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Remember Who You Are III – Consider the Lilies of the Field

Remember Who You Are - Consider the Lilies of the Field

Love; we had forgotten what it is.

We’d forgotten what it is because we’d forgotten what it feels like; too bent on trying to define what it isn’t. It can’t be bought or sold or bartered for. It can be given and it can be received, but even to do these things with it first you have remember what it is… how it feels… Do you remember what it is?... How it feels? Do you remember who you are? Who are you? WHAT are you?

Are you Love?

We had lived for so long in a society where the procurement of monetary funds through the “buying and selling” of Souls superseded all else in order of “importance”, leaving Love totally out of the picture – this is changing now however.

We had lived for so long in a society where a person’s “Soul”-worth was determined solely by how quickly and how much money one could amass at any one point – this is also changing now.

What is “Soul”-worth? What is Soul? Are you a Soul? Do you even view yourself as having one, feeling perhaps that you had “sold it out” (to the highest bidder??) for the “privilege” of “buying back” your meager subsistence with the “funds” procured from the sale of your Soul in the first place? Is that “thriving”” Could it even be considered “surviving” (consider the lilies of the field…)? Or was is rather more a life of slavery and servitude within a prison that had been so cleverly disguised as to make you “think” that you had freedom of choice because no one was “telling” you what you could or could not do”?

Is that so; that no one was telling you what you could or could not do?

It should be clear to you by now that you had lived in a society in which you had NO choice because even when you DID buy something with the intention of owning it outright, free and clear, first of all, didn’t you “buy it back” with the very proceeds you “sold your Soul” for in the first place? And then once you had purchased whatever it was that you wished to own (home, car, piece-of-mind, food, water, energy, etc.), were there not laws in place that governed the exact way in which you could use and enjoy “your property”? In fact, were there not, in most cases, fees (i.e. taxes, insurance, registration, etc.) exacted on the use of “your own property” that you were required to pay, once again with the very proceeds that you sold your Soul for in the first place, in order for you to even have the “right” to use it? And what about “services” which “lawmakers” determined would be “beneficial” for “all” which were foisted upon you whether or not you wanted or needed them that you were expected to pay for yourself, once AGAIN with the very proceeds that you sold your Soul for in the first place? – These things too are in the process of changing…

Where is Love in all of this? Did you ever feel like you sold out on Love too when you sold your Soul so that you could pay to “own” stuff? So that you could “buy back” your “God-given” RIGHT to even exist in the first place? (Consider the lilies of the field…)

I’ve purposely put all the above in the past-tense because, as I’ve already stated a number of times, this is ALL changing now… all of which will become much clearer to you as you continue to become more aware – awakening to the truth of “who you are”…

Do you remember who you are? Who are you? WHAT are you? Are you Love? And if you ARE Love, can anyone really own you? Can anyone really own ANYTHING? And if no one can really own anything then why do we persist in “buying into” the illusion that we can?

The One thing in all of this that we know inherently we cannot buy nor sell nor even own, simply because it IS what we already ARE is Love. And if we ARE Love, do we really need anything else?

Remember Who You Are… You ARE Love… Love IS ALL you need.

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