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The Return of Moxie – Part I

By Ariel DeAngelis

I make no apologies for what you are about to read. Some of you may appreciate it; some of you may not. I’m not really putting it out there for anyone to like or dislike. Rather, this is more of a soliloquy than anything; I say these things for the sake of saying them. If there is someone listening, fine, if not, that is just as well. It doesn’t matter. And you might ask, so why say them at all? Because the content hereinafter may in fact have value to someone going through the same kinds of quandaries in their life; asking the same kinds of questions about the same things that they see transpiring not only in their own life, but also in the world as a whole. My words may just help to shed a light of their path. These are things that I feel I’ve been needing to say for a long time, however, for a long time now I’ve allowed myself to be beaten down by other people’s perceptions and opinions of me; sometimes I was the one doing the beating, having adopted those perceptions as my own. No more! As you can probably tell already, THIS is a “long one”, so I’ve opted to break it up into several “parts” so as not to overwhelm you…

The words, spoken by a now very familiar voice “Be the Lioness you know you are” keep sounding in my heart.

"Be the Lioness you know you are..."


Who better to stand up for me than myself? Well okay, Michael runs a close second, but he IS me and I AM him, in a manner of speaking, so I’m not sure how or if that counts. LOL

What is “moxie” anyway? According to different sources I’ve read, originally “Moxie” was a health tonic of sorts called “Moxie Nerve Food” (yeah, I know, sounds kinda scary doesn’t it?! LOL) It was supposed to increase your “vim and vigor”. Eventually Moxie was marketed (similarly to Coca Cola or Dr. Pepper) as a soft drink – since then the word “moxie” has been adopted as slang to define a person’s level of determination, or nerve. One site I visited describes it as “The ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage.” Hmmm, I think that’s pretty much the definition I have in mind here.

As you might expect, mine has not been an easy journey – and I know it’s not over with yet, but I’m certain that with a little change in my own attitude and understanding of exactly what it entails and, from my own perspective an unwavering sense of Faith in those facts, that my journey will at the very least re-attain the sense of innocence and wonder that it began with so many years ago.

Let’s just put it this way; I’m well aware that there are, for many folks out there, certain aspects of my journey which seem to be obtrusive and/or unwelcome information. Facts which once stated tend to pull at the very fabric of what some consider, have been conditioned to believe or accept as “their” Truth. I’ve been told that I really shouldn’t expect “everyone” to accept hands down what I bring to the table in terms of my own Truth, and that’s fine. I think that the Universe is big enough to accommodate most purveyances of Truth. Yet, considering the innocence with which I initially did that – no egotism involved (though many since have accused me of just that) - all I wanted to do was to share the Joy I had discovered in finding something which I felt I had been missing all my life ~ True Love – somehow my innocent intentions got interpreted (or perhaps translated as) egotistical or arrogant.  Believe it or not, when I first divulged that bit of information to the world (of who my Twin Flame is, and “worse yet” the Truth about my OWN True Nature), I had no awareness whatsoever of it being not well accepted by everyone, much less any concept of there being anyone else out there who also thought that Archangel Michael was their Twin Flame (or that they would similarly, though much less frequently, identify themselves as Archangel Ariel, incarnate). The fact remains – and this is part of the innocence of my own experience – although True Love was something that I had always felt was missing in my life, I wasn’t looking for it in any way, shape or form, when all of a sudden THERE IT WAS, and I realize now that it had been all along… AND when it showed up, I didn’t even know what “Twin Flame” was…

I’ve really run the gamut of emotions with regards to all the rhetoric since then; since I first made my announcement to the world the Archangel Michael is my Twin Flame. But you know, I got to thinking about it a couple of weeks ago, and I really meant to write about my thoughts then, but something happened ~ someone who I never thought of as the bullying type came along and basically tried to “put me in my place” for making a statement that was intended to spread feelings of Love to everyone that it touched. It’s happened before though usually with radical, militant types who think that we have to “fight for freedom” rather than rising into a higher vibrational state of being by creating an atmosphere of Peace and Joy through Love. I just thought to myself “what am I doing this for?! I can’t even say something about Love in a Loving manner anymore without someone questioning my motives!!” Why is that?  I really just felt like I wanted to give up… like I wanted to say “To hell with you all because THAT’S where you are ANYWAY! And you can just stay there for all I care!!”

I very nearly walked away from it all that day.

[…to be continued…]

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