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Free Will VS Divine Will: Bridging the Gap between Pseudo-Science and Singular Reality (Part II)

by Ariel DeAngelis


Guilty conscience?

Clear conscience?

Or no conscience?

How do these fit into the confines or constraints (or freedoms if the case may be) of free will and Divine Will?

For one to have a guilty conscience we can assume that one must have the perception of not having lived up to certain criteria which one has been conditioned to believe in within  the span of their lifetime. This perception would then be indicative of a free will choice.

For one to have a clear conscience we can assume that one would have a perception of having at least tried their best to live up to certain criteria which one has been conditioned to believe in within the span of their lifetime. This perception would also then be indicative of a free will choice having been made.

Can you see the dichotomy here; how in order to perceive whether one is “guilty” or “innocent” we must also be in a state of being where we perceive separation from Singularity? This is in fact a very finite representation of the expression of duality. Innocent/guilty, right/wrong, good/bad, heaven/hell, light/dark, above/below, Yin/Yang, female/male… and so on. Where you have one end of the spectrum you also have an equal and opposite end of the spectrum balancing out everything in between. These are essentially smaller models of the one I gave earlier for the whole entire Universe, and in between each diversity you have endless gradations of perceptual reality.

But what about “no conscience”; where does that fit in? What does it mean to have “no conscience”? Does it mean that one has a perception of “right” and “wrong” but just doesn’t care to acknowledge them in favor of the “richest” experience they can possibly have? Or does it mean that they simply have no perception of duality at all; no perception of right or wrong, good or bad, innocent or guilty? Everything just IS and based upon that IS-ness One can have the “richest” experience One can have because it is intrinsically known that All experiences within Creation are not only welcome but also necessary in order for Source (Singularity) to experience and know and Love itself even more than It did before.

Well, actually, it can be both ways, and it is. So why make this point? Because it is important from this point forward that you understand that for the most part, up until now, we have been conditioned to perceive individuals who have a concept of a difference between “right” and “wrong” and yet choosing not to acknowledge that understanding as having “no conscience”. This would fit into our free will understanding of duality, and that is all well and good. But I would also like to point out that “no conscience”  could also be looked at as an integral part of Source, or Divine Will … no concept of there ever having been a right or wrong way of doing things. How could there be when to Source ALL ways are acceptable? And THIS MUST be SO otherwise we wouldn’t be experiencing it ALL now would we? After all Source IS the Source of All That Is, correct?  But how can that be if Source is Love, and we generally look upon Love as being something that is “good” … aaaaah, do we have another paradox? Perhaps we do! Source = Love = Light = Energy = Everything that exists, has ever existed, will exist. Good, bad, everything in between; All is accepted within the constructs of Singularity/Source of All That Is. To accept has no delineation of being “good” or “bad”, however in our dualistic way of looking at things, the way we have been conditioned to define and delineate EVERYTHING in existence, we are inclined to translate “acceptance” as something “good” even though in reality to accept is really simply to recognize, or to “take in”, and that for Source means to recognize, or to take in EVERYTHING, because that IS what Source IS.

So, now that you have a better understanding of these principles, let’s put that understanding into practice. What will be presented to you next, we ask that you look upon with your expanded understanding, and try not to judge where you may have been inclined to do so before. Please approach this information in a more heart-centered manner, in acceptance of “what is” just because it “is” and knowing that from this point forward YOU determine the outcome of your current experiences and circumstances by way of how you “accept” information that comes to you. It is suggested that you approach your point of view as having “the shoe on the other foot”, or as having walked a mile in the shoes of your “Brother/Sister Soul” before you make a commitment to judging them for how they have lived their life. We ask that you view what has taken place within the realm of “others’” experiences with compassion, and Love in your hearts, knowing that these “others” ARE on the inside just like you; Bright Beings of Love Light Energy.

This is how it is for ALL Souls, and ALL Souls are Human Souls according to the edict that we are ALL connected to Source eternally and infinitely. Even the clones which so many have claimed have no Souls, actually DO have Souls ~ Spirit is resident in EVERYTHING ~ and how else to bring to “life” other than with Soul Essence? And where do we draw the line between Soul and Spirit? We can’t. They ARE one and the same! And if that is so and Spirit IS Soul Essence and Spirit IS within EVERYTHING and Spirit IS the Essence of the Source of All That Is, then we can effectively understand that EVERYTHING that exists is alive, has Spirit/Soul Essence bringing it to and breathing life into it. It may not be life as we have become accustomed to thinking of it, but it is life nonetheless.  

Yes, even the Earth, the Moon, the Sun and all the Planets and all the Stars and astronomical features that present themselves to us; All have Souls.  All are alive, just as you and I are. Remember this the next time you hold a flower, or a cup of coffee in your hand. Remember this the next time you look up at the Sun, or a jetliner going by overhead. Remember this the next time you stand with your bare feet firmly planted in the grass, or on a sidewalk. ALL of these things are a part of the Universe in which you live. ALL of these things are a part of the flow of Love coming from Source, the Great Singularity. ALL of these things have Spirit within. If they didn’t, they could not exist at all… Remember this the next time you consider your feelings for your Fellow Human Beings. Remember to include the entire Macrocosm of Humanity within your understanding when you consider who your Fellow Human Beings are ~ your extended Family from the Stars…

While you are remembering, take also into consideration that there are some who may not feel the same as you do. Try to feel for them with understanding and compassion and acceptance. Again, remember that on the inside they are just like you. And just because you accept them as they are, does not mean that you are perpetuating or approving of behavior which you may feel is unacceptable… rather you are viewing it simply for what it IS. And THAT it IS.

Of the information that I will now relay to you, I understand that some of you are already aware of, though there is much here that perhaps no one has been aware of for a long time because it had been kept covered up for certain reasons. Be patient as I go through this “history”… it’s long and drawn out, but in line with Earth Humanity’s “need to know” a bit more descriptive than simply, “just is”.

[Once again, please try to keep in mind that there is NO intent here to create an environment of “fear”. Most of what is being presented to you is “past tense” (from a standpoint of linear time) and so is merely “information” to further your understanding for certain criteria which you may choose to follow in order to facilitate your growth while you are here. Always remember that because of your infinite nature, nothing can EVER harm you in any way, even though you may have had the tendency to allow yourself that perception in this lifetime.]

Now I would like to point out to you that there are those among you who have an interring perception that they might NEVER make it back to the Higher Dimensions by Ascending out of their current dimensional state of being, by attaining a higher vibration themselves. So, they’d try just about any other way possible they could think of, not even stopping at riding someone else’s “coattails to get there” if they could. What they think they’d do when they got there I have no idea as it’s pretty common knowledge that if one enters a higher vibration within a physical body that hasn’t also attained that higher vibration one will essentially “burn up” as a result… but maybe that’s not a concern, maybe they figured that with the right “technology” they could figure out a way to attain that higher vibration AFTER they get there… hmmm what a concept. I wonder what kind of technology that might be, and what it might entail. (As you can probably imagine, the higher dimensions is where just about every Soul aims to return to eventually…)

All That Glitters

This next question may seem a little disjunctive to what I’ve just discussed, but have you ever wondered about why it is that some folks on this planet seem so intent on hoarding gold?

Well, I can tell you this; it ISN’T because they want to be fabulously wealthy!!!

Let’s talk about the properties of gold for a moment. Firstly, it’s practically indestructible. Hmmmm very useful in a LOT of different applications because of that. It’s very attractive and can be used to make all sorts of handsome ornamental wear, which may or may not be of benefit to the wearer – depending… Some people of course recognize its intrinsic “value” and assign various “dollar” amounts to different weights of the stuff. It’s very dense – one of the densest naturally occurring elements we know that has a multitude of rudimentary uses. It can not only conduct electricity/energy, but has the amazing property of being able to amplify it (when the proper technology is applied). OH! How very useful indeed! I’m sure I’ve probably missed a couple of things here, but let’s skip ahead to something which I’m nearly certain that most people aren’t aware of:

Gold is fully inter-dimensional. It can and does exist in ALL dimensions at once.

OH MY! Does that mean what I think it means? Why YES it does!

If one can get their hands on enough of the stuff, under the right conditions, utilizing the right kind of technology, one can access a dimensional gateway of sorts! Well, if you are the type who can extrapolate more than what is there from what you’ve just read, that would tend to explain a LOT of things, wouldn’t it? Things like why it is that over the last 3 years or so, ESPECIALLY, people had been buying up gold like it was “going out of style”. Many thought this was simply to drive the price of it higher and higher so that the “fat cats” at the top could increase their profit margin by a hefty amount and become even “fatter” than they already were. All an attempt, of course to gain more control over the world financial markets… A plausible reason, but not the main one by far. Some thought that the reason for drive on gold purchases was due to an impending financial collapse which would be brought about by events which had been slated to occur at the end of 2012 and “paper” money, as it were, would no longer have any value, and GOLD would be the only thing that people would want to trade with. Okay, also plausible, and a little closer to the truth, but still not really even close. How could they know that in the grand scheme of things the true value of Gold is much more esoteric, much more ephemeral than the molecular density of the stuff would suggest. While it IS true that all that glitters is not Gold, it is NOT by chance that the Fibonacci Sequence (or spiral) is called “the Golden Mean (or Ratio)”, nor is it by chance that “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is known as “The Golden Rule”…  Both of these things hint at the fact that the true value of Gold is contained within its inter-dimensional characteristics.

Remember the Arc of the Covenant? In fact, is was NOT created in Moses’ time, but rather many eons before that. The “tablets” it was made to contain were not made of stone, but rather they were made of emerald. (Some of you are familiar with the “tablets” of which I speak?) Oh! The whole thing was covered in gold as a means to keep those tablets “safe” within a quantum (inter-dimensional) state where the information contained on/within them could not be accessed by “outsiders”. Coincidentally, for individuals “wielding” the Arc (also think of “arc” from a standpoint of energy transmission or electrical discharge and you will come to a better understanding of the Arc’s true nature and intent for “use”) it could have been viewed as being a formidable weapon if the construct, purpose and necessary care of use were not fully understood or followed… Is it any wonder that the whereabouts of this amazing artifact has been such a well-guarded secret?

Yes indeed this presents all kinds of interesting theories (and questions) about the inherent properties of gold. It also provides us with some explanations as to why there has been SO much interest in Earth coming from “Extraterrestrial” (AND/OR Inter-dimensional) civilizations!

Let’s go back in time a little ways (by Universal standards); “UFO” crash, Roswell, New Mexico, 1947. Of course this was just the first incident of this nature that became noticeable to the general public. In actuality, “official” contact between the Gray race sub-group of Extraterrestrials from Zeta Reticuli (4th Dimensional Vibratory state) and Earth “governments” had been established over a decade prior to the occurrence of that “crash”. Though I realize that this is pretty common knowledge by now.

For the benefit of those reading this who choose to align with this perceptual state of reality, I will go into some detail here as to how and why this particular group of “visitors” ended up in the 3rd Dimension on a planet known as Gaia, or Earth, or Sophia, or whatever name you choose to call her. [Gecca.]

Zeta Grays

These Zeta Grays (as many here on Earth have come to know them, so I will just stick with this colloquial term, even though there are many different races that could be considered of “Gray” type, and still yet many other races that have evolved in and around that area of “space”), were highly advanced, even in their home territory, which was the 4th Dimension. Now, it is a fact that civilizations can evolve in any direction – some evolve more or less equally in terms of Scientific Knowledge and Spiritual Wisdom, while some tend to gravitate to one or the other end of that existential spectrum. The Zeta Grays, for instance, really favored the Scientific Arts in their evolutionary journey and concentrated their efforts on technological developments with hardly, if any focus on matters of Spirit, or Love. As you can imagine, these crafty little Scientists excelled at all things Scientific and the drive to spread out and discover new frontiers and develop new technologies was very prevalent in their way of life. Unfortunately the drive to explore and subsequently (though inadvertently from their perspective) plunder, and then create new technologies left them with hardly if any at all understanding of, or compassion or respect for other’s personal “space” or their feelings and emotions, since they essentially had no feelings or emotions of their own, except perhaps to become the most accomplished Scientists that the 4th Dimension had to offer.

Somehow, in the midst of their Scientific discoveries they managed to become aware of multi-dimensionality. (Perhaps a bit of Spiritual Wisdom managed to infuse itself into their thought processes from one of their own renegade groups that broke off from the “Science Barge” and eventually found their own way to Ascension to the higher dimensions.) They began to understood how to, and eventually experimented with “stepping” things up to higher vibratory rates, and stepping things down to lower vibratory rates, making it possible to send “matter” either “up” or “down” a dimension as a result. You can probably imagine how excited they were when they discovered this information as it gave them at least two more “directions” they could expand their empire and their quest for Scientific supremacy. The only thing was that, while they fairly well mastered the “art” of stepping things down in vibration (even living tissue); it was always a bit beyond them how to step things up successfully. This of course didn’t prevent them from trying, though more often than not with disastrous results (as has been evidenced by their attempts to send human genetic test subjects from the 3rd Dimension into their “home territory” in the 4th Dimension, where they felt it would be easier for them to carry out their experiments).

Also in the midst of concentrating on their Scientific discoveries, through “disuse”, they lost the ability to procreate “naturally” and sufficed to continue proliferating their species by way of artificial means; in vitro fertilization couple with growing of zygotes/embryos/fetuses in the laboratory so as to leave the “physical” body optimized for more Scientific endeavors. On Earth we typically refer to this method of reproduction as “cloning”. They did this for thousands upon thousands of generations. AND they got quite good at it; until, because of their propensity for deliberately effecting changes in their own dimension in order to advance their progress toward perfecting the technologies required to pursue their new focus in their ability to move between dimensions, something quite unexpected happened. They “jumped timelines” (not to be confused with traveling between dimensions – within each dimension there are literally limitless possibilities of “timelines” that one can exist within; sometimes even to the extent that one can “meet up” with one’s self, which incidentally does NOT have the catastrophic result with regards to quantum significance that some in 3D have fabricated to induce fear of venturing into such realms – creating even less chance for you to remember your True Nature). I.E. the “butterfly effect” is not something that is a Universal Standard.

Somewhere in between the “timeline” they had been in and the “timeline” in which they found themselves, probabilities went askew and they “lost” their ability to maintain genetic variation and viability in their cloning processes. After a “time” the diminishing genetic variances had them cloning themselves practically out of existence. Though they became aware of this disparity right away, since procreation was a secondary priority to exploring new territories and discovering new technologies, they were not motivated to do anything about it at that time. Through continued disregard of the situation the grimness of it escalated until they eventually realized that they were too late to address it from a standard “investigate and deploy” method of solving problems. And they also realized that if their species “ceased to be” that there would have been no point at all to all the eons of effort they had put into becoming the best Scientists in the known Universe. Their focused changed from creating new technologies to saving their own genome… or what was left of it.

What to do… what to do… ?

Due to the changed timeline and their new awareness that not all was as it had once been, they also discovered as they hastily formulated a plan to solve their proliferation problem, that while they were busy exploring, overtaking and plundering their own dimension within this particular timeline (or “alternate reality” if you choose to look at it that way) they had used up most of the natural resources that had been available to them. Yes, in their zeal to access other dimensions “artificially” with no Spiritual understanding of what those dimensions really are, nor the implications therein, they had created the subtle beginnings of a dimensional “cascade” or “collapse”  which in their last ditch efforts to escape would essentially nullify the whole of the 4th Dimension.

And so, low on natural resources, fraught with the urgent need to procure fresh genetic material, they panicked and began sending expeditions into the3rd Dimension – the only other place they could reach since they still couldn’t attain sympathetic vibration with the 5th Dimension, and jumping timelines was something they had only just discovered quite by accident – no “time” to put efforts toward studying and mastering that – must proliferate species!!! So on into the 3rd Dimension they went ever hopeful of solution as each exploratory group left behind the every dwindling numbers of the current generation.

The first few expeditions to break through to the other side were awkward at best, producing less than desirable results. These forays were spent primarily getting “used to” the lower vibration/higher density. Many were lost as a result of unfamiliarity with the physical properties of this lower dimension. Once they were able to acclimate however, they managed to procure enough resources to help maintain themselves back in the now crumbling 4th Dimension, though not the kind they were primarily looking for; genetic material that was enough like their own that they could easily splice it into their own genome but was moldable easily integrated with their own to form a hybrid species, which was the closest they could come to “saving” their species by this time. As it happens, there was/is plenty of genetic material which is similar enough to their own available within the 3rd Dimension to “save” their species many times over, except that most of it proved to be too “rigid” to be congruent with their needs. Many experiments were conducted, but almost all of them failed to produce “living” results, and of the ones that WERE viable they were not of the type which they felt would have been appropriate to spawn a whole new species off of, knowing that future generations would be propagated from that. And so the search continued, until one day they happened upon a small blue water planet orbiting a small yellow star at the edge of a fairly ordinary spiral galaxy; Third from the star it shone blue with a small satellite orbiting her. This planet had sentient life aboard her, AND some of the sentient life resembled them in a way – head/torso/two arms/two legs… here was a possibility. It just so happened that the little Scientists had stumbled upon probably the biggest “science project”, Universal “petri-dish” that had ever existed in the history of Creation.

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