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The Return of Moxie – Part II

By Ariel DeAngelis

I mean, hey look at the world! Since year end 2012 our post-apocalyptic opinion is basically one of apathy born of placing too much Faith in all the hoohah rhetoric Spiritual nonsense that people have been buying and selling for decades now; what ever happened to Love? I really thought when I began finalizing my own awakening 4 years ago that Love was where we were headed, and yet since SO MANY people perceived that “nothing” happened when it was “supposed” to they went back to the same kind of mindless behaviors they maintained before they ever began to awaken…  Say what?!

Except that NOW they’ve incorporated a “Spiritual” essence and rationale to explain what they are doing and why they are doing ig, and wondering why it is that everything seems to be going to hell in a hand basket around them and they are getting no closer to their goal of “Spiritual Enlightenment” (i.e. state of being commonly referred to as “Ascended”). I’m  not saying that we aren’t still moving forward, because even in “backtracking” you’re still moving forward – and we are (thank Universe SOMEONE’S got the reins!!!!). But still, in retrospect, if we had been aiming ourselves in the intended direction with the “right catalyst” at our backs (Love) would we still be wondering why our horses are halfway down the track and WE’RE still sitting in the starting gate?

I know I’m going to get flack for saying all of this, but I don’t care; this is where the MOXIE comes in. I’ve sat on these feelings long enough…

The Return of Moxie - Part II

I include myself in there with those who were disappointed at the end of 2012. I too had hoped that the mien vibration of Earth’s populace would have reached a point for certain “events” to take place. And NOW because they haven’t taken place the way many of us had hoped, we follow the leader (like a bunch of lemmings??) by adopting each other’s rationalization that the REASON it didn’t happen the way we THOUGHT it would, even THOUGH we all FELT/KNEW BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT that THIS Ascension would be a MASS ASCENSION, is now all of a sudden because it will happen very gradually, on an individual basis, and it will occur at different “times” for each individual who chooses to make the “shift”. Hmmmm … yes, that would be typical for Earth Humans to try and figure out and then apply a “reason” for why it didn’t work the way they thought it was supposed to. I disagree.

I’ll tell you what, THAT is the very way that Ascensions have ALWAYS taken place… individually, one at a time, whenever the “individual” was “ready”. Wasn’t “this time” supposed to be “special” because nothing like this had ever been attempted in the whole history of the Universe before, and now here is Earth, perfectly poised and ready to make HER Ascension; ready and willing to take all who reside on board and resonate with that higher vibration with Her when she goes; special Energies were being beamed directly at us PRECISELY FOR THAT REASON, and now all of a sudden, we go back to the “standard” explanation of how Ascension works – because, evidently, it didn’t. I’m sorry, I don’t buy it! I don’t feel it in my gut, and my “Higher Self” along with all my “Extended Family” members assure me that THIS ISN’T THE CASE!!!

Point of fact is that we almost, but didn’t quite reach that “critical mass”… that fraction-of-one percent over 50 that would have taken us where we wanted to go when we thought we should. Does that mean that we are now doomed to ride out all of eternity (well, at least the next 26,000 years anyway) right here where we are experiencing what we are experiencing and have been experiencing since “time” immemorial?

Not on my watch.

We can still make that mass shift in consciousness if we would just remember and KNOW that we ALREADY HAVE!!

Michael asks me often “Daan, what is important?” and I answer him, almost by rote “Love, Michael. Love is important”… but where is the Love? Even in what I say and the WAY I say it…where is it, really? And viewing current behaviors of people who once seemed to really understand, I can see that they too appear to have forgotten the one most important thing that has been driving this whole thing all along; Love. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. In our fervor to try and explain the unexplainable we’ve once again forgotten about Love. How did that happen? All of the wonderful, bright, exciting Love-filled messages that were coming in over the past 3 years or so prior to December 21, 2012, have been turned into passages of overworked rhetoric, spewed out almost as if by rote, and one wonders, why? I seem to recall at least a couple of sources accounting for the probability that these kinds of messages would make way for communique’s of a more individualized nature – that in light of the awakening of Souls to their True Nature, ALL would eventually be able to communicate with their extended “Family” in such a way, and yet so many have thrown in the towel, even and especially since of the ones who once transcribed these wonderful messages now seem to be repeating the same thing over and over and over… like a “good” attorney or politician, talking a LOT but not really saying much of anything…  and the ones who are fraught to listen to it are wondering “Okay, I’ve heard this before, when are you going to say something new? Or better yet, when are “they” going to start talking directly to ME?” …

Why is this happening? Because we forgot the key ingredient; Love. Where is the Love? And I’m nearly certain there will be those who will argue “But Ariel, there’s PLENTY of Love! It’s everywhere, can’t you see it?” and I would have to answer “Oh yes, certainly. Certainly I can see it, as I am certain you can also. It isn’t how you see it that makes it work though; it’s how you FEEL it! Right now, most people aren’t FEELING it because they’re THINKING about it too much. Love isn’t in your head; it’s in your heart. Words cannot make you feel what can only be experienced in your heart!

So why am I using all these words to tell you about something that you can only experience by feeling it? If you are reading this right now the answer should be obvious to you; it’s because that is where you are at right now and it is the only way to reach you.

And what OF Love? What is Love… where can it be found? I will tell you – first and foremost, within you.

[… to be continued… ]

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