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By Ariel Deangelis

[if this resonates with you, please feel free to share it! GRIN!! ]

I view everything in our tangible world as being priceless, and of immeasurable value. In my opinion then, really NOTHING can be bought or sold, or even bartered for. No one really owns anything. The only reason we do is because of "perceived" need. When we have the "perception" that we have "all" that we "need", would we ever truly want or desire anything?

There is really only one thing that I want, and I realize that I already have it. I don't really need anything else, but the thing is that I hadn't been sufficiently tapped into it (until now) to realize that I have no need of anything within this material existence, knowing that I can manifest whatever I want ... out of "thin air". But seriously, if one has no need of food, or beverage, or shelter in which to park one's self, then what else is there? We could all roam about freely, go and be anywhere we wish without the constraints we currently experience in our material world. Most people however do not see this as even a possibility, so caught up in the illusion that this world is.

I don't want to have any needs in this physical world. I know unequivocally that by tapping 100% into the Universal Flow (Love, as it were) I can simply BE without having to subscribe to the current "status quo". Really anyone can do it. It's just a matter of knowing ~ or rather "remembering" that we can. "How" to do it doesn't even figure it, because we already know how... it's knowing that you can and will that makes the difference between whether you do or don't... And THIS I know is really what we have all been aiming for in our journeys toward "enlightenment" ...


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