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Keystone Cop Sky Routine

July 26, 2013

Keystone Cop Sky Routine

Well, yesterday (July 25, 2012) was a very interesting day … a VERY INTERESTING DAY!!! Hahahahaha!

It’s been a long time since I’d had experienced any appearances from “law enforcement” or “military presence” of any kind… I really thought we’d seen the end of that kind of behavior. But it seems not. They had to try and get one last jab in apparently. TOO FUNNY!  ^_^ :v :v :v :v :v

Yesterday started out… well, I wasn’t feeling too well… hadn’t been for two or three days – lots of digestive disturbances. I thought it was probably all having to do with these immensely intense Energies we’d been experiencing since the last full moon… well, maybe some of it was, but yesterday was a little different. Very weird to start off with.

I woke up early, just as I heard Chris closing the front door behind him as he headed off to work. I thought about getting up to have some coffee – I could still smell the fresh pot he had just brewed. But having been up most of the night before with one of the most God-awful cases of reflux I’ve had in a while, I opted to stay in bed. And I dozed – I’m pretty sure I dreamed though I don’t know what about.

Just before 10AM I woke up again and decided it was time to get up, even though I still wasn’t feeling too well. Got up, warmed up some coffee (unwise) drank a few sips and then decided that wasn’t the ticket after all. Came back upstairs, fardled around on my computer for a while, still wasn’t feeling well, so I laid back down, promising myself that I wouldn’t have a repeat of the day before, wherein I went back to bed and stayed there all day (been trying to get a walk in once a day about 4 days a week lately)…

While I was lying there though, that was when the weirdness began. I COULDN’T get comfortable to begin with, yes, I know I hadn’t had anything to eat really yet, so maybe that was part of it, but as I lay there, I was in communique with Michael briefly. And then things shifted- was like someone, or something intercepted our “channel” and was relaying weird information to me… so weird I can’t really relate it to you here, but suffice to say that at one point I said almost aloud, “There’s something not right here! Something is wrong with this picture!!” It was as if the “someone” or “something” was trying to challenge everything I knew, and get me to switch over to a different “wavelength” or “vibration” … one that didn’t feel so good… hmmmm . And then I got out of bed and went downstairs and began to look for something to eat. Maybe I was just suffering from low blood sugar. I still had a knot with the familiar burning pain of reflux in my gut, but I finally found something that seemed like it would be palatable and ate it (basmati rice with smoked salmon and cottage cheese – well okay, yeah I probably could have done better than that, but it seemed good at the time) my stomach felt better, I felt better, Michael asked me if I felt better, and I told him I did… most of the weird feeling had dissipated once I broke the connection with whatever that had ahold of me while I was lying in bed just a few minutes before, but still had a knot, and an intermittent pain up under my left ribcage after I’d eaten (my brain briefly wandered to the subject of “heart attack” but I wouldn’t allow it to stay there, being familiar with this particular “pain” and associating it with hiatal hernia and dyspepsia producing gas pressure … oh yeah… not much fun).

I went back upstairs briefly and checked the outside temperature on the weather site I use, and it seemed like it had cooled off since a few days ago when it was too hot to go out for my usual walk (Monday I shooshed on my ski machine and Tuesday I went for a walk even though it was hot – still not as hot as it had been, Wednesday I took off because, well, I spent the day in bed, as I explained). Got my water bottle, filled it up, threw in a little baking soda and some Himalayan sea salt for good measure and went out the door … that was right around noon. On my way, Michael suggested that I take the shorter route to the park… I didn’t argue with him. I really didn’t want to be out there in the first place but felt compelled to be for some reason. Interesting how if I’d gone the long way I would have missed some interesting things along the way.

At the end of our street, right before you enter the park proper there is a cul-de-sac. People like to park their vehicles in the cul-de-sac when they go to the park to walk their dogs, ride their bikes etc. When I arrived at the cul-de-sac yesterday there was one of those vehicles that is sort of halfway between a pickup truck and an SUV (little tiny bed and double cab with 4 doors) parked there. Okay, no big deal. I noticed the driver sitting in his driver’s seat with the door open, his legs were hanging out and he seemed to be fussing overly so with his socks… almost like he was trying to appear nonchalant. Okay, well I’ve pretty much seen it all… strange thing is, however, I had the distinct feeling that he was preparing for a bicycle ride, but there was no bicycle to be seen…  guess he must have had it in the cab with him? Kinda weird… plus he didn’t really strike me as the serious bike-riding type… he was wearing a polo shirt and these baggy wide-legged nylon shorts that came down almost to his knees, not really the kind you typically see bicyclists wearing. Okay well whatever…

I dunno, I just had a funny feeling about this guy…  It’s not like that’s never happened before. There were a few times while Elaine was still living here that the two of us would go for walks and encounter individuals who were on bicycle riding through the park who just seemed out of place too… they all seemed to be wearing some kind of earpiece – so was this guy – yeah, I know it was probably his iPod… but still, they all just had a weird vibe to them – like this guy. The same kind of vibe you can read when you meet up with a police car in the dark, only because of the low profile lights nowadays you can’t tell right away that it’s a police car until you’re right up on it… or like some official federal vehicles have the same vibrational “signature” … you can just spot them a mile away even though you can’t readily tell what they are visually until you’re right up on them… yeah, like that. I know at least some of you reading this know what I’m talking about…

There IS a reason I’ve titled this “Keystone Cop Sky Routine” so don’t let your focus wander just yet… all this preliminary stuff just lends itself to the overall “weirdness” of the day.

So, I walk past the guy who’s still sitting in his truck messing with his socks – I couldn’t help but feel like he was watching me as I passed by and walked out onto the grassy expanse that stretches across most of the park. Keep in mind that I haven’t felt this kind of vibe coming from ANYONE in a long time… probably over a year ago was the last time… 

It was really nice walking there; the air was a little on the coolish side, but when I’d come out from under the trees the sunshine provided just the right amount of warmth. That coupled with the walking was starting to help “loosen up” whatever it was that was giving my digestive tract issues, though I did keep noting that I was still experiencing the intermittent pain up under my left ribcage, complete with ache running down my left arm at one point… oh boy. Well, I continued on, and about halfway across the grassy expanse of the park I noted the gentleman I’d seen by his truck riding his bicycle up the old road that bordered the left hand side of the park.  It was one of those heavy duty off-road type bicycles like you see police riding on sometimes …  Ooookay!  Hmmmm. I dunno… he just didn’t present as if bike riding were something that he did on a regular basis… he just seemed really awkward on that bike… hey well, I suppose everyone has to start somewhere, right?

I watched him as I continued on my way across the grass … he rode up a path that leads to the playground and I lost sight of him… As I walked I noted more pains coming from under my left ribcage and I said to Michael, “Oh boy, here we go… I think I’m having a heart attack… I shouldn’t have come out here at all” he responded, “Nonsense! You’re not having, nor are you going to have a heart attack! Just walk slowly and you’ll be fine” … okay, pain subsided again. So I walked on, and when I reached the point where I would normally have headed toward the circle where my favorite park bench is, I was feeling enough better that I decided instead to take the path up to the playground and walk around it first and then head to the circle, which had become my normal routine over the last couple of years.

As I climbed the short hill on the path approaching the playground, I noted a pair of familiar “socks” (and shoes) sticking out from behind some of the playground equipment – same guy; he apparently was lying on his back in the playground with his feet sticking in the air doing some sort of “bicycling” exercise with his legs… hmmm, okay whatever… guess he hadn’t warmed up properly before getting on his bike. I noted his bike parked on the side of the path up a ways where I would eventually be going past it, and I just couldn’t help thinking “well this should be interesting”…  and so I walked and as I approached the parked bicycle, the guy jumps up onto the sidewalk from the playground (it’s one of those semi-sunken ones filled with sawdust so the kiddies don’t hurt themselves if they fall down) and kind of throws himself to the pavement right in front of his bicycle and starts doing pushups as I walk by. OooooKAY! Not “too” weird I guess. Maybe…

I walked on. To my right there was a lady who was loading her toddler into her van that was parked on the road that ran past the playground, and he kept saying “Mommy I can buckle myself in, can I shut the door… I’m gonna shut the door okay” and she kept telling him “Leave it open please” as she struggled to put his stroller in the back. I smiled at her as I walked by and she gave me kind of a strange look, almost as if she were wondering if I was okay, but she did say “hello” and I responded with a friendly “hello” back to her, and continued on my way. As I walked on, here comes the “bicyclist” riding past me – this time with his shirt off (guess the polo shirt was a might too warm after all, hahaha) and I couldn’t help but notice that he appeared to be a little older than me, not in the best of shape, although he seemed very well kept (full head of hair and not a one out of place) and oddly well-tanned for the shape he was in… hmmmmm … OooooKAY! He rode on up the street and went around the corner and I didn’t see him again… They lady who had been loading her toddler into her van drove off shortly after that…

Well, I was starting to feel a little peaked by this time, and was kind of wishing that I had opted to go to the circle first instead of walking around the playground, but since there were plenty of places to sit along the way around I opted for that at about the halfway point, choosing to sit on a swinging bench that was there.

I sat there swinging for a few minutes enjoying the warmth of the dark green metal against my seat and back, when out of the corner of my eye, I see a familiar type of vehicle making its way around the corner a couple of streets up, pulling onto the street where the playground is located, not an easy feat for a fire engine of that size!! YES, A FIRE ENGINE!!! LOL It drove slowly up the street toward my location after it rounded the corner, and as they drove past me, a person sitting on the passenger side who had his window open and arm sticking out waved at me… and all I could do was just watch them go by with their running board lights flashing away….huh? I’d never experienced THAT at the park before… there were other people there too…  people with their kids playing in the playground, but they occupants of the fire engine didn’t wave the them… LOL I guess I’m special!!! Hahahahaha!

Okay, well that was weird. It gets weirder.

I sat on the swing for a bit, then got up and made my way to the circle and my favorite bench and sat there for a while with my shoes and socks off just enjoying the sunshine… yeah it got hot but it felt good… I guess I really needed that. After a while of that, I followed Michael’s lead and went on home remembering that I had been considering running some errands for Chris yesterday, and that I more than likely wouldn’t be able to if I didn’t get home and rest up a bit… still feeling a bit peaked. I got home about 1:30 … I fardled around a bit more wondering if I should eat something more(the portion I had eaten before the walk was very small as is typical for me lately)… but opted to take a shower instead. Around 2:30 I called Chris to let him know I wasn’t going to make it out to run errands…  still feeling tired and weak after the shower. When I got off the phone with him I filled up my water bottle, through in a Jasmine Green Tea bag and a dropper full of stevia extract and went outside to sit in my chaise lounge, let the breeze blow through my still wet hair. That was until the mosquitos started biting me… so I went back inside and went upstairs and lay down for a while. Around 6:00 or so… I really don’t remember exactly when, I got up because I was just too doggone miserable to get any rest (reflux resurfaced). I sat and logged onto e-mail, then facebook briefly (my online tenure had been somewhat inactive over the last couple of days, and I’m certain that SOMEONE was wondering where I had “escaped” to)… for about ten minutes or so, just long enough to click like on a couple of friends’ posts… the I was off again.

Well, no sooner than had I logged off, I heard them coming – WUPWUPWUPWUPWUP- helicopter. BIG HELICOPTER… okay… so who’re they looking for this time. But you know, it didn’t sound like your regular police type helicopter… this one was a LOT louder. So I thought “hmmmm maybe I’ll go out and catch the “Keystone Cop Routine in the Sky show” … but before I went I filled up my water bottle again and threw in fresh tea bags, lit 3 sticks of incense (to keep the mosquitos at bay – it REALLY WORKS) and took those with me… didn’t know how long I might be out there. It turned out to be quite entertaining actually.

It was so loud that even the neighbor from across the street came out to look up and see what was going on… it was flying pretty low too.  I stood in my yard for a couple minutes as they flew around over the beltway about a quarter mile away… nothing too unusual about that… then it flew our direction. The neighbor stood outside for a few seconds and then went back in, but not me, I sat down in my chaise lounge with my Jasmine tea and my incense and set to watch the show.

 It WAS a BIG HELICOPTER… not your standard issue city or county police copter which in this area are black and white or black with blue, sleek looking things with specifically “Baltimore Police” on them. No THIS “police” helicopter was different – first of all, though it was vaguely like the city/county police helicopters, it was bigger, not as streamlined and it was colored flat black with POLICE printed in BIG white letters on both sides almost looking as if the word had been spray painted there. I’m kind of wondering if it was even a real police helicopter…. It also had the rear rotor encased in a framework, much like the Comanche helicopters that the military and sometimes Coast Guard use. It had a decidedly military “vibe” to it. It did not however appear to be armed to the teeth… that was a good thing.  I thought “Oh goodie! This should be a good one!! “

I sat there and just stared at them as they flew over the first time. Then they went around and came back for another pass – right over the top of me. Hahaha! Okay, was this supposed to be intimidating? Sorry guys, not intimidated. I watched – considered getting my camera a couple of times but felt that perhaps that would just incite something (and realizing now that I probably should have snapped off a couple of shots, because try as I may, I could not for the life of me find ANY pictures on line that looked like what I saw), so I just sat there watching, making it obvious that I was watching each time they passed over exactly the spot where I was sitting… and they took their time each time they went over as if they were really scrutinizing what was on the ground… I was really enjoying myself, and actually found it quite amusing. I even stretched myself out on my lounge so I could have a better view as they flew over. Two or three times as they made their pass over the top of me they titled themselves so they could see the ground better, and I could see them better… that was when I got my best look at them to know for certain that they were NOT Baltimore police!! 

All the while I kept wondering what ARE they trying to prove?  I just “sat” my ground watching and watching enjoying the rays of the early evening sun warm on my skin as they went round and round in circles above me… I didn’t actually count, but I’m certain that they circled there no fewer than a dozen times… interesting. At one point one of those big black unmarked police “boats” (it was actually a Crown Victoria, or similar model car) with dark windows (though they weren’t so dark that I couldn’t see the red and blue lights in the rear window as it went past) drove slowly by from the direction of the park and pulled out onto the main street that runs past our house. Interesting.

Interestingly also, I found myself thinking at the helicopter co-pilot as they made their last pass directly over my head, and I asked him “Are you having fun?” and he responded “Oh LOADS of fun!” and then I heard “oh… wait a minute… what?! What… who was that?!!” evidently he couldn’t figure out who had just spoken to him “inside his head” …but then I think he realized who it was… heeheehee… then I decided to have some more fun, and I projected “myself” (don’t laugh… I actually do this, and I have confirmation that I can and do bi-locate) up in front of their cockpit ~ pretty fluffy, frilly pink Angel with big pink wings, and just hovered there in front of them, keeping pace with them as they banked around from North back toward the West to make what I thought would be another pass over the top of me. I looked at them through their windshield and asked (“thought projected” at) them “What ARE you doing anyway?!” …

And it was right at that moment that they sped up and though I tried to keep pace with them saying “wait wait!” they beat it out of there, and they flew off toward the West and DID NOT come back!!! LOL

Coincidence? Well, I’ve had enough experiences like this to know that NO, in fact, it WASN’T a coincidence, though for some of you I suppose that remains to be seen… but how interesting!! They chose to fly off and NOT come back right at THAT moment that I revealed myself in all my glory right there in front of them!!  Shortly after they left, a black SUV with all dark windows pulled onto our side street off the main street, drove into one of our neighbors’ driveway, loaded someone who was waiting there, I couldn’t say who it might have been, then turned around and went back the way it came – now, THAT could be an entirely unrelated incident… though still it makes me wonder… hmmmmm … there’s actually more that makes me wonder, but I can’t talk about that right now. I will mention however that this is far from the first such intriguing and unusual incident of this type to happen here within about a 2 block radius of our house… there have been many others.

The really curious thing is that after all was said and done, I went inside the house into the kitchen and started cutting up a mango because I was feeling like I wanted to make a smoothie for myself, and then I realized – all the discomfort I had been feeling over the last two or three days was virtually GONE!! How about that!! I wonder… I just wonder…  do you suppose that entire incident was just one last jab from TPTB? But then they realized that I really AM cognizant of who I am and what I am capable of which could have led them to conclusion as to what they ought and ought not do in my presence?  I wonder… I just wonder…  I will mention that between last night and today there have been a number of helicopter fly-overs… no not the little city/county police type… these were BIG, probably same as what I saw – for a while back in 2010 they were only using Blackhawks… then at some point after one of the last “timeline” shifts they started using Comanche stealth, typical military style. They’re usually unmarked, flat-black. Last night was the first time I saw one like that with POLICE painted in big white letters on the side.  Very interesting.

Today I’m feeling pretty good… Back to my old self I’d say, or maybe even better… Had trouble viewing the newsfeed on FB right before I started writing this out… someone was trying to convey to me that I would CONTINUE to have difficulty viewing the newsfeed on FB until I sat down to write this out…

I wonder why – what’s so important about this particular story… unless…

He wants people to understand that something big is getting ready to happen… but no… we’ve been gearing up for THAT for … well… forever. [wink wink – you didn’t hear it from ME!]

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