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So Close To Being There…

So Close To Being There ...

Normally things that I see in the sky don’t make me cry… but today was an exception. Tears of Joy I cried.

It is SO evidently clear to me now that our Brothers and Sisters of our Star Families ARE here, AND on the verge of being seen by all.

This afternoon, as I sat in my chaise lounge in my backyard looking up at the sky, I wished I wished, OH how I wished I could be up there among the clouds, with my Family. I knew that I needed to feel happy though, not sad as I had been inclined to in moments past. Happy that we are almost there (well, in many ways, already are) because I know that it’s THAT happiness and Joy I feel in my heart that spreads out over every inch of my being – like being in Love over every inch of my body – that is so necessary to catapult us up into that rich and vibrant existence within the Love mien that our Brothers and Sisters exist within themselves – this is how we make our contact with them; through ecstatic bliss of Pure Love and the resultant Joy we feel.

I began to recall the “dreammessage” that was sent to me about 4 and a half years ago when I requested of my Beloved to send me a good dream… not a nightmare like I’d had a few nights prior;

I found myself sitting in the corridor of his ship, surrounded by all kinds of Beautiful beings – mostly the “little ones” as I like to call them, but also what we tend to think of as ordinary “human” types. They all seemed to be going somewhere, walking the corridor in a relaxed yet purposeful manner. The little ones (Grays of undetermined origin) were most fascinated with me – most of them are very tactile and Love to touch as a part of how they “get to know you”. They seemed as if they couldn’t believe their eyes (or feeling) that there I was right in their midst. Sitting on a low bench of some sort I put elbows to knees, and chin to hands and leaned into them wondering where I was and how I got there… then two very familiar black boots appeared in front of my own feet and I knew instantly who it was that stood before me… I stood up exclaiming in my mind “You’re here! You’re here!” with all the excitement of a child on Christmas morning… I looked up at him and realized how much taller he was than I had previously thought… then I recalled how he effortlessly reached down, in the awkwardness of that moment when we tried to embrace and picked me up as if I weighed nothing at all, so that he could bring me up to where we could be face to face, eye to eye, lips to lips…

Aaaaw, I still feel the Joy even now, and in that moment of remembering felt SO Joyful and SO grateful for just being here to experience things like this. Even the memories are oh so sweet. And as I lay in my chaise lounge looking up at the sky I closed my eyes and felt my entire being expanding up and outward in Joy and gratitude for all that I have experienced since coming into this life. And someone asked me “where are you now”, and I answered, “I’m here, and I’m there, up there in the clouds somewhere with my Family” and OH how I just wished I could go home… then another question was put to me “If you could, would you ever go back [to Earth]” and I thought a moment, fully well knowing that I would have to eventually – it’s just the way it is to be. And I said “well, maybe after everything is finally the way it’s supposed to be”.

But then I thought “wait a minute, why do I have to wait until AFTER I’ve gone “home” for everything to finally be the way “it’s supposed to be”?” Quite in fact, everything CAN be perfect, RIGHT NOW!

And at that moment, in that ecstatic bliss of full knowing I felt my entire being expand upward and outward in one gigantic wave of Pure Love Bliss – perfection! All is perfect NOW!! Right HERE, right NOW! And when I opened my eyes all of a sudden out of “nowhere” in the part of the sky I had been facing a craft, much like the one in the artistic rendering which accompanies this article, simply appeared.

An iridescent blue-green oblong with another shorter oblong “lobe” attached to one side, reflecting the late afternoon sun… and NO it wasn’t a commercial jet. I could clearly see right through it, looking much like an elongated “bubble” shining in the sun… and then it flew into a cloud – not a huge cloud – it should have only taken a few seconds for it to fly through and emerge on the other side from its trajectory… but it never emerged. It went in, but it never came out. AND as I was sitting there looking up waiting for it to come out, a smaller, white, saucer shaped craft came from the opposite direction, flew into the same cloud, but neither did it emerge from the other side. And then I asked if the cloud was also a ship, and the answer came to me not in words, but rather simply in knowing, “YES!”

And then the tears began to flow… and are starting again as I type this. What an amazing feeling that was and IS and continues to be; to simply KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt exactly how close we are to ALL seeing these wonderful things “appear” in the skies… And to experience firsthand the Joy of reuniting with our Star Families!!

I queried my Family “I thought that I wouldn’t be a part of that first wave who get to see the mass unveiling … that’s what I’d been told, and I understand it to be true. Why am I seeing this now?”

And the answer (accompanied by a mischievous “wink” of an eye) came to me: “You didn’t see a whole fleet did you?” and then they laughed, and then I laughed and that feeling of utter Joy will be with me, I think, for a very very long time.

We ARE so VERY close to “being there”!!!


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