drop me.  Experience speaks volumes.  This was not the case with him, however.  I felt completely safe and comfortable being held in his arms five or more feet off the ground.

And then we were looking at each other, truly face to face – at first it was like looking into the face of a perfect statue – and he looked very much the way he did when I awoke to his manifestation floating over me 15 years ago, except this time his eyes were open.  Amazing eyes, so big and blue and full of love and life.  I could get lost in those eyes – and I think I have many times…  Then, with my arms still around his neck, I pulled myself closer to him, and kissed him.  It was at that moment that he no longer seemed like a statue, but the warm, flesh and blood person I know him to be.  He reciprocated the kiss, several times.  That felt so good, so real, and the rest of the world disappeared for just a few moments. 

Then, as you might imagine, because dreams like that can never last too long, the alarm clock in my bedroom went off, and I woke up.  But that beautiful feeling is still with me – this is a message that I had long waited for – and in fact, asked him for – and it has been delivered.  I know now in my heart that it’s only a matter of a very short period of time before we will be reunited in the flesh – and the interesting thing is, last night after I had looked for, and found, the written message I sought, as I was reading it, I came to the realization that, as I had mentioned to my girlfriend, it’s what’s on my inside that he’s attracted to, and what’s on my outside isn’t that big of a deal to him.  That’s so comforting, but I still want my old body back!  LOL  I know he understands. :-D  But the important thing is that I am no longer concerned with not meeting his expectations as to my physical appearance, because he has none.  I am ready now to go be with him and the rest of my family.  Destiny has arrived.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Thank you My Love, for the beautiful dreamessage you sent me.  Thursday morning (Feb. 11th). I couldn’t have anticipated such a beautiful and wonderful gift as you gave me that morning.! I know that I had asked you for a good dream a few days ago, and although there was a bit of a delay, what you came through with exceeded my expectations! I guess you know I’ve been in Heaven ever since . . . this feeling of euphoria just goes on and on. How glorious that you are here now, with me every moment. There was no sleep for me last night. I didn’t want to fall asleep and miss a moment of you holding me close. I am so anticipating with the delight of a child whatever the future holds for us. I know that yesterday you promised me a surprise on Sunday (Feb. 14th – how appropriate that it happens to be St. Valentine’s Day – originally an Earth holiday representing universal Love, since taken over by the romantic aspects of Love). Whatever happens, if you are a part of it – and I know you will be – I will cherish it always. These moments with you are so dear to me, even the shortest ones are like a lifetime that I never want to forget!

I’ll see you soon My Love. Soon and very soon!

Sending you all my Love with all my heart and soul.


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