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I Need Your Grace To Remind Me To Find My Own


Sparkly Butterfly

Words from a favorite song help me to remember that by recognizing the Grace of the Beloved, I learn how to find my own Grace within myself; to define what is right for me using me own inner wisdom; to use discernment without any outside interference or assistance.

I learned another very valuable lesson in discernment recently.

The heart only sees beauty and potential in what is presented to it, and because of that has a tendency to ignore the physical “3D” presentation of the life path. That’s all well and good if you don’t mind being led in some rather interesting directions within your lifetime. But this is why we have a “head”. The head or “mind”, picks up where the heart leaves off and helps us to discern the best choices for the most optimal journey on our life path, and why it is so important to allow there to be a connection between the head and the heart.  Using only one or the other can result in what might be considered “unwise choices” and result in the potentiality becoming “unlikely”.

When in the course of making a decision about something – especially if it is a decision that has the potential to affect your life path dramatically, although your heart may only see the beauty and the potential for positive outcome citing “Oh yes! This is so wonderful!” you may find it useful to allow your head to connect to your heart and use the information from both sources to help you make your decision. This is especially true if you ever feel that you cannot make the decision without outside advice. That, in and of itself, should be a clue as to the nature of the experience you are considering undertaking, and/or the potential outcome. That is your head saying “I don’t know”, and it would be wise to take precaution and follow the protocol of the center word in that phrase, DON’T.

Of course this method works in reverse also; if you KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that the decision you make will provide you with the desired outcome and no outside advice is necessary, then that is your head saying “I DO know” and hence you can again follow the protocol of the center word in that phrase also; DO.

Always remember that if you cannot make a decision on your own, unaided by someone else’s opinion, that you are having doubts regarding what you are about to embark upon. Of course you can still go ahead and choose based on someone else’s opinion, and it may in fact end in a satisfactory experience for you, but was it REALLY what YOU wanted, or was it instead what you thought someone else would think was best for you once they had impressed their opinion upon you? The decision is yours and yours alone ultimately, so there can be no blame laid to the person whose advice you sought if you follow it and your experience turns sour.

There may also be times, in fact, early on in your life experience when you DO use your own discernment to make the choice and things DON’T turn out the way you had “hoped”. But therein lies the key; the word “hope”, for to merely hope that something happens indicates that “I don’t KNOW” that it will happen, and once again you see, even though you are following your OWN advice, there was still uncertainty of the outcome in making that decision. It happens, and will happen, until your ability to discern for yourself is sharply honed like a well-kept sword and can cut through all the extraneous instantly when you come upon it.

The most valuable lessons are often the most difficult ones to learn. So, if you find yourself repeating this process a few times throughout your life, and remember; every situation is different so you might have to modify the methods a bit for each one you find yourself in, don’t look at these multiple lessons as “failures”, but rather as stepping stones that will help you get to where you’re going. It is a fact that no life path is perfectly straight or smooth along the way – what would be the point in that? We live our lives for the benefit of ALL which requires as much “input” of information and experience as possible, and THAT is why there are SO MANY variables.

Keep that last statement in mind as you consider whether or not to utilize these methods, and remember that if it suits you better, to modify them to your own preference.

Be Loved.

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