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“A Hand UP, Not Out”

By Ariel DeAngelis

I know I've not been keeping up with my writing like I had wanted to a while back. Sometimes lately I've just been feeling like "what's the point?". Well, the point is perhaps that there doesn't really have to be a point. I'm getting more and more used to the idea of doing what feels right, when it feels right, no more, no less and not a moment sooner. I think they call that "going with the flow" which is kind of how we're all supposed to be looking at our lives right now? Maybe? I think all too often we get all caught up in what we think we're SUPPOSED to be doing, and perhaps paying too much attention to current events which tend to rage out of control around us... We never allow ourselves to do what it is that we really WANT to do. We lose focus and end up bringing what we don't want into our reality, instead of what we do want. This is something that I've been struggling with lately. And interestingly in a very real context of what I set my focus on sometimes it manifests itself into my reality almost instantly - whether I want it to or not. And that in and of itself leaves me sometimes in not too pleasant a situation.

Well, I think you'll enjoy reading this article, though it reads more like a journal entry (because in reality it is). It has to do with something that I haven't talked about a lot lately, but in light of a tremendous step forward I made for myself today, I wanted to share with you my experience, so that others might understand part of the reason why a Twin Flame relationship really isn't, and isn't supposed to be necessarilly, a bed of roses without thorns. There are thorns a plenty, but sometimes it's the thorns we need to feel in order to really benefit from the lesson that they are trying to teach us. Enjoy the read!

April 29, 2015Hand UP, Not Out

One of the hardest things for a Twin Flame to do, I think, is to send their Beloved “other half” away while they learn to do something on their own. There is almost always the perception of the aching need for help from the Beloved, even though depending on the Beloved is NOT what will help them at that time. That, coupled with the Beloved’s compelling urge to help when they feel that aching coming from their Divine Counterpart can make for some pretty tense moments, though well worth it in the long run.

This is what I learned this morning after forcing myself to send Michael “away” (temporarily*) last night in order for me to learn how to do something which I need to be able to do 100% of the time on my own, without his help. I finally realized that for me to continually insist on and accept his help in the task at hand only served to aid in stalling me out with regard to setting a firm grounding foundation for me to form my own energy matrix upon. This is something which I recognize as an essential part of my own growth process. I am certain that this is true for all of us in most aspects of our lives, not just our Twin Flame reunion experience, if we are to have one.

So, in essence what I already knew, but what really needed to be “driven home” so to speak, is the fact that one of the main functions of a ”Twin Flame” (or Divine Counterpart, or whatever you choose to call it) in a person’s life is for them to give their Beloved a “hand up”, not necessarily a “hand out” with regard to helping them in the best way possible for their growth process and self-discovery. This assists the Twin in learning how to do things independently of their Beloved “other half” instead of “helping” them out by doing it “for” them, which as I’ve stated above is really no help at all.

I want to thank you Michael, for fighting the urge to help me at my weakest moments last night and this morning, when it appeared even to YOU that I might “fail” at what I was attempting to do. Thank you also for helping me have the strength and fortitude to refuse your offers of help when the urge for you to help me alleviate my discomfort compelled you to. As you have often tried to get me to have Faith in my own ability, I knew I could do it on my own, and I did, and will continue to do so. So I thank you for helping me in the best way that you possibly could; by allowing me to help myself! Thank you!

I Love you!

*I felt the need to edit here and include the word “temporarily” because I had the feeling that there were more than just a few  people who had gotten the impression that I had sent Michael away permanently. Michael IS still with me however – this was just a temporary “sending away” so that I could learn what I needed to learn on my own. Michael has been , is and always will be a part of my life in all aspects of it, especially as my Divine Counterpart.


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