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Free Will VS Divine Will: Bridging the Gap between Pseudo-Science and Singular Reality (Part IV)

by Ariel DeAngelis

I going to be taking a bit of a detour here again as there is information which came to me some time ago which I had promised to dedicate to print at some point, though as is often the case with me I have been waiting for just the right moment to take the opportunity to do so. That moment is now, especially in light of the fact that our Brothers and Sisters of the Galactic Federation of Light and Ashtar Command are now advising me that this information, being pertinent to all that I am relaying to you in this document, is necessary in order to “set the tone” for what is to come.

This information came to me in the form of a dream-channeled message that I received during my sleeptime on the morning of this past August 15 (2013). For some of you it may cause a knee jerk reaction because of certain conditioning which you still cling to, further cementing you to your perception of duality. Let me tell you, however, that for those of you who are aware that Love as a balancing mechanism in your perception of “reality”, and the main catalyst in your Ascension process, it is vitally necessary for you to ditch that perception, and what I will reveal to you over the course of the next few paragraphs will assist you in at least beginning that process. Let’s call this segment: “12 Purple Lilies”… you’ll understand the significance and the symbolism soon enough.

Purple Lily

“12 Purple Lilies”

I stood alone in the midst of a vast crowd. There were easily several thousand people around me, milling about as if they were waiting for something; carrying on quiet conversations amongst themselves.

Suddenly I received a silent message – one that only I could hear, with the instructions that NOW was the time to share it with all.

I raised my voice above the others and said,

“Can I have your attention please! I have a very important message which I need to relay to you all, NOW!”

I paused for a moment as all present gradually homed in on my location in the crowd and tuned in to what I was saying. Then I continued,

“We are ALL Rothschilds!!” I stated, articulately voiced and stalwart in my demeanor. And as if I had not even myself expected THAT to come out of my mouth, I stood there wondering “Oh MY GOD! Did I just say what I think I just said???!!!”

“Yes you did.” answered a familiar voice in reply.

My mind raced, bracing for the lynch mob which would undoubtedly be unleashed (or so I thought) as a result of my statement. But a curious thing happened. The onlookers simply stood there, as if they were awaiting me to continue. In fact they WERE waiting for me to continue. And so I did. At that point the message morphed to the next segment, as dream-channeled messages often do. And the information detailing that statement was relayed to me after I awoke.


Rothschild – could that be another Earth Human skewing of “RoOs Qai EL”? Yes, I believe it could.

Essentially, what that statement was in reference to is the fact that we are ALL descendants of that first colonizing, or seeding expedition (the “RoOs Qai EL”) which was sent to Earth in the 5th Dimension by the “Elohim” … which I will tell you here is just another “euphemism” for “Creator God/Goddess”. That is another of the skewing that Earth Humanity has brought upon itself by trying to over-define “reality” – in that which is simply a form of formless energy on the level of being “closest” to the initial “extensions” from Source Proper, much TOO much effort has gone into trying to assign a “hierarchy” to that which has no hierarchy… we just simply ARE. AND in fact, each and every one of you, the Soul Essence which resides within YOU is exactly of the same ilk across the board. Essentially, YOU are ALL Creator Gods/Goddesses. You each have hand your own hand in creating many amazing “worlds” in this Multi-verse!!! Earth and the Star System in which She resides is just one of them.

So who created the Sun, the Earth, the moon and all the other planets and their moons? I could tell you, but then, well… you know. Aw, come on! Where’s your sense of humor? LOL We need to break all this seriousness up with a little fun don’t we? <smile> I can say with some certainty that you will discover (or more likely remember) that bit of wisdom eventually, but at this point it doesn’t really matter…

More importantly, what this information is intended to do is to get you thinking less in terms of “us against them” and more in terms of “ALL for ONE and ONE for ALL” because in actuality, just as many had learned to think in terms of the “Adam and Eve” myth, we ALL come from the same initial 12 strand genetic “pool” or genome. In fact that is quite LITERALLY where ALL “life”, even higher dimensional life, that which we tend to view as formless, pure energy, Creator God/Goddess, Angelic, or however else you wish to label it, comes from. Uniformly and Universally 12 strand DNA, pure energy in Crystalline Light “form”. Incidentally, that “initial” genome showed up here on Earth approximately 1.5 billion (Earth) years ago – keeping in mind of course that we are talking about 5D, so “living conditions” on Earth in 5D even “then” were much different than they would have been in 3D. You may also be interested to know that the negative “Rh factor” traits which have so prevalently been heralded by the “elitist” group on this planet to indicate “pureblood”, didn’t actually show up until the first visitation of the Nephilim, around 250,000 (Earth) years ago. That trait was an exclusive contribution that only they made to the Human population of Earth. Interesting how all this time, it was thought to be that the “purebloods” were “Anunnaki” and that it was THEIR idea to try and keep the bloodlines “pure” … remember the Nephilim practice of preserving the Sacred Wisdom of their civilization? Keeping the pedigree as pure as possible was part of that. (kind of sounds like a familiar scenario has been repeated over and over within the scope of Universal history doesn’t it? The Grays from 4th Dimensional Zeta Reticuli arrived at a similar genetic juncture by repetitive cloning of their species.) So how does that translate into Nephilim allowing interbreeding with the original Anunnaki inhabitants of Earth… well, you’d have to ask them. But I surmise that it is one instance how overlooking the “sins of the father” in favor of a new, better, easier (and tastier) way of doing things was incepted into our own “society”. I think you could call it avarice perhaps; a tendency to gravitate toward “decadence” or the practice of over self-indulgence as a way of being.

!! Again, let me point out the importance of not utilizing this information to “point fingers” at or to blame anyone or anything for “the way things are”. It just IS. Remember that as far as Source is concerned ALL experiences are welcome and necessary as a means for It to know and Love itself better. And while I know that some of you may ask “where is the Love in THAT?” let me assure you that it IS there. It’s just that having been born into and become accustomed to certain ways of looking at life in 3rd Dimensional existence, you naturally have difficulty assimilating it all at once. You will understand unequivocally, however, once you have raised your awareness and vibration to a point where you realize that you no longer “need” to experience duality, and that within the dualistic existence IS the ONLY place where “anything goes”. Naturally you are inherent to encompass a sense of “right and wrong” within that duality, and with it a sense of needing to feel “guilt” or place “blame” for perceived trespasses against yourself or another. That is ALL a part of what Free Will is about. So please remember that as you and your awareness, or sense of enlightenment “Ascend” into the higher vibrations, you get farther and farther away from Free Will, and closer and closer to Divine Will, where the need to experience is still there, but having experienced “anything goes” in the construct of “duality”, the Soul knows that it doesn’t need to experience those things as it nears the Source of All That Is. I hope I’m making sense here. That being said, I will continue with the next segment of my dream-channeled message from August 15, 2013…

The Parthenon

I stood at the bottom of a gently sloping hill. In front of me rose a pure white, marble staircase leading to a building which sat atop the hill. The building, by all appearances, looked exactly like the Parthenon in its heyday, with her magnificent white pillars and crowning gable, whole, pristine and majestic, sitting atop the Acropolis in Athens, Greece. Dark clouds loomed and roiled overhead, and the building seemed enshrouded in a darkness which seemed out of place, even for the dark clouds overhead. It was a darkness which seemed to permeate the material substance of the building itself.

Undaunted by the foreboding air of the scene, I climbed those stairs, stealthily with deliberation. It wasn’t a particularly long staircase, though there were enough steps that I was able to pause just out of sight of anyone who might be standing inside the entrance to the building. Peeking up over the top stair, I could see the main chamber of the “temple” within which stood a large marble “table” a little off-center to the left. On the far left wall were two marble “thrones”, one larger and one smaller. At the back in the right corner was another opening or entrance through which I could see clouds swirling. In the very center of the room stood a man dressed in an expensive looking black suit with narrow lapels, and skinny tie. His dress and his stance made him look as if he had stepped right out of a photo taken of aristocracy some time during the early 1960’s. He seemed to be reciting some sort of chant or oath with the seeming intent of preventing access to the temple proper by uninvited and unwelcome “guests”. At this point, I also noted that there seemed to be some sort of a “screen”, or sheer curtain (like a veil???) which hung down over and enveloped the entire temple, covering over any and all access points. The man in the suit continued his recitation until he was finished and seemed quite pleased with the execution of his feat. Feeling unthreatened and unaffected in any way by what he was doing, I was quite content to stand there and wait for him to finish. Ironically, he never saw or even sensed that I was standing there watching him. I realized that his intent was indeed to place fortification on the “screen” which was already surrounding the temple. When he was finished, he exited the temple through the opening at the rear right corner.

After he had gone, I finish my ascent of the stairs, and deftly stepped right through the screen as if it were not there at all. I knew instinctively that it would have no effect of keeping me out of the temple. I stood in the center of the temple and turned to look out the direction I had just come from. There in the distance inside of a great “basin” was stretched out what seemed to be an entire city.  As I stood there I felt a magnificent energy coming into me, and I raised my arms up and stretched them out from my sides as far as I could in order to take in as much of that delicious sensations as possible. And then I began to turn slowly and purposefully in counter-clockwise circles. And as I turned swathes of “star-stuff” streamed forth from my fingertips; stars and planets and nebulae and all sorts of astronomical events and features stretched forth from my outstretched hands forming a gigantic spiral which reached out far past the city in the basin, all the way out into the farthest reaches of the Universe itself. In the midst of my composition, I could hear the voice of the man who had preceded me there in the temple. He was coming up the rear staircase accompanied by 3 or 4 other individuals, and they did NOT sound happy. I think it was their intention to stop me from what I was doing, because they knew that if I succeeded their tenure in the temple would be permanently removed. 

New Galaxy

When I had finished, the temple was fully illumined by the light from all those bands of starstuff; the darkness was totally dissipated, the screen/veil dissolved and the new “Galaxy” floated there stretched out clear across Creation; One in All and All in One. And alas, I finished just as the men who would try to stop me reached the last step, but they could not enter the temple because the light from the newly formed Galaxy was too bright.

The message then morphed to the next segment.

Once again I found myself standing at the bottom of the hill and the white marble staircase looking up at the Great Temple in its stunning white marble glory. The stormy clouds had retreated from the sky which was now brilliant blue and sunshine streamed down from above enveloping the temple within a Heavenly glow. As I stood looking a group of 12 attendants had gathered with me at the bottom of the staircase; 6 women and 6 men. The women were dressed in sleeveless, grass green, waltz length dresses, each with a purple satin sash at the waist. The men were wearing rather austere looking dark gray suits, with narrow lapel and neck ties. Each of the attendants, both women and men carried small bouquets of 4 purple lilies each. They moved to ascend the stairs and as each one of them approached they turned and handed me a purple lily from their bouquet, then proceeded on up the stairs. I could hear the strains of a familiar chamber orchestra piece playing in the background as sort of a processional (I’m not sure but I think it was the Spring movement from Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons”). In fact, for all intents and purposes it seemed as if this were some kind of wedding procession, and I remember thinking to myself, since it seemed as if I was the bride, “Okay, where’s the groom?”

As the last attendant ascended the stairs I realized I was standing there with this huge bouquet of a dozen purple lilies in my arms. It was then that I noticed my own dress; again, waltz length and sleeveless, but made of some sort of soft, light green cotton type fabric with tiny white daisies printed on it, and a grass green sash tied at the waist.

I began navigating the stairs, slowly working my way to the top. I faltered a couple of times, wrestling with the hem of my dress (trying not to trip over it; I’m not used to wearing dresses), but finally made it to the top, still wondering where the groom was. The 12 attendants were each beaming big smiles at me. And as I worked my way to the center of the temple, making note of the two white marble thrones still at the left end and the large marble table/platform just to the left of center, it dawned on me that this wasn’t a wedding at all. No, I wasn’t certain what it was or what the occasion was, but this was some kind of “ceremony” in which I myself was to take center stage. And I did.

And as I stood there, I turned and looked back the direction from which I had come, much as I had when I had finished “creating” the galaxy previously. Stretched out below, it seemed almost as far as the eye could see was a great crowd of people, who upon my having turned around to face them began cheering and applauding. Many of them were carrying banners and signs with words on them dedicated to this special occasion, and to me. And all I could do was just stand there, almost in disbelief. It was like I knew what was happening and why this was taking place, but my 3D Earth Human brain still in control though clearly I was receiving some kind of important message, just couldn’t make sense of it. And then someone holding up a sign in the part of the crowd nearest the temple shouted out in a congratulatory tone,

“YOU SURPRISED US!!!...”and many near him echoed him sentiment.

I stood there for a moment not knowing what to say, and then my “inner knowing”, fully understanding what this was all about. I smiled broadly and spoke up in a loud voice that somehow EVERYONE could hear,

“I surprised myself!!”

Then they REALLY cheered, and a grand celebration began.

At some point after this I must have become partway “conscious” because as the message morphed into the next part, I became aware that I was lying in a bed, with the covers comfortably pulled up around my neck, and I remember settling back and placing my arms behind my head and laying there on my back looking up at the … sky.

Yes, I was lying in my bed, out in the middle of a field, at dusk looking up at the blue-violet of the coming night and marveling at all the stars up in the sky. And then realizing, there were a LOT LOT more stars up there than there should have been; and THEN realizing that some of them were… MOVING!!!

OMG!! It was the UNVEILING!! One of the things I had been looking forward to most in this lifetime was FINALLY HAPPENING. Two of my closest friends were standing nearby, and I said to one, “Look Look!! Up in the sky!! The ships!!” I don’t recall that she was able to say much. I think she was too awestruck. And then as the ships that were lowest in altitude became clearly visible, I could recognize the structure of many of them as being either cargo, or passenger transport/shuttles; each colored white, with a familiar red stripe along the side and characters in some unknown written language which again my 3D Earth Human mind didn’t recognize but my inner knowing understood to stand for “GFOL”.

And I jumped up out of my bed and began cheering. And then slowly one smaller sized, lone ship sauntered slowly across in front of us, not more than 50 feet or so off the ground and maybe 100 feet away, with words printed on it in English – very specific words (which I cannot reveal in toto to you at this time but which have significant meaning) which brought to understanding for me (a personal message I guess?) the significance of my own role in all of this. And I said to my friend who was still standing there in awe, “Oh look, that one has my name on it!” And certainly it did, with three other words (which as I’ve already stated I won’t reveal at this time).

Now, the one feature in all these message segments that stands out the most to me are the purple lilies. Why purple lilies? And in fact, that morning after I woke up, I was in a rather frustrated and disgusted mood and I still had some notion in my head that Michael should have been there at that “ceremony” where the purple lilies stood out so prominently for me. But he wasn’t. And the reason was because the “ceremony” was about me, even though technically Michael is a part of me, because of that he was “already” there, within me. This “ceremony” was about me reclaiming a part of “me” that I left behind when I opted to become incarnate in order to be here to help out with these proceedings.

Since that morning of August 15, 2013, it has been very clear to me of what that role is, and one reason why I haven’t been making too many attempts at relaying any information having to do with upcoming “events”. Though I hesitate to use the term “events” as they will take a rather unexpected turn… and to be quite honest I’m not really certain what that might be as A) I have, for my own reasons asked to remain “ignorant” of “timetables”, and B) because of the nearly unavoidable “jumping” between “timelines” which we have been experiencing over the last couple of years – which some of you no doubt have perceived as having “picked up” quite a bit recently – no one really “knows” WHAT exactly will happen, or when, and as always has been, a LOT of that really depends on Earth Humanity and how and when and how many people are “awake” at any given point. “Critical Mass”, as it were, could be reached at any moment…

I could tell you here in the body of this document what I discovered about the significance of the purple lilies, but I don’t think I want to take the time or space to do that when there is so much other information which is more pertinent and important for all of YOU to know, and the reason why I am writing this in the first place. So I’m simply going to include some useful links to information which I discovered when Michael suggested to me that I go ahead and “look up” the “symbolic” meaning of purple lilies and let you decide for yourselves if you feel so inclined, what it might be [NOTE: not all of these links lead to articles specifically about “purple lilies” … some of them are about lilies in general, some of them are about purple flowers, or bouquets in general, and one is about the meanings of the color purple in general, but I think you’ll get the picture…]

And wouldn’t you know, as you might expect, I couldn’t locate all of the links that I retrieved information from, though I did keep some of the information and placed in a journal that I have been keeping, so I’ll include below some of the shorter excerpts of information about (purple) lilies and their meaning:

“A beautiful Purple arrangement can also symbolize an important transition.”

“The purple lily holds the additional meaning of first love.” (I really like this one)


So there it is. Not only are we ALL related because uniformly we are all “extensions” of Source, but also because of the seeding and re-seeding occurrences of Earth with the original and various hybrid variations of the Human genome. It can accurately be said that there is not a one of us who is not related in some way to all the others – of the majority of us who were born here within this lifetime that is. Of course there are always going to be exceptions, such and members of our extended family who opted to become “stepped down” from the higher dimensions in order to be here more or less on a permanent basis in order to assist us in our Ascension process. Most of them have arrived over the course of the last 3 or 4 years, however there are some who have been here for much longer than that. Some have given birth to families of their own throughout the course of their stepped-down state of being.

The point of the matter that I am trying to make here is that we ARE ALL in this together, whether we have chosen to believe that or not; it is simply a fact. So let me tell you more about why it is that we ALL need to adopt a different attitude toward each other than the one we have allowed to dominate our society for so many centuries to the extent that we not only don’t recognize THAT we have this particular attitude, but more importantly, we don’t even remember WHY we have it, or how we came to have it. I surmise that if we did, quite in fact, we wouldn’t.

I know it may seem like I keep jumping around here a lot, but since fluidity and flow are something that you will need to get used to anyway in the moments to come, we may as well utilize the concept of such to the highest degree possible here, especially since it seems to suite my own purposes for getting this information to you in a format that (believe it or not, LOL) will eventually make sense. So that being said, let me pick up again, basically where I left off with the arrival of the Zeta Grays within our [current] 3D Earth plane experience.

It is fairly common knowledge by now that the Earth Humans were not the or only “species” the Grays utilized for their purposes unknown when they arrived – also problematic for them was a way to sustain their “dietary” requirements while they went about their search for suitable genetic “donors” for the purpose of multiplying themselves. Many animals were utilized thusly in their search for “nourishment”, which was/is not obtaining nourishment in the way that you or I would by “eating”, but rather by the nutritional substances being broken down to their most basic structures so that they could easily be “absorbed” directly into their bodies through their skin. Just as they had lost the ability to “procreate” in the way which you or I would find typical, so too had they “lost” the ability to assimilate “food” into their bodies in the way you or I would find most common; by eating them. In fact just as they no longer had the ability to generate offspring through gestation within internal organs, neither did they any longer have any semblance of an alimentary system (or digestive tract). All nutrients and wastes were/are taken in and excreted through the skin or “ubiquitous membrane” as they tend to refer to it. Many different kinds of animals were utilized for this purpose; however we may derive from the prominence of cattle and other herd animal mutilations that the internal organs of these animals were being harvested for this purpose – organ tissue more often than not being richer in content than other body tissues of certain types of basic molecules (i.e. peptides).

Back to the subject of proliferation of species; so where DID the Grays get their Human genetic test subjects from?


Most of the first rounds of test subjects were in fact “kidnapped” or abducted; no warning, no preconception of what type would be best suited to their needs. They just went in, in the dead of night, usually absconding with abductees right out of their beds – easy pickin’s basically. This was actually quite a common practice for them LONG before the first reports began rolling in from people who were actually put back after having been abducted. [1] In fact this commonly took place long before they initially made contact with Earth governments. So, why make contact with Earth governments at all? Why not just simply, in the dead of night, continue to sneak into people’s home and steal them away while they slept? [2] Well, in fact, this was all taking place COINCIDENTALLY at the same time that rustlings which would eventually become WWII began in Western Europe approximately 3 years after1933 the implementation of the “new government” in Germany – (just prior to the 1936 Olympics (oh MY that’s a lot of 3’s!!!)). While it is unclear to me exactly what the reasoning was behind first contact being with this regime, I suspect that it was actually forced upon the Grays because of German national security being on “high alert" at the time. The general ambiance being tense all over at that time Germany was ever on the lookout for “attack from the skies” interestingly enough (though perhaps not surprising). What with their own experiments being conducted at the time with “rockets” or rocket propelled “missiles” as a possible weapon, I’m nearly certain they expected that their nearest “adversaries” at the time may have been conducting similar trials and perhaps even superseding their own technologies to that effect. So the skies were being watched very closely; but they didn’t see what they expected they might. No in fact they saw something which was of much higher concern to them; unidentified/unearthly craft (with unknown intention) flying overhead.

mountains SW Germany

So you think that the first UFO was “shot down” over Roswell, New Mexico? Wrong. It was shot down somewhere in the mountainous region of southwestern Germany, about 30k due West of Stuttgart. Don’t misunderstand the difference between “shot down” and crashed here. As a matter of fact there were a number of “crashes” which occurred early on after the Grays first arrived at Earth, while they were getting used to the higher density of the 3rd Dimension along with the gravity and magnetic properties of the Earth in general. These went largely unnoticed however – except maybe for the one that happened over Tunguska in 1908. Yes they had been here for that long and perhaps longer before anyone ever knew it…

Just as there were from the craft that was shot down over New Mexico approximately a decade later, there were survivors from the craft that was shot down over Germany. What a coincidence that the new German government just happened to be interested in the same kinds of things that the Grays were attempting to do. The difference of course being that the Grays had an inherent and excellent understanding of genetics and gene manipulation, whereas German scientists were still only guessing at ways to recombine certain traits which would produce the “master race” they were intent upon creating. [3] Of course the Gray’s mastery of genetics wasn’t the only advanced technology they had to offer in trade for their release from German captivity. Being natural telepaths they had no difficulty making it clear to the German government what they had to offer, and what they expected in addition to their freedom in return for their knowledge and advanced technology; human genetic test subjects. And thus was the first “deal” struck between the Grays and Earth governments for their human genetic test subjects in exchange for “all” their advanced technological “secrets”. If only the Earth governments had known that the Grays had no intentions of releasing “all” their secrets, they probably would have been more careful of how they negotiated with them.

As it turned out, Earth governments found out the hard way that the Grays were masters of the “bait and switch” method of making “deals”. The Grays got exactly what they wanted, but Germany only got a fraction of what it wanted – the Grays made sure of that. You see, they also knew full well what the plan was for the NWO to “take over” Earth in the coming decades, but as their stay on Earth wore on, the Grays realized that they would be needing a place for their new hybridized race to call home for a while… maybe a few thousand [Earth] years, while they figured out a way to safely step them up to the 4th Dimension so they could take them “home”. And so they had been busy hatching their own plans of how they themselves would “take over” the planet, eventually pushing out the indigenous Humans to make room for their “own kind”…they had no intentions of allowing enough of their own technologies into the hands of the humans for them to be useful to them. No, they only gave them enough to make it seem to the humans as if they were on the verge of a huge technological breakthrough, when in fact, what they had been given could never really amount to much or utilized for anything truly “ground shaking”. This the Grays knew would keep the Humans busy and “out of the way” while they continued working on their own plans…

Coincidentally on the other side of the world, what turn out to be Germany’s biggest adversary during WWII had also been approached by the Grays. Ah yes. The USA. Not only were the Grays expert at “bait and switch” tactics, they were also very adept at playing the objects of their “desires” off against one another, essentially making the same deal with “all” of them, knowing full well that what they stood to gain would be used one against the other. Was part of their intention to get them to annihilate one another and make take-over of Planet Earth just that much easier for the Grays?

1943; The Philadelphia Experiment. I know that rings bells for many of you out there. Some maintain that this was all made up but in fact it wasn’t. It really did exist AND the things that were reported by eye-witnesses DID happen. It was the result of the USA military experimenting with (what were to them) advanced “cloaking” technology that had been provided to them by the Grays. In reality, it was actually just the basic concepts behind putting vibration of matter slightly out of phase from a vibrational standpoint from matter surrounding it… unfortunately, in the hands of people who had no idea what they were doing it proved to be quite catastrophic for those who were involved in the experiments. As the Zeta Grays knew it would be. They themselves had suffered the same kinds of mishaps in their own early experiments with attempting dimensional “shifts”. And as they had experienced with many of their Human genetic test subjects when they had tried to send them back “home” to the 4th Dimension for ease of implementation of their experiments without “stepping them up” in vibration properly first. Of course they suffered the same fate that the Grays’ own kind did when they first began trying to access the 5th Dimension from their own 4th Dimension. The ones who came back alive often did not live long, and of those who did, many suffered from burns of radiation “poisoning” and other unspeakable horrors.

Trinity Test July 16, 1945

1945; US detonates its first atomic (fission) bomb. Self-explanatory. Several other countries were also privy to this information by this time, but USA, having the resources, both material and intellectual beat everyone else to the punch. Pure and simple – they wanted to “win” the war no matter what.

In 1947 another Zeta Gray craft got “careless” and was shot down over Roswell, New Mexico, USA. By this time the Grays were well rehearsed in “negotiation” practices to get what they wanted. Of course by this time it was all a ruse for the sake of “credibility” of the US military to the “press” (main stream media at the time), just in case word got out to the “public” that the story would be – this was the first that US military had contact with intelligent life outside of Earth.  While I won’t say that the US military didn’t mistreat to the point of torture, the survivors of that “crash”, let’s just say that this particular group of Grays, not being the emotional type, had no difficulty withstanding inappropriate treatment in the interests of procuring exactly what they wanted from the deal; more Human test subjects in exchange for advanced technology. Of course the US had its own reasons for making it “look good”.  USA military had succeeded in “winning” the war by this time, but in an effort to save face from all of the botched experiments (which by the way they STILL hadn’t caught on that they had been hoodwinked by the Grays) wanted access to the Grays’ flight methods and anything they could utilize as advanced weaponry or other technologies that would “make” USA the most advanced nation on the Planet. The Grays “complied”. And in fact the survivors of this craft, along with other individuals of their race who were subsequently enlisted, stayed behind as one of the conditions, in order to “assist” the USA military in its endeavors at worldwide military, and other, supremacy. Of course, the Grays, once again, had no intention of releasing to the USA all their secrets; just enough to make it “seem” like they were getting something out of the “deal”. Interestingly, just a few years later the DNA double helix was “discovered”… another partial “gift” from the Grays? Did ANYONE at this time realize the significance of this information? And what WOULD be the implications once “messages” of another type started coming in from “out there” in an escalated and more consistently reliable fashion?

Gray practices for test subject procurement escalated, until the USA military became “wise” to their true intentions. Then almost as if by design, yet another extraterrestrial influential faction represented themselves after many generations of “absence” … And the whole process of bartering began all over again, only this time propelling the “World Government” in a slightly new direction based upon “new” technological information that was shared from the other influencing faction… and things were about to get VERY INTERESTING – from their standpoint anyway. I’m nearly certain that if it weren’t for the “learning potential” that you and I and everyone like us could have done without what would happen next…

  [ … to be continued …]                                                                              [… back to Part III…]


[1] I would like to point out here that Grays were not the only ones doing the “abducting”… there were many “abductions” (and I use that terms very loosely here) carried out by our Galactic Family that were in fact not only voluntary on the part of the Abductees, but also planned prior to the Abductees’ incarnation into their current physical bodies. The reason being that they are part of the “ground crew” so to speak  – the ones, like myself, who are here to assist with all of the proceedings leading up to and including our Ascension into the higher dimensions. The purpose for us having been taken aboard, usually with us having little if any recollection of the incidents at the time (usually latent come out at some point later on), for the purpose of briefing with information that will be needed for them function in that capacity at some point coming up. The information that is given us is specifically designed to become accessible to us at precisely the moment we need it. So sometimes when “Abductees” have memories of being taken and then put back, seemingly with no violations to their physical bodies having occurred, these are usually voluntary, and bear no resemblance in any way to abduction that were carried out by the Zeta Grays for purposes of their genetic experiments.[back]

[2] As years went by and because of certain “turns of events” having to do with the complicities of the governments with which they had been working, and due to the Grays having figured out how to “erase” or “skew” memories of abductions, their abduction practices became more brazen and they began taking people from streets, back alleys and basically anywhere else they might find individuals who were isolated from any crowds of “onlookers”… vagrants were a favorite target at one point, until they figured out that “healthier” or more well maintained individuals would provide them with more optimal genetic material…[back]

[3] Interesting to note here that the purpose of creating this “master race” was not to create a race of intellectually and physically superior human beings, but in fact it was the beginnings of the NWO’s attempts at creating the perfect “docile and subservient” race to become their indentured servants after the “apocalypse” which they believed was approaching and would be upon them all too soon at the end of 2012… more on this later. [back]


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