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Free Will VS Divine Will: Bridging the Gap between Pseudo-Science and Singular Reality (Part III)

by Ariel DeAngelis

Beginning in higher dimensions and ending up in the 3rd Dimension, contributions to this magnificent event came from all over. Some came merely to watch while others made contribution to the diversity of life forms, each wanting an opportunity to see how well they might flourish in an environment where they knew that eventually ALL would be possible to experience. All sorts of races/species from all kinds of civilizations all over the Universe, literally, came to observe and participate in the “experiment” that was Planet Earth. Of course many of the more advanced civilizations from dimensions 5 and higher, already had a “good idea” (being Masters of Space and Dimension and “time” themselves) of how all would turn out, though they didn’t know “exactly” as Universe always has a way of making certain that there is some “variances” in probability; things like unexpected “timeline” shifts and energy junctures and exchanges…

I will explain a little more about the “petri-dish” concept, and go further in depth with some “pre-history” of Earth before I continue with the exploits of the Zeta Grays, though first I want to say a little about how perspective plays a large part in the activities of various cultures and civilizations, and how each of their own points of view affects the outcome of those activities at various points.


For instance, I have mentioned that the Grays discovered that they had “exhausted” all the resources in their own dimension and so were utilizing ways they had discovered to access other dimensions in order to bolster their stores of “raw materials”. That is NOT to say, however, that they had “actually” exhausted their resources as we would typically see it from our own point of view. We, as Earth Humans tend to think of the term “exhausted” to mean completely used up or drained of any further usefulness. In fact to this particular group of Grays from 4th Dimensional Zeta Reticuli, they look upon resources as such that, as soon as one has discovered it and all apparent uses for it, the resource no longer has any value and so is no longer considered of any use. They pass on to the next resource to exploit it for their newest and possibly greatest project for technological advancement, whatever that might be.

Wasteful? Well, no, not from their point of view. But maybe there’s something to be said for the way they look at it. Perhaps we ourselves could inadvertently stand to learn a thing or two about conservation, simply by studying the concept of “usefulness” from their perspective… Of course, just as there are all levels at which free will can be experienced, so too are there as many different perspectives as there are civilizations …


What is the purpose of life again? Well, as I mentioned fairly early on in Part I, it is simply Love. But Love in ALL Its complexity. There is that paradox again; simple yet complex. All in One; One in All. And to feel what it feels like to be a part of that One is sheer Ecstasy building and growing within Itself in an exponentially expanding, never-ending orgasmic climax. Quite simply put it is the most wonderful thing that anyone could ever feel; what it is like to be IN LOVE with One’s Self as “God”; the Great Singularity.

So, okay we exist to experience Love. It is that simple. And yet in order to experience Love totally, we must also be willing to experience complexity; to perceive of our reality as being divided up into “parts”. Or in other words, once again, to perceive ourselves as being separate from the whole; duality. In experiencing “contrast” we come to better understanding of that which we already know. In order to do this effectively howver, when we enter a state of dualistic perception, or dichotomy, it is necessary to leave behind all memory of ever having been a part of the whole – the whole point of the process being to experience the journey of self back to SELF, or to gradually and eventually re-member ourselves as the whole, the Great Singularity, the Source of All That Is; essentially Love. That’s not to say that we haven’t left ourselves little land markers, little road signs along the way to give us direction back to Source. One of those is the feeling of Ecstasy; that fleeting moment of ultimate recognition that All of us have felt in one way or another which points us in the direction of Love being the ultimate expression of Divine Creation. It’s even integrated into our drive to (pro)create, within the expression and experience of sexual orgasm. But it is also there within our everyday lives expressed as happiness, joy, peace and a host of other feelings which bring about a sense of balance, completeness or wholeness in the midst of our otherwise exciting and sometimes uncertain existence. It is also present in other, more esoteric ways which are usually perceived by the Souls who are already integrating and making their way toward the higher vibrations, and yet when experienced at this point in the journey is felt to such an extent as to be ALL encompassing, body – mind – Soul.

This is the journey that we are on. This is our “reason for being” here now. And as a part of our experience raising vibrations back up to the higher dimensions during this period of preeminent Energy INflux that has been specially prepared and sent to us by the Singularity (Unified Consciousness – and YES YOUR very own consciousness plays a part in providing for this upliftment) we have been presented with the opportunity to experience literally everything that can be experienced. That is part of our experience of duality; the existence of full-on “free will”; the expression “anything goes” seems to fit well here.

Yes, the Universe is rife with diversity but diversity such as it is, spread out across the vastness of eternity/infinity. Yet here, in this one spot, this tiny point in “space” on this little blue planet is the opportunity to literally experience it ALL in one place. One stop shopping, at its finest! No wonder there has been SO much interest in the Earth meme throughout existence, even and especially from beings who have and continue to inhabit the higher dimensions. The only thing is, that in order to experience this meme fully, it is necessary to “step down” in vibration; essentially, to “fall”, to forget one’s own connection to Divinity and effectively one’s own Divine True Nature as a being of Pure Energy experiencing existence at various stages of density in material form. This can take place instantly, or as in the case of many civilizations who have colonized this Earth meme, over the course of many eons.


Now, it was my original intent here to only go a little further back into Earth’s history and the history of this Star system, but it has been made known to me that there is a need here to begin at the beginning, and fill you in on the very beginnings of your journey to where you are ~ which is actually quite pertinent to what you are currently experiencing and probably why it has been reasoned as “necessary information” to be relayed at this particular “time”.

To put it quite succinctly, your “Sun” has not always been where it had been; meaning that in the beginning, in its infancy, it was actually located in a different part of your galaxy. Originally, it was a small, outlying companion to the giant Blue/White Star which you call “Maia”, located in the Star cluster “Pleiades”. Its concentric orbit was to Maia much as Earth is to it at the current moment. In your Sun’s youth, really before any of the planets had begun to form, it was chosen for the “Great Experiment” that would become “Earth” and subsequently moved further out to the edge of the Galaxy to make it easier to isolate (if necessary). This however was never intended to be a permanent situation. In fact, before it was ever moved the first time, the plan had been made to, at just the right “time”as your experience of “Ascension” was under way, move it back to its original location. You already know this in your Higher States of Consciousness; this is why so many of you have had “dreams” of waking up to TWO suns in the sky. These are actually inherent or latent “memories of future events” that you are having as a result to your reconnection to your multi-dimensional “selves”. In fact, unbeknownst to many of you even though you have been having these latent memories surfacing more and more lately, your star system has been in transit now for a number of years.

Many of you who are incarnate on Earth (and also in higher dimensions on [Venus] and [Mars], and some of the outer-lying planets) have been placed here strategically as “buffers” or “inertial dampers” to help absorb and defray some of the sensation of “movement” as the system has been under way, so that “life as you had come to know it” could progress uninterrupted for the most part. This doesn’t mean that you haven’t been feeling the effects of this “movement”. And those of you who have been placed thusly for this purpose (in addition to being Energetic Conduits for the incoming Energies which are being beamed at Earth for the specific purpose in aiding you in your transition to Crystalline state of being) have had quite profound senses of movement, feeling out-of-alignment, out-of-body at times, and even on occasion succumbing to intense bouts of vertigo (I “affectionately” term this “room-spin”).  

Of course, as you might expect there are reasons for inertial dampening which are much more basic in addition to reducing the sensation of movement for those who are on this “ride”; that being to help keep the system “together” in essence. This is one reason why your Sun has reached such an “active” state; we are still picking up momentum/speed in this journey, and as we do so, so will Earth’s transition to 5th Dimension be fully realized. This is how, if you had wondered, “life” within a dual Star system in which one Star is a giant Blue/White star, is still possible; because you will be resonating at a 5th Dimensional level, and your Crystalline body matrix will be able to withstand the higher vibration and Light frequency. That leaves us with the question of “what happens to 3D Earth?” Thankfully, you don’t need to worry about that for quite some time to come, if ever. It is interesting, however, how some among you have already “projected” forward in the only way they know how and have been planning for this stage of the events unfolding for thousands of generations now. And one reason why you find yourselves in rather uncomfortable circumstances at the moment. But then, how could they have known, most of them having as limited recollection as you do of the true nature of the Universe, how something like jumping timelines could affect the outcome of what they thought would be imminent “disaster”… hang on. We’re still jumping.

Let me point out, once again, that the circumstances in which you currently find yourselves are largely determined by where you are placing your focus; remember that one of the main keys to manifesting your “reality” is by placing and maintaining your focus. In order to manifest into your reality what you WANT, it is imperative that you FOCUS ON WHAT YOU WANT. Because of those who believe they know better than the rest of us how this “story” will end, your focus is being constantly diverted in order to cause distraction, and fear, and for the main purpose of delaying the inevitable – at least, they think, until they can figure out a way to “survive” what they see as almost insurmountable odds they face as Earth continues to Ascend into the 5th Dimension – short of Ascending themselves, which they are not convinced by any means they are capable of doing. Let me share the history behind this with you, and perhaps it will help you in achieving a sense of compassion for these individuals and assist them in understanding that, they too, can Ascend quite naturally just as everyone else is. All they have to do is let go of their need to control everything in their lives, and simply allow the Universe to provide the necessary catalyst (Love) to bring all of their fondest dreams to reality.

Remember what I mentioned earlier in part one of this dissertation; that thoughts and feelings and emotions, being Energy too, have the ability to affect everything and everyone they touch… so presumably, if we SURROUND everything and everyone around us, yes even those who we see as having harmed, or intend to harm us in some way, with Love and Compassion, they will inevitably be affected and transmuted by that Energy, and where they may have thought that they could never achieve the kind of vibration that would be necessary for them to even “Ascend” into the Higher Dimensions, much less to survive such a “jaunt”, they would by simple default of the Love surrounding them and infusing them, make the journey quite effortlessly, having they themselves been transmuted by Love into Love (which in actuality they never stopped being; it was only their own perception of themselves which allowed them to believe that they were separate from Love – sound familiar?). Remember also that ALL of Creation is a “perceptual thing” and perceptions can change much, MUCH easier than perhaps you have been led to believe in any one lifetime. These are things to keep in mind as you read further…


And so, let’s continue by going back a little further in Earth’s history (although I’m not going to go ALL the way back to the first ever colonization expedition – I’ll leave that for another chapter); we find ourselves within a “timeframe” of several hundred thousand years ago (linear time) from what you perceive as “today”. And at this “time” there was yet another “race” or “species” of Extraterrestrial who were making the rounds through “space”. Their reason for “stopping off” at Earth was not to contribute as much as to extract and as you might expect gold and other metallic minerals were high on their list of desirable acquisitions. Though eventually they would find themselves contributing inadvertently to the genome of the indigenous population, and food also would eventually become something that they were to find themselves in need of. You see, they stumbled across Earth almost as serendipitously as the Zeta Grays did [thousands of years] later.

This race began its tenure within Earth’s locale in a 4th Dimensional state of being, but over the course of thousands of revolutions of the Earth around the Sun(i.e. “years”), had ALSO experienced as a direct result of its actions, a shift in “timelines” which eventually stepped them down into the 3rd Dimension from the 4th and created catastrophic Earth changes which also dropped the indigenous Human population of Earth into a 3rd Dimensional state of being, and also nearly caused their extinction. After many generations were born to them within their new 3rd Dimensional home, they remained for all intents and purposes permanently “stepped” down and so became more and more acclimated to the higher density/lower vibration of this dimension. They did, however, still maintain certain 4th Dimensional attributes which made them appear “supernatural” by perceptions of most indigenous people’s of Earth at the time. But there was a reason for that.

Nephilim. Now there’s a familiar name to some of you out there. 4th Dimensional shape-shifting “reptilian” or “reptoid” species originating from a planet orbiting what modern Earth-based astronomers have labeled “Barnard 33”, just below the most prominent star, Alnitak, at the bottom portion of Orion’s belt, in the constellation of Orion. Though it should be noted that this is NOT the only “reptilian” species/race that originates from stars located in the general vicinity of “Orion”. And in fact the label “Nephilim” is a fairly generalized term that has been used for any of a number of different (usually reptilian in nature) “Extraterrestrial” civilizations which have visited Earth over the course of Her existence. It IS a vastly enormous area of “space” even though from our “perspective” here on Earth stars within constellations seem like they are close together. Please realize also that although we have many different “labels” that we as Earth Humans have attached to the civilizations that have visited Earth for one reason or another, that in many cases these are labels which are specific to “understanding” on Earth primarily, as many of the space-faring civilizations that we have encountered (or more aptly have encountered us) are of the higher dimensional variety, and don’t, for the most part, even communicate with one another in “spoken language” but rather, telepathically and more often than not, in pure thought form.


This particular group first arrived here a little further back than about 250,000 (linear time) Earth years ago. In the course of their mining operations, they would utilize shape-shifting abilities to take on the appearance [especially] of any Human-type species that were native to any given Planet they might visit so as to be able to carry out their mining operations with minimal involvement/resistance from the native population. It was always assumed that the “Human-type” inhabitants were naturally the more intelligent, more highly developed civilizations in any given locale (although they always maintained a sense of superiority over most indigenous species they came across). This was the way they tended to see themselves – as being superior to just about everyone else out there. Although they were generally speaking larger than indigenous populations “at the time” they were NOT the giants whose skeletal remains are purportedly being unearthed in recent “times” … (there have actually been a number of “other” giant-type civilization who visited Earth with the intentions of colonization, however they found Earth’s gravity to be quite problematic, and so their stay here was relatively short as compared with colonizing expeditions of other cultures).

Although theirs was and austere culture, they weren’t what would typically be considered as the “warring” type, or compared to groups for whom conquering and taking over other civilizations was their main goal. No, in fact, mining was their main goal, and they were good at it, and of course, as previously mentioned, gold was their most highly sought after “prize”.

They conducted themselves in such a way as to greatly revere the cultural accomplishments of their civilization by bringing into practice somber rituals which were intended to preserve and propagate their combined consciousness for future generations to make use of. So, in essence they did have a type of rudimentary understanding of how Spirit/Source infusion of All That Is and Unity Consciousness works which was passed down (as they believed) from generation to generation though the ritual sacrifice and consumption of select individuals of their own people who were specifically prepared by infusing with all the Sacred Knowledge of their civilization prior to sacrifice and consumption; in essence what I am trying to say here is that they practiced a sort of “sanctified” ritual cannibalism. This was considered an extreme honor for those who were chosen to experience it, and there was no fear associated with it as there was some innate understanding that “death” of the physical body, especially by this means, was NOT the “end”. Soul Essence continued on in infinite possibility that is the Universe, and there was ALWAYS and option to return, if they would so choose. I am mentioning all of this because it IS relevant to explanations of “why” things have turned out the way they have, and will hopefully help you to understand why it is that Compassion is probably a better route to take on your own continued journey toward enlightenment and upliftment.

I am certain by now that you are well aware of how circumstantially even the best of intentions can become skewed over “time” and what once was a very reverently held practice can eventually become an aberration at best, and sometimes an out and out abomination to what the original intentions were; (cited a good example of this in our more modern times might be the Crusades. And similar things continue today under the same guise. Say no more.) This is in fact what happened over the course of many generations with this group of Nephilim, after arriving at Earth.

Mining operations for gold ensued almost immediately upon their arrival. Earth was quickly becoming known for Her vast storehouse of gold – one of the richest planets for such in the known Universe in fact. This was by design upon inception and Creation of Earth; a point of attraction that would prove almost irresistible to many cultures. What better way to plunge the whole thing into the depths of the 3rd Dimension and get our perception of “duality” into full swing; greed to some; a necessary way of life to others; and still to others, a saving grace which could potentially pave the way “home”. Follow the yellow-brick road…

Gold Crystals

The stores of gold on Earth up to this point, however, had remained largely untapped, and so when the “mining equipment” tore into Earth’s crust certain anomalies were created which because of their depth at the time, traces remain to this day; holes which have been discovered which have no logical explanation for how they got there, or what their purpose was. Now you know. These mining “shafts” at the time extended far past the “crust” and into the “mantel” of Earth for it was past the mantel, in the portion between the mantel and the core, where the largest deposits of gold had been detected. Much to their dismay however, remained for the most part inaccessible to them due to the crystalline nature of the stuff, and as a result its tendency to remain at a much higher vibrational frequency (approaching that of 5th Dimensional). It was beyond the ability of their mining equipment to process.


As their mining operations continued, naturally there was opportunity to make contact with and in some instances “infiltrate” the indigenous peoples of Earth at the time. These indigenous folks were what was left of the original colonizing expedition which was sent to Earth very early on (in your understanding of time, it would have been somewhere approaching about 1.5 billion years ago). This original expedition took place in the 5th and higher Dimensions, had been instituted by what Earth Humans have termed “Elohim”, the members of the expedition later becoming known as “Anunnaki”, however, in spoken language, and I will humor you by attempting to print it out phonetically, the name of the expedition was “RoOs Qai EL” … why is this significant? Well, again, because Human nature being what it is, even this got skewed to a much more recognizable named that has earned much “infamy” over recent decades… (you’ll understand better as I reveal more later on).That being said, by the time this particular group of Nephilim arrived, the original colony, because of certain “events” which befell Earth over the course of many eons, those who had opted to remain as surface dwellers, had already stepped down to 4th Dimensional vibration, while others preferred to populate the interior of Earth at the 5th Dimensional level; they became what we know of today as Agarthans, and live within the “center” of Earth’s 5th Dimensional presentation, beneath the layer of crystalline gold I mentioned earlier. Such are the Inter/Multi-dimensional properties of gold.


During their interactions with the surface-dwelling “Anunnaki” there were some “indiscretions” which took place in the way of intimate relations between Nephilim and Anunnaki. Although frowned upon initially by the Nephilim, resulted in a hybridization of their species which was not altogether undesirable. Now they had access to a “new species” which encompassed what they felt to be the best of both, and one that could be utilized to their best benefit in terms of procuring the gold they sought. They really didn’t view it as such then, because they still revered their “own kind” so much, and being that this new hybrid race carried their own genetic sequence, they didn’t look at them as the “slave race” they would eventually become. In fact, in the beginning, they were so enthralled with the potential of their new offspring that preparations for inducting them into their civilization and ritual practices for preserving the Sacred Knowledge began immediately, and select hybrid individuals were sacrificed in much the same way as the “pure bloods” had always been. There was one thing that was discovered as a result of this practice, however. And though it cannot be definitively stated whether it was because of a sense of novelty at first, but they began to actually prefer the “taste” of the hybrid race to that of “pure bloods".

This caused their entire civilization present on Earth at the time to take an entirely different turn.

As mining operations continued, Earth changes started to become evident… and though these came about over the course of many generations, it became more and more evident that the ordinary food sources were becoming scarcer as a result. Over “time” a taste for, and hence a practice of “farming” the indigenous Human population of the planet became commonplace. Such had become of their Sacred ritual for preservation of their culture – they were now more intent upon survival by any means possible. Because of the effect of mining on Earth’s plate tectonics, volcanism took a marked upswing. Massive amounts of volcanic debris was released into the atmosphere and it wasn’t long before Earth became virtually uninhabitable, even for a technologically advanced civilization such as they were. Evacuations began. They took with them the gold they had mined, but also most importantly, as many of their newest and most valuable resource as they could fit aboard their ships; members of the indigenous Human population and the new hybrid race they had created. They would be used not only as food source but also because of ease of viability, to insure preservation of not only their own genome, but of the “slave race” which they now found quite indispensable to their operations overall.

At this point, some of the Earth Humans who were able to evade capture, were also able to re-attain 5th Dimensional vibration, as had their ancestors who now populated “Inner Earth”. Some of them achieved higher than 5th Dimensional vibration, flowing into 6th Dimension and higher; took up residence underneath what is now Mt. Shasta in Northern California, USA, and established Telos. They became custodians of the Great Platinum Crystal that exists underneath Mt. Shasta and is part of the Energy Grid of Earth, which along with strategically placed individuals (as are the “inertial dampers”) collect, amplify and transmit incoming Energies to Ascending Earth population for the purpose of transitioning to crystalline body matrix and integration of “Higher Self” consciousness and connection to Source proper…

Of course, within the Collective Consciousness of their civilization was not the only place the Nephilim stored their Sacred Knowledge – the “story” of their being, their existence within time immemorial. They had brought with them crystalline information storage (emerald to be precise) on which was stored the sum total of their civilization history. These crystals were kept on board their ships throughout this portion of their occupation of Earth. The crystalline nature of the storage made it possible for them to add to it as they went, though up until their focus went from thriving to merely surviving (focus went to food), they had maintained that propagating the wisdom through sacrificial consumption of specially selected and prepared individuals to be the best way to keep the inherent memories intact. Because this ritual eventually prove to be all but forgotten shortly after leaving Earth, the crystals became relied upon more and more as a means of keeping record.

On their way out of the Solar system, they paused briefly on [Mars] in an attempt to keep the colony going – the appeal of Earthly gold still on their minds and for all intents and purposes still accessible. They thought perhaps that if they just waited a while they could go back. But their situation being what it was, went from bad to worse, and they eventually abandoned Mars in favor of more tenable “real estate” in neighboring star systems. By this time their own vibration had been pulled down almost all the way into the 3rd Dimensional state of being. The only thing they retained of their previous higher vibration was their ability to shape-shift, and the emerald crystals on which were stored the sum total of knowledge and wisdom of their civilization.

Somewhere in the midst of all of this they discovered that need for food came about as a need for energy, and that energy exists in many different forms other than just as “matter”. At some point in their practices of “farming” indigenous Earth Humans they discovered that strong emotions, such as fear, could release large amounts of energy from the Earth Humans, which being sensitive to it as the Nephilim were, would result in them receiving a natural “high” from the fear cultivated within the Earth Humans by the threat of being killed and eaten. It did not take them long after reaching Mars to figure out that this in fact was the more effective way of deriving needed “energy” from their “servants”. Hence they sufficed to routinely scaring them half to death to obtain needed sustenance, rather than killing them and eating them outright. This eventually morphed into a way of keeping them in a constant state of fear in order that the energy flowed from them uninterrupted and the Nephilim need never be concerned with having to stop other activities in order to “feed” themselves.

Emerald Crystals

As the need for flesh as food decreased, so did their practice of ritual sacrifice. All accumulated knowledge was now routinely uploaded and stored on the emerald crystals they had brought with them. Interestingly, emerald also has remarkable “inter-dimensional” properties in that its crystalline matrix is “ever-expanding”, which means that you can upload as much information as you want to them and they will NEVER run out of room. The only problem is in retrieval of the information stored on them – the more information stored on them the more “specialized” persons doing the retrieval need to be in order to retrieve it accurately. And because they were falling out of practice of maintaining this knowledge within their population in favor of storing information on the crystals, there were only a few left who could decipher the information. They realized these individuals would not live forever. So the decision was made while they were in residence on Mars to build a special “receptacle” in which the crystals could be placed, and then hidden on Mars’ surface to be retrieved (and hopefully transcribed) at a “future” date, by their “future progeny”…

As you have read through this section of this article, can you perceive how it has made you feel? Almost as if you have been dragged down into a “mire” where everything feels dense and unnavigable; like quicksand? This is energy. This is a good example of how energy, whether dense or flowing can affect you; the result of having just read about events which resulted in the participants lowering their vibratory frequency through their somewhat less-than-equitable actions towards others and even towards themselves… or at least this is how we perceive it by our standards. Don’t worry though; this feeling won’t last long. We’ll be back on our way “up” again soon, and then you will understand why it is sometimes necessary to experience nearly the opposite of what you would like to experience in order that you gain a better appreciation for that which you already know. In the case of YOUR experience here on Earth, that would be Love.

Watch, listen, and learn!

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