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I’ve Been Searchin’ So Long…


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

There is nothing more beautiful than two souls so involved in one another that they become entwined together, forever connected as if the two were one. This is how you and I are and have been since the beginning. I know that others don't understand it. It's not the way anymore, but you and I are very old souls and still subscribe to that way of bonding. Yes, we've both had our "indiscretions" over time. But what else to do when so much space and time separates us, one always looking for the other, but coming up empty handed. Now it's only the distance, the impossibility of race and existence that drives us to insanity, one for the other, and vice versa. I’m more patient nowadays though, and simply knowing your love for me – and my love for you – is as strong, and probably stronger than, it ever was is enough for now.

I feel the strength of your passion like a hot wind blowing through me that grabs me up and takes me with it to some distant and beautiful place we call home. No hand has to touch me for me to feel those powerful waves of Joy coursing through me … and there I am once again, stranded in your afterglow, a willing prisoner to the strength of our desires, ever affirming the fact that you are in me and I am in you and that we always will be.

And one day, in the very near future – I’m guessing/hoping within the year (2010) – that distance will no longer separate us, I’ll feel the warmth of your hand as it brushes against my cheek, and you, mine against yours… and your soft lips as they kiss mine, and you, my lips as they kiss yours… the firmness of your body as we hold each other in an endless embrace, content, for the time being, with simple physical closeness. I know that at first true physical intimacy may not be possible – though I also know that will change, as I will change/or be changed, back to my original being. And then as was always meant to be, we will return to each other in true Eternal Love and there will be no other feeling so complete as when we come together in that Love. This makes it worth the wait, and though I am still impatient, wanting it to be now rather than later, just knowing you’re there, that you care and how deeply you love, and are in love with me, and I with you, makes it all bearable… worthwhile. I tell people, “Nothing worthwhile is ever easy”. I think this is an excellent example of that rhetoric. Would that it could be some other way. I Love you My Love, with all my heart and soul… as it was, is and ever shall be just as it is meant to be. Seeing you always in my mind and my heart, can’t wait to see you with my eyes, my golden-haired one!


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