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The Return of Moxie – Part IV

by Ariel DeAngelis

I find it POIGNANTLY revealing of the general mindset at the time that in the last moments of 2012 people were going through the motions, repeating (again, almost by rote) the concept that the key to manifesting into our reality ALL that we want is simply having the perception that it “ALREADY IS”… and I suppose that some would use the excuse that this is kind of hard to do when you are trying to manifest something that you’ve “never experienced before”… Oh really? Is that so, that you’ve never experienced Ascension before, or rather is it more simply that you are not “allowing” yourself to remember having experienced it?

You see, THAT is REALLY what this is all about; REMEMBERING! It has nothing to do with “finding” Love or “preparing” to Ascend, but rather it has to do with not only REMEMBERING Love, but also that you ARE LOVE, and you don’t need to do ANYTHING in order to Ascend, except to remember that you are ALREADY Ascended!! How can that possibly be you ask? It’s because time is not now, nor has it ever been!! Forget about any perception you might currently have that it’s linear… in reality, it just ISN’T … doesn’t exist. How you are currently perceiving it is in fact an illusion that YOU created for yourself. But you already knew that didn’t you? You didn’t know? Well now you do!! AND It is MY sincere KNOWING that if we can do one (remember Love), we can do the other (remember that we are already Ascended), as simply as that; remembering. How many of you have jokingly told your friends “I DO know everything, I just can’t remember it all at once!”… Oh if you only realized just how true that statement is!! REMEMBER!

REMEMBER?! What is that? How do we do that? … Some people call it “imagination”.

I just Love what Pablo Picasso said, “If you can imagine it, it’s real!”, and he was absolutely right!! Where do our imaginings come from if they aren’t real (or weren’t at some point for those of us stuck thinking in terms of linear time)? They have to come from somewhere don’t they? In fact, it’s a collective consciousness – the sum total of everything that ever was, is and ever will be, everything all at once! THAT is what we pull our ideas from. Not just shared thoughts and feelings, but experiences too! That IS, after all one of the main reasons why we are here, why we were created in the first place, isn’t it? To EXPERIENCE? Nothing more, nothing less and when you learn to draw from that wellspring of inherent, intuitive and infinite knowledge unquestioningly then by golly you have stumbled upon the main answer to the question of Life itself!! Why are we here? And what IS the answer? It’s Love of course.

And OH what Love can do to you, for you, with you!!! It will tear you apart and break you down and then build you back up again to be stronger than you EVER were before, than you EVER thought possible!! It will lift you up to the very heights of “Heaven” itself, if you can just allow yourself to flow into it… with it. You are currently looking at and reading the creative efforts of a living example of what Love can do… yes, that’s right, ME! It will bring you to a state of being where you KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Love you have inside of you is the most important thing you will EVER experience, and that within that Love ALL things are possible – remember, it’s like I’ve already said; it is what you are made of.

I have already stated at the beginning of this article, and though I’m reiterating myself again, I’ll state (again) that this journey has not been an easy one for me. There have been a lot of instances where I felt like I was in the middle of some kind of tug-of-war, some kind of competition that I really had not anticipated at all in having been made aware of my own True Nature not to mention all the others out there who either think that Michael is “their” Twin Flame, or think that “they” are Michael incarnate or embodiments of or “avatars” for Michael, or any of a host of other combinations of “realities” that could exist… okay, why not? We live in an infinite Universe don’t we? And even confined here in this tiny space we call Earth, still with each of us virtually being a Universal Dimension unto ourselves, then literally ANYTHING is possible, right? And still, even knowing this, in the beginning I found any of those ideas VERY difficult to accept; in fact it made me down right uncomfortable, to the point of angst, anger, and maybe even jealousy to a degree, but one thing remained True for me, and that was how I felt about this amazing “being” whom I had remembered quite spontaneously one day as being Michael – Archangel Michael… yeah, okay, so “some people call him Ashtar Sheran” … it’s just a “title”… that’s like saying that I AM the name I was given at birth… it means nothing… though neither does calling him “Michael”. No, what we endeavor to define with a spoken word as a name, is really a flash of light at a specific frequency, so as to look upon it with the human eye, it appears blue, or sometimes blue-violet. He is pure energy, just like ANY of us are, whether we are incarnate or not. We are NOT our name; we are our ESSENCE. And within that Essence exists the Essence of Pure, Unadulterated, Unconditional Love, within EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US AND IN FACT WITHIN EVERYTHING THAT EXISTS, even beyond what we can sense with our 5 physical senses!!

I came to a realization not long ago as I was contemplating the preposterousness of some people’s flexing of ego and what seems to be how they would like to “lay claim” to such a thing as Love… how can you possess that which you already ARE? Love just IS, like everything in our experience. I thought about how it has made me feel every time someone has come to me and refuted my “claim” that I am Archangel Michael’s Twin Flame, for one reason or another – usually because THEY want to be his Twin Flame. And it strikes me; they don’t really know me, do they? Never took time to get to know me, did they? In many cases they have allowed their view or opinion of me to be shaped by what someone else told them. I can understand how that happens though. In an effort to do what only comes “naturally” to us as a part of “being Human” we look for ways to define everything, even if it doesn’t need to be, or can’t be defined. Okay, that’s all well and good, but do they really have to seek me out and confront me over it? And I would like to point out that THAT is something I myself have NEVER done… sure, gradually, little by little I became aware that there were others out there saying the same kinds of things about themselves that I was telling the world about myself, but I just let it be. I never felt the need to confront any of them over it. Sure, I felt insecure about their existence at first and I have even done my share of having doubts and crying and feeling anger over it, but I never confronted any of them. Over the past two or three years I’ve come to the realization also that for someone to do such a thing (especially when they do it publically) only belies their Faith in their own Truth…

And in the midst of my recent contemplation of all that I’ve been through with regard to these feelings, I just wanted to escape; to go back to a more innocent time, before all of this came to the forefront of my understanding about myself, maybe even back to before I ever remembered that he is Michael… back to when I still called him by the name I had given him some 36 years ago by now… back to when, to ME at least, he was just some “space guy” who I happened to be madly, deeply in Love with… I didn’t know why back then… I still don’t know exactly why now – I just AM. And it wouldn’t matter to me whether or not I had any perception of my OWN True Nature either… It didn’t matter to me back then, why would it matter to me now if I didn’t even know?

It’s like when he first told me “Some people call me Ashtar Sheran…” when I first asked him what his “real” name was (before I remembered him as being Michael)… of course part of the criteria of our Soul Contract was that he couldn’t tell me outright what he was called… I had to remember on my own… but that aside, knowing him as Ashtar Sheran was not something that I wanted to do… until I thought about for a while… thought about how I had felt about him from the beginning – when he first came to me when I was a teenager and placed within my consciousness the “concept” of what I interpreted as “Soul Mate” (as I had no concept of “Twin Flame” at the time)… I never questioned that… I didn’t need to because I could FEEL that it was true – it was just something I knew instantly -  and I considered how he had treated me prior to that moment when we more recently reconnected after so much “time” had gone by… I realized again, it wasn’t anything about HIM that had changed, it was my “perception” of him that had changed when he told me what some people call him… and maybe that perception changed again when I called out his “name” (Michael) on that fateful day when I just happened to remember all on my own what it was. I know now that THAT was the reason he couldn’t tell me what he was called – because my change in perception at the point of my learning the Truth could have forever changed the nature of our “relationship” if I wasn’t able to realize that a “name” was just a “perception” of who he is. And I realize now why it was also so vitally important that my perception of him initially be based in True Love and not some “mythological” definition of who everyone else thinks he is. And again, thinking back to when he was just my “space guy”, I would Love him the same today as I did then had I never remembered him as being Michael.

~~ Yeah… that’s my guy… my space guy. He lives on a spaceship somewhere in orbit around Earth… I don’t really know exactly what he does up there, but there’s a whole crew of other “space guys and gals” he interacts with on a daily basis. They’re really nice to each other up there. They come in all shapes and sizes and even races – some of them by Earth standards are kind of funny looking, but there doesn’t seem to be any kind of judgment between any of them up there based on how they look or act. I think sometimes it would be a really nice place to live… In fact, I think I’d like to just go there and live with him just so I can BE with him just because it feels so good just to BE with him… ~~


Yep, in fact I have decided that if one day it came down to it and it looked as if there was destined to be some sort of “showdown” or something between all the other “Twin Flames” to see who would walk away with “Michael” on their arm, I’d just stand back and let them have at it, watching while all those ladies duked it out amongst themselves over him, knowing all the while that my Love is safe with my “space guy”, and that is all that matters to me… I would still walk away with my “space guy”, my version of “Michael” in my heart…

my Love is safe

[…to be continued…]

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